The best lead management software for Xero

Turn leads into happy, repeat customers with Method:CRM.

Full access with unlimited users. 30-day free trial.

Automate lead collection with a Xero CRM

Use Method:CRM’s two-way Xero sync to collect, store, and manage your leads instantly.

Nothing’s worse than missed opportunities. Capture demand on lead generation forms, then set automatic follow-ups to ensure that you reach out to each prospect.


By automating your lead collection, no one gets left behind and you can rest assured that prospects move down the sales pipeline. 

Unlimited contacts for unlimited growth

Say goodbye to the constraints of Xero.

With Method:CRM, your contacts sync to Xero, but only if and when you want them to.


Keep your leads in Method, and convert them to customers in Xero when you close the sale to stay within your accounting software’s limits.

Power your business with Xero automation.

Build stronger relationships with prospects

Give your leads the personalized experience they deserve.

The best way to win new business is by giving your leads a taste of your stellar customer experience before they make a purchase.

Method:CRM’s online portals let leads review contact info, approve quotes, and make payments so you can get straight to work. 

Let your customers self-serve to save your team from extra work so that you can nurture each prospect to close.

Perfect your sales process

Spends less time organizing your leads and more time engaging with prospects.

Make winning deals a breeze as you track every detail of an opportunity, from job requests to expected revenue

With Method:CRM, you’re empowered to collect the data you need to move deals forward. 

Power your business with Xero automation.

Strengthen your communication with email integrations

Reach your marketing and growth goals with Xero automation that covers every part of your sales process.


Never miss a beat with Method:CRM’s email integrations.

Whether you use Gmail or Outlook, access contact details like order information and overdue balances directly from your inbox. 

Then document each lead or customer interaction in your Xero CRM to foolproof your sales process.

Power your business with Xero automation.

Lead management software for Xero frequently asked questions

How to choose lead management software for Xero

Choose a lead management software that works with your current processes, and has the potential to grow with your company. With unlimited contacts and customizable workflows, Method:CRM extends the power of Xero to push the limits of where your business goes.

What can lead management software do?

Lead management software organizes your lead processes so that you can win more deals. Method:CRM does this by:


  • Automating your workflows.
  • Providing a complete view of your prospects. 
  • Giving you tools to give a great first impression. 


What types of businesses benefit from lead management software?

Every business can benefit from lead management software for Xero! Whether you’re an accountant or in the construction industry, Method:CRM is the solution you need to get leads and close sales.

Not a Xero user?

No problem! Method:CRM is also the #1 QuickBooks CRM. 

QuickBooks users get the same features that our Xero CRM offers.

Better yet, Method:CRM syncs with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop to enhance your accounting solution of choice.