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Streamline your field service business from lead to repeat and everything in between.

Collect and Close More Jobs

Manage Leads

Win new jobs by logging site visit notes and creating estimates on your phone or tablet.

Serve Customers and Get Paid

Work Efficiently

Schedule services, plan efficient routes, and streamline your invoicing and payment processes.

Generate Repeat Business

Drive Repeat Business

A complete view of each customer enables you to provide great service and retain customers.

Collect and Close More Jobs

Gone are the days of pen and paper. Capture job notes and create estimates from the road.

Method:CRM contact screen app ribbon
  • Collect and Centralize Potential Business

    Import leads managed in spreadsheets using the Import tool, create new leads from your inbox with the Outlook or Gmail Email Gadget, or collect leads directly into your website with a Web-to-Lead form.
  • A Faster Estimating Process

    Staff without QuickBooks access can create and send out job estimates from the office or the road with the option to keep the estimates from syncing to QuickBooks.
  • Track Interactions & Schedule Follow-Ups

    Use Method activities to keep a record of your interactions with each lead and schedule follow-up reminders, so quoted leads don’t slip through the cracks.

“In less than five minutes after speaking to a customer, they have an email with all the necessary information, including the estimate complete with project phases, cost breakdowns for each phase, and the required down payment. With Method:CRM my sales process is hyper efficient. My customers have all the info they need to make a decision quickly, to the point that now I close 95% of my sales.”

John Mora
GTM Landscaping

Schedule Services and Get Paid in Fewer Steps

Gone are the days of passing around paperwork and re-entering information into multiple systems.

  • Schedule Services & Assign Staff*

    Method’s real-time QuickBooks sync pulls over job items allowing you to create work orders and assign teams for one-time or recurring services.
  • Plan Efficient Service Routes with GPS*

    Plan and print out job routes based on scheduled service times. Or, use Method’s Google Maps tool to plot a day’s scheduled services to get the most optimized route.
  • Invoice and Get Paid in Less Steps

    Create estimates in Method, convert estimates into work orders, convert work orders into invoices, and accept payments, all of which sync to QuickBooks in real-time.
*Available in the Classic version of Method.
Customizable CRM for QuickBooks

“During our free trial, I just loved being able to see how seamlessly the CRM worked with my QuickBooks — it was so intuitive, you didn’t have to tell the program to do anything. Ease of use was paramount for us because we work with students and, for many of them, it would be their first time using a CRM — it had to be simple and intuitive.”

Michael Murray
Textbook Painting

Generate Repeat Business

Beat the competition! Use Method to retain customers by cultivating lifelong customer relationships.

Method:CRM contact screen app ribbon
  • Centralized Data Enables Great Service

    Consolidated relationship and transactions data, gives everyone on your team a 360-degree view of each customer. View past services, re-send invoices, or check the status of an estimate all from the customer’s profile.
  • Proactive Account Management

    Stay on top of customer retention by viewing the recurring services that need renewing in Method.* Reach out to these customers to secure their continued business and easily renew the service without re-entering data in Method.
  • Give Customers 24/7 Service

    Method’s customer portals give your customers self-serve access to view their account balance, pay invoices, schedule additional services and more, without having to contact you.
*Available in the Classic version of Method.

“We’ve cut down each order by 20-30% of the time it used to take, so we’re actually able to process so much more on any given day and get that much more business. Having a cloud-based CRM is critical for our business — when serving hospitals, hours do count. And, because we are now able to execute orders on the road or contact therapists, we can get to people that much quicker.”

Cameron Fleming

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