Top 10 best lawn care software companies

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Find the best software to help you run your lawn care business with our list of best lawn care software.

Many people lack the time, tools, and training to tend to their lawns, in which case they hire lawn care contractors to do the job for them. If you run the best lawn care business in your area, this is likely good news. However, the last thing you want is to get tangled in a mess of administrative work and have no way to organize it. That’s where software comes in.

With the best lawn care business program, landscaping companies can:

  • Simplify business operations.
  • Centralize records.
  • Increase employee productivity.

If your lawn care company lacks time tracking and job scheduling, these top ten best lawn care business software solutions will make your job easier.

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Defining lawn care software

Lawn care software is an all-in-one field service management solution that allows businesses to:

  • Schedule tasks for employees.
  • Invoice customers.
  • Streamline route optimization.
  • Track working hours.
  • Organize customer records.

While some solutions are only available on desktop, many also have mobile options for added flexibility.

Top features of the best lawn care programs

The best lawn care business software comes with a few key features. Here’s what a lawn care business owner should be looking out for:

  • Route optimization: Field agents and technicians can organize quicker, more efficient routes using a GPS tracking system.
  • Time tracking: Monitor how much time your employees are spending on the field and use this data to optimize scheduling and resource distribution.
  • Customer management: Store customer information such as addresses, active jobs, and payments.
  • Equipment management: Use a digital inventory to track what type of equipment is in use and by whom.
  • Invoicing: Calculate cost estimates per project and generate invoices for jobs.
  • Job scheduling: Assign jobs to available workers based on specialty.

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The benefits of lawn care programs

The best lawn care business software helps landscape companies thrive in several ways. Examples include:

  • Enhanced operational efficiency: Software for lawn care can automate most routine administrative tasks, improving your efficiency. This way, you can focus on more significant aspects of the job like customer experience and payment processing.
  • Minimize human error: Easily track assets like equipment used for a particular job or keep up with client schedules without the risk of human error. Save time on manual data entry thanks to integrations with other software such as QuickBooks Online.
  • Boost employee productivity: Employees no longer have to worry about logistical errors and time-consuming tasks. By automating your daily operations, staff can assist more clients and accomplish jobs quicker.
  • Improve customer relationships: Through automatic customer reminders, your clients can enjoy few to no job errors, faster transactions, and a quick turnaround.

How to choose the right software for your business

When shopping for the best lawn care service software, you have to look beyond the basic features to get a solution that best fits your business.

Here’s what you should consider when choosing lawn care software:

  • Integrations: If you already have an existing database or software, you’ll want to make sure the new programs integrate seamlessly. Compatible tools can make data exchange faster and prevent payment delays.
  • Budget: Most lawn care service software charges on a per-user/per-month basis or according to tiers. Some charge as little as $10, while others can set you back up to $100.
  • Business goals: What type of lawn care service software you purchase will depend on your business requirements. For instance, do you need better access to customer profiles or more streamlined field service operations? Before you buy, shortlist features of lawn care apps that best suit your needs.

Some of the best lawn care software are

Now that you know how lawn care business software can improve your processes, you’re ready to pick the best fit for your business.

Here are the 10 best lawn care business options:

  1. Method:Field Services.
  2. LawnPro Software.
  3. CLIPitc.
  4. RazorSync.
  5. ArborGold.
  6. SortScape.
  7. LMN.
  8. WorkWave.
  9. Service Autopilot.
  10. Verizon Connect.

Method:Field Services

A routing map shown in Method's field services app

Method:Field Services is a cloud-based field service management solution that simplifies tasks such as appointment scheduling and invoicing. This all-in-one platform provides unique landscape business solutions thanks to its robust features, such as:

  • QuickBooks CRM: Sync your lawn care accounting and information in real-time with Method’s seamless two-way QuickBooks sync.
  • Job scheduling and optimized routing: Method:Field Services’ Waze and Google Maps integrations allow field workers to get to job sites quickly and even view their tasks from wherever they are.
  • Easy invoicing: Say goodbye to manual invoices. Method:Field Services gives you total control over your templates and even sends out automatic payment reminders. Even better, you’ll enjoy one-click email invoicing directly from the Method:Field Services interface.

Plans and pricing

Method:Field Services begin at $15 per user per month, and it offers a free trial for its lawn care solutions.

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LawnPro Software

Image credit: LawnPro Software

Since 2003, LawnPro has serviced over 20,000 users. The program handles customer management, invoicing, scheduling, and payment processing. Other features you can enjoy with LawnPro include:

  • Convertible invoicing: Turn your cost estimates into chargeable invoices  with a single click!
  • Appointment scheduling: You can easily customize client and staff schedules according to their needs and existing tasks. Dealing with a last-minute schedule conflict? Coordinate with your clients and staff using LawnPro’s built-in messaging system.
  • Client portal: Customers can request services and pay invoices through this centralized system.

Plans and pricing

You can start with a free LawnPro plan, but the paid plans start at $29 per month or $297 per year.


Image credit: CLIP

CLIPitc is one of the best lawn care business apps thanks to its superior and easy-to-use customer service software and user-friendly interface. If your lawn care company operations are taking too much time off your hands, here’s how CLIPitc:

  • Real-time insights: CLIPitc’s real-time in-depth reports tell you how efficient your employees are and what lawn care jobs are bringing in the highest revenue. By identifying your profit margins, you can determine which jobs to do more of, and which you should avoid.
  • Simple scheduling: With CLIPitc’s intuitive tools, scheduling a job won’t take more than a few minutes of your time. You can set automatic reminders on CLIPitc’s mobile app, which is compatible with iOS, Android, and other systems.
  • Seamless billing: If you already have QuickBooks Online, CLIPitc provides a free two-way sync that can streamline your billing process. You can set up online credit card payments and automatic payment reminders to ensure you get your compensation on time.

