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4 ways reporting just got easier in Method:CRM

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One of the best parts about using Method:CRM just got better — its CRM reporting capabilities. Throughout this blog post, you’ll learn how recent updates have made it easier for you to:

  • Build custom reports
  • Create reusable templates
  • Uncover data-driven insights 

Let’s dive in!

4 new improvements to Method:CRM’s reporting

1. Simple report duplication

Using the report system page, you can now duplicate any template in just a few clicks. This is handy because you no longer have to manually adjust the layout and design of each template you create. 

Instead, your preferred format can be easily carried over from one template to another. You can click the ellipses and select “duplicate” on the report system page to make this happen.

The benefit of this update is that you:

  • Can create more reports and templates in less time
  • Keep your layout and branding consistent across templates
  • Have more time to focus on what matters — growing your business

2. Plug and play CRM reporting

Building off the consistency that template duplication allows for, you can now change the base table a template uses without having to restyle it. This means that you can incorporate data from different sources in your CRM without having to start from scratch each time. 

For example, you can now reuse your estimate print template for invoices without having to manually reconfigure the layout of your template.

This new Method:CRM reporting feature makes it easier to build new reports and ensures you don’t waste time on reformatting. 

3. Deeper CRM reporting

In 2021, the more data you have — the better. In fact, research by McKinsey has found that businesses who leverage customer data are:

  • 23 times more likely to acquire new customers
  • 6 times more likely to retain these customers
  • 19 times more likely to be profitable 

To ensure Method customers like you are set up for success, you can now pull data from up to 5 different tables in a single report.

This means that each report you create, from sales pipeline to forecast reports, includes more data for your team to pull insights from. 

4. CRM reporting across your Method accounts 

This powerful feature is most useful for Method customizers and those with multiple Method accounts, as it allows you to copy templates from one Method account to another.  As a result, this Method:CRM reporting update:

  • Saves you time
  • Eliminates manual admin work 
  • Reduces the risk of error during report recreation 

With this update, you can rest easy knowing that you don’t need to recreate templates over and over again in each of your Method accounts. 

How you can make the most of Method:CRM’s reporting

Method:CRM holds a goldmine of customer information that you can use to run your business better. To get the most out of this data, however, you need to leverage CRM reporting. 

Here’s a recap of how recent product updates improve Method:CRM’s reporting capabilities. Method:CRM now provides you with: 

  1. The ability to duplicate reports and templates
  2. Flexible templates that let you easily change the underlying data source 
  3. Data-rich reports that include information from up to 5 different tables
  4. Templates you can easily share across your Method accounts

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