Top 11 best appliance repair software

The best appliance repair software takes care of many time-consuming business tasks. Find the perfect software product with our list of best appliance repair software.

Everyone needs their kitchen appliances or garden equipment repaired at some point. This constant demand is part of what makes appliance maintenance a large and competitive industry. Our research indicates that it has over 30,000 active companies. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you need the best appliance repair software.

Over time, we found that the best appliance repair software handles daily administrative tasks to let you focus on providing the best repair services and finding new clients. Read on to find out how appliance maintenance software supercharges your business!

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Understanding appliance repair software

Appliance repair software is a set of tools that assists in managing appliance repair businesses. Common features found in this type of software include billing and invoicing tools, automatic schedulers, and customer relationship management (CRM) dashboards.

How you benefit from the best appliance repair software

Not sure if appliance repair apps are right for you? Our investigation demonstrated that appliance repair business professionals get many benefits out of it — here are just some examples of what the best appliance repair software can do.

Monitor the appliance repair process

Appliance maintenance is often a multi-part process that requires attention to detail. Many field service management software lets technicians post regular job updates — if anything goes wrong, the error can be traced back easily. This makes it easier to keep track of job progress and control quality.

Invoice jobs with ease

Paper billing and invoicing is a slow process, so it takes longer for you to get paid. Digital bookkeeping features in appliance maintenance software often come with pre-made templates, so you can send invoices to clients in a flash and get paid faster.

Assign jobs faster

It takes a lot of time to schedule multiple repair teams. Spend less time scheduling and more time repairing! Appliance repair software has schedulers that automatically assign jobs to teams with available time slots.

Provide the best customer service

As per our expertise, the best software has CRM systems where an appliance repair business owner can access customer information in a flash. Some even allow customers to add special requests, which in turn enables you to provide personalized service and improve customer satisfaction.

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Choosing the best appliance repair software solution

There are dozens of software options on the market, all offering different features. To ensure you choose the right one, consider these three major factors:

  • Your company’s needs and budget.
  • Future growth plans.
  • Whether the software company offers after-sales service.

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Some of the best appliance repair software are

Based on our firsthand experience, with all the options on offer, picking the right software can be tough.

Here are the 11 best appliance repair software options:

  1. Method:Field Services.
  2. Rossware.
  3. Fixably.
  4. ServiceM8.
  5. Orderry.
  6. Field Complete.
  7. WorkWave.
  8. Service Fusion.
  9. Smart Service.
  10. FieldEdge.
  11. Housecall Pro.

Method:Field Services

Method:Field Services is an all-in-one platform for field service management. It comes with QuickBooks Online and Desktop compatibility, which makes your bookkeeping process a breeze.

Here are some features that make it one of the best choices on the market:

  • Advanced job scheduling tools: View job details on your scheduler, so you can assign the right people to the right jobs.
  • Appliance repair professional mobile app: Allow your technicians to receive online payments and work order updates from anywhere.

Check out the video below to learn what else Method:Field Services offers.

Plans and pricing

Method:Field Services start at $15 a month per technician. Take advantage of their no-commitment one-month free trial to take this best appliance repair software contender for a test drive.


After trying out this product, we found that Rossware’s dispatch map lets you get real-time information from technicians on the field. This software also boasts:

  • Online scheduling portal: Make it easier for customers to make appliance repair appointment bookings and give them access to real-time technician availability.
  • Schedule optimization: Plan the most efficient technician routes, saving you time and money.

Plans and pricing

Rossware costs $150 a month for one technician. After the second year of subscription, the software is free.


Fixably organizes appliance repair jobs and eliminates redundant data. This software offers features like:

  • Repair tracking: Monitor where your appliance repair field technicians are in the repair process, promoting job transparency.
  • Financial reporting module: Track revenue and spending, then compile them into a comprehensive report to assist in decision-making.

Plans and pricing

Fixably’s paid plans start at $299 monthly for one business location.


ServiceM8 encourages your appliance business to go paperless by providing an all-in-one platform to record client and job details. As indicated by our tests, also improves your appliance repair services through:

  • Mobile knowledge base: Create how-to articles and share tutorial videos to guide your team through key appliance repair tasks.
  • Automatic client reminders: Create personalized emails and follow up on a customer’s appliance repair invoices with a single click.

Plans and pricing

ServiceM8’s plans start at $9 a month for an entire service business. You can also book a 14-day trial.


Orderry’s all-in-one dashboard lets you stay on top of all ongoing repair jobs. Some of Orderry’s key features include:

  • Inventory management: Manage inventory levels so you know when to put in a purchase order.
  • Automatic invoice generation: Create professional invoices quickly with pre-made templates so you get paid faster.

Plans and pricing

Orderry’s subscription plans start at $19 a month, with an additional $3 per month charge for extra employees.

Field Complete

When we trialed this product, Field Complete proved to be an easy-to-use estimation tool that lets appliance repair services create professional estimates. It also provides robust features like:

  • CRM dashboard: Retrieve customer information and nurture appliance repair leads.
  • Scheduling tools: Keep track of team availability and dispatch them quickly through an intuitive dashboard.

Plans and pricing

Field Complete is free for teams under 10 people. For teams over 11 people, Field Complete costs $29 monthly when  billed annually.


Workwave field management software integrates with QuickBooks to prevent double data entry. Workwave users also benefit from these features:

  • Technician mobile app: Send updates and new work orders to technicians on the field.
  • Job management dashboard: Save job details like the customer’s address and special requests in one place.

Plans and pricing

Workwave offers custom pricing to all its customers. Contact a sales representative for more details.

Service Fusion

After using Service Fusion, we found that it’s one of the easiest software to learn thanks to its detailed onboarding process. This is complemented by intuitive features such as:

  • Template-based job estimating: Create job estimates in seconds with customizable job templates.
  • Online invoicing and credit card processing: Take and process customer payments on the spot to save time on payment processing.

Plans and pricing

Service Fusion’s paid plans start at $149 monthly for unlimited users. You can also book a free demo to see if this software is a good fit.

Smart Service

Smart Service’s intuitive scheduling tool lets you assign jobs within minutes. This field service software also offers:

  • Digital agreements and invoices: Eliminate time-consuming paperwork through digital forms and electronic customer signatures.
  • Customer records management system: Save customer history, preferences, and contact information to provide tailor-made service.

Plans and pricing

Smart Service offers custom pricing—you need to contact a sales representative for pricing information.


FieldEdge promises seamless communication between field teams and office staff. Our analysis of this product revealed that it helps your company grow with features like:

  • Advanced sales tools: Provide your appliance repair technicians with the necessary pricing and service information to upsell on the field.
  • GPS-equipped dispatch board: Track your field teams with real-time location data.

Plans and pricing

FieldEdge doesn’t publicly provide any pricing information, but you can request a demo from the company.

Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro’s sales proposal tool provides professional appliance repair quotes within a few clicks, boosting your odds of landing a job. Housecall Pro also boasts these tools:

  • Recurring service planner: Create customers for life by setting up recurring appliance maintenance services.
  • Mobile technician app: Ensure a quick response time by sending new jobs to technicians already out on the field.

Plans and pricing

Housecall Pro’s subscription plans start at $65/month. You can also book a free trial.

Closing thoughts on the best appliance repair software solution

Appliance repair software makes your job easier through features like digital invoicing and automatic scheduling. In addition to saving time in day-to-day business operations, implementing appliance repair software also gives you more time to look for more customers and expand your appliance repair and maintenance business!

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