Plans and pricing

Basic plans start at $40 per month, while a plus plan costs $70 per month. A full enterprise plan costs $125 per month.


Image credit: RazorSync

Do you want to reduce the time spent on operations? RazorSync helps reduce your workload with user-friendly automation tools, job tracking, and other enterprise-level features. Here is what RazorSync’s award-winning software has in store for you:

  • Powerful quoting platform: With RazorSync’s automatic billing, you can maximize revenue every time you book a job. Its all-in-one platform syncs directly with QuickBooks Online and can even earn you up to $10,000 in yearly savings.
  • Field service management software: The intuitive Google Maps integration keeps track of what your staff is currently working on and where. You can also get real-time reporting on active jobs and identify any chokepoints in your service process.
  • Centralized customer management: Get quick access to customer history, information, and service locations. Create custom notifications for various clients and schedule jobs according to their availability.

Plans and pricing

Solo plans cost $60 per month, team plans cost $170 per month, and pro plans cost $350 per month. Enterprise pricing is available upon request.


Image credit: ArborGold

This lawn care app is meant business owners within the green industry. It has multiple capabilities including, cost estimating, reporting, GPS tracking, and route optimization.

This mobile-friendly lawn care software also has the following features:

  • Tree and plant inventory: Unique to this field service software solution is plant and tree inventory software. After a thorough lawn analysis, clients can pick and choose what goes into their landscape. Staff will also be able to keep track of available assets.
  • Job management: Landscape professionals can break projects down into multiple smaller tasks and assign them to the appropriate staff. You can even make lawn care plans according to area using ArborGold’s intuitive mapping tools.
  • Lawn care accounting: Save hundreds of work hours a year with automated billing tools that keep all your accounting organized. Reduce human error with smart and streamlined finance software integrations.

Plans and pricing

Starter plans cost $119 per month, while professional and enterprise plans cost $249 and $399 per month, respectively.


Image credit: SortScape

With SortScape, you can quickly and easily update schedules and tasks to save you time and drive your team’s efficiency.

This feature’s other solutions include:

  • Customer history tracking: Look up contact information, documents, pending and approved lawn care plans, and your complete work history.
  • Automation tools: Cut time spent on arranging paperwork by automating invoices and notifications.
  • Easy schedulingUse this intuitive, drag-and-drop online booking platform for simple scheduling.

Plans and pricing

The single-user plan costs $11 per month, while the plan for up to 5 users costs $45 per month. Plans for up to 10 users cost $79 per monthly.


Image credit: LMN

LMN is the best lawn care business platform for professionals who want to scale up as quickly as possible. In just seven days, you’ll see results with the following features:

  • Budget generation tools: Increase sales with accurate pricing and estimating tools. Use sales and marketing reports to ensure that your business is making a profit.
  • Easy-to-use customer service software: Clients have access to a comprehensive portal where they can communicate with a dedicated customer support team and provide valuable customer feedback.
  • GPS tracking and route optimization: Waste less time traveling to client sites by optimizing routes and tracking active jobs on your mobile device.

Plans and pricing

You can try LMK for free or subscribe to an essential plan for $197 per month. Professional plans cost $357 per month.


Image credit: WorkWave

WorkWake Service software is a user-friendly lawn care app specifically designed to suit your landscape business needs. It maximizes growth and streamlines business operations through several features, such as:

  • Seamless mobile app: This mobile-friendly lawn care software connects back office and field operations, providing instant access to all the information you need.
  • Quick job tracking: Plan single visits and recurring services with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. Maximize worker capacity by optimizing routes and providing updated schedules.
  • Business development: Use your client portal to provide good customer service. Publish customer feedback and enhance your reputation online.

Plans and pricing

Standard plans cost $79 per month, while enterprise pricing is available upon request.

Service Autopilot

Image credit: Service Autopilot

Next, we have Service Autopilot.

This all-in-one field service management software comes with automatic routines, instant invoicing, same-day payments, and other select features such as:

  • Automatic customer reminders: Send out automatic notifications for upcoming jobs and reminders to settle outstanding payments.
  • Business reports: Keep track of your profits with real-time reporting and analytics. Automatically price upcoming jobs based on recent numbers.
  • Smart mapping: Enjoy intuitive GPS tracking and route optimization that capture leads in real-time.

Plans and pricing

Start-up plans cost $47 per month, while Pro and Pro Plus plans cost $97 per month and $247 per month, respectively.

Verizon Connect

Image credit: Verizon Connect

If you want to get your hands on the best lawn care business software, the Verizon Connect Field Service program is worth considering. This advanced field service software solution helps you keep track of assets, vehicles, and staff.

Other features include:

  • Fleet tracking: Get an always-updated view of your fleet’s daily operations to reduce costs and increase productivity.
  • Route optimization software: Find optimal routes that save gas money. Take advantage of its multi-stop route planning capabilities to increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Asset tracking: Monitor your equipment, where it’s being used, and what needs repairs. Locate your assets whenever you need them and get maintenance reminders.

Plans and pricing

Plan prices depend on your business requirements and fleet size.

Expand your business with the best lawn care business solutions on the market today

Now that more people are tending to their gardens, professional lawn care solutions are a must for growing businesses. As professional lawn care companies continue to scale up using advanced technology, you don’t want to be left behind.

To better manage your daily operations, subscribe to Method:Field Services. Its lawn care solutions are a step above the rest – thanks to real-time reporting and syncing, you and your clients can remain on the same page no matter what.

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