Accept credit card payments in your CRM

Method:CRM integrates with popular payment gateways so that you can get paid as quickly and easily as possible. 

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Increase your sales with Method:CRM’s payment processing

Method:CRM’s payment gateways simplify the QuickBooks payment process so that cash is always flowing into your small business.

With Method:CRM, getting paid has never been easier as you can collect payments directly from your customers 24/7 through online portals. Use Method:CRM’s payment gateways to reduce payment processing errors and instantly sync each incoming transaction to QuickBooks.

Method:CRM’s payment gateway integrations include:

  • Authorize.NET.
  • BrainTree.
  • PayPal PayFlow.
  • QuickBooks Payments (QuickBooks Online only).
  • Stripe.
  • Shuttle.

How do CRM payment gateways help my business?

Accelerate your growth with Method:CRM's QuickBooks payment processing.

Process credit card payments in real-time​

Method:CRM’s payment gateway integrations allow you to accept credit card payments right in the CRM. This means your QuickBooks payment processing happens on the spot, without logging into QuickBooks.


Make your transaction process secure and foolproof

Gone are the days of taking credit card numbers over the phone, then passing them to your accounting department. When payment information is entered in Method, it syncs to QuickBooks automatically — no double data entry required.


Elevate your customer experience

Using a payment gateway allows your customers to pay invoices through secure online portals. Your customers will love the convenience of this, and you’ll spend less time chasing payments.


Learn how to increase productivity with QuickBooks payment processing

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Learn how everything from workflow automation to QuickBooks payment processing can strengthen your AR process.


Online payment gateways make it easier to accept payments from your customers. Here’s a crash course on using an online payment gateway with your QuickBooks CRM.

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