Integrations that Keep You Connected


Works with Gmail

When you open an email, Method's Gmail Gadget displays the contact's phone number, address, balance, QuickBooks transactions, CRM activities, opportunities, cases, and documents right inside Gmail. PLUS, it gives you the ability to add new contacts, activities, follow-ups, cases, opportunities, and documents without even leaving your inbox.

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Works with Outlook

Assign incoming and outgoing emails to QuickBooks customers, leads, and vendors – so that they are accessible to your staff in Method. Create a sales opportunity or customer service case from an email. Access a Method Address Book to send emails to your QuickBooks contacts. Sync Outlook calendar appointments with Method Appointments.

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Works with MailChimp

Method:CRM integrates with MailChimp so you can export all of your contacts into MailChimp for email marketing. If you already use MailChimp and have your email templates all set up, this integration makes it quick and easy to continue using MailChimp while keeping all of your contacts in Method:CRM. Of course, you can also use Method's built-in email marketing feature, if you prefer.

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Works with SmartVault

Method:CRM has partnered with SmartVault to provide an alternative to the standard document management that comes built into Method. Documents uploaded in Method show up automatically in the SmartVault Toolbar inside QuickBooks, and documents uploaded to SmartVault from QuickBooks show up in Method. It's all very seamless!



If you have a software developer, use Method:API web services to read from and write to Method. This allows you to integrate your existing applications and external systems with Method.

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