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Customization Services

We know one size doesn’t fit all, especially for small business. We also understand you spend most of your time wearing many hats and running your company, which doesn’t leave much time for anything else. Our team of Business Solutions Specialists can customize Method so it’s just right for you.


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Customization Services

How does Customization Services differ from free Support?

Our team of Business Solutions Specialists has in-depth knowledge to build and customize apps and screens specifically for your workflows. Any apps or workflows that have been customized are supported by the Customization Services team, rather than the Support team.

Free Support is for Method apps that have not been customized. The Support team is here to ensure your QuickBooks File is connected properly, to help you sign in, and investigate other technical issues with Method apps that have not been customized.

How quickly can I expect my customization project to go live?

Our Business Solutions Specialist will confirm the timeline based on the project – each project is different. Of course, you can start using Method right after you sign up for your free trial, and all through your customization project. In many cases your Business Solutions Specