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Don’t clutter your accounting data with potential sales. Manage your leads in Method:CRM, then sync them to QuickBooks when they become paying customers.

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Get organized, streamline your lead management, and turn more leads into paying customers.

Automate Lead Collection

A computer collecting leads and converting to customers

Save time and eliminate costly double data entry. Web-to-lead forms and email integrations bring new leads directly into Method:CRM.

Centralize Your Leads

Leads from all over are centralized

With all of your lead data in one convenient location, employees can answer questions faster and provide seamless service.

Win More Customers

An approved estimate document

When your lead management software integrates with QuickBooks, sales reps spend less time on repetitive admin work and more time closing sales.

Automate Lead Collection

Forget about manually entering sales leads — let Method’s lead management features do the heavy lifting.

  • Capture New Sales Leads From Your Website

    Allow your website to bring in new leads 24 hours a day with a web-to-lead form. Visitors can submit their information on your website and Method:CRM will automatically create a lead, a sales opportunity, and an email notification for your sales rep.

  • Create Leads Right From Your Inbox

    The Method:Sidebar for Gmail and Outlook Add-In for Method bring your CRM right into your email inbox. Create new leads, manage sales opportunities, and view past interactions or outstanding estimates without having to switch between programs.

  • Import Existing Leads

    Setting up your CRM with your existing sales leads is quick and easy with Method:CRM’s Import tool. And if you have custom data, there’s no need for separate spreadsheets or systems. Create custom fields in Method so lead and customer data is centralized all in one place.

Web-to-lead form for requesting a quote.
Victoria Cameron - Intuit QuickBooks ProAdvisor and QuickBooks Online User

“I can create a new activity or update a case straight from my Gmail. Even better, the gadget lets me create a new lead from an email – no more cutting and pasting.”

Victoria Cameron
Intuit QuickBooks ProAdvisor
QuickBooks Online User

Centralize Your Sales Leads

Get your whole team on the same page with up-to-date leads, accessible from anywhere.

Contact list in Method:CRM lead management software
  • All Your Contact Information in One Place

    With a shared list of sales leads in your CRM, your employees will always have up-to-date information. This allows them to provide faster service without stopping to get details from other team members.

  • Collaborate With Your Whole Team

    Don’t let important details get lost in your inbox or your brain. Tracking emails and phone calls in Method:CRM allows your team to stay in the loop. Use activities to create reminders for yourself or assign tasks to other team members.

  • Access Anytime, Anywhere

    Take your sales management on the road using Method:CRM’s iOS or Android mobile app. Add new contacts, log activities, create estimates, and view updates from your team — anytime, anywhere.

Win More Customers

Better lead management helps you turn more leads into paying customers.

  • Stop Sales Leads From Falling Through the Cracks

    Use the sales pipeline in Method:CRM to see the value of each opportunity and its probability of closing. This allows your sales reps to focus on the hottest deals, so they can convert more leads to paying customers.

  • Unlimited Contacts per Lead

    When you’re trying to close a deal, you’re often talking to multiple people about it. Method:CRM lets you enter unlimited contacts per lead so you can track your progress and see related conversations.

  • Speed Up Sales Management by Empowering Your Team

    Sales reps can create estimates right in Method:CRM, without needing access to QuickBooks. The sooner you can deliver information to a sales lead, the better your chances of closing the sale.

Opportunity screen in Method:CRM lead management software
Intuit QuickBooks Apps

“From the Web-to-Lead forms on our website to the final sale, Method makes sure that no customer/lead ever falls through the cracks.”

james15654 Reviewer

Instantly Convert Sales Leads to QuickBooks Customers

Using lead management software that syncs with QuickBooks keeps your accounting data clean and uncluttered.

Manage User Permissions in Method:CRM Lead Management Software
  • Limit Employee Access to QuickBooks

    Your sales reps shouldn’t have to rely on accounting software to make sales. Method:CRM gives them access to the information they need, so they can work efficiently and close deals faster.

  • Keep Sales Leads Where They Belong

    Your leads aren’t paying customers (yet), so don’t clutter up QuickBooks with potential sales. Method:CRM is designed for organized lead management, from the first point of contact through every stage of the sales pipeline.

  • Eliminate Double Data Entry With a QuickBooks CRM

    Forget about double data entry — Method’s integration with QuickBooks is so deep, we have the patent to prove it. Enter leads and estimates once in Method, then automatically sync them to QuickBooks after closing a deal. Learn more about our QuickBooks integration.

Joshua Sroge - Firestone CFO and QuickBooks Pro user

“I implemented Method for a sales team because I wanted something easy and intuitive for them to assign and manage opportunities, proposals, invoices, and payments. I didn’t want sales reps in QuickBooks, so the integration was important — Method does that extremely well.”

Joshua Sroge
Firestone CFO
QuickBooks Pro User

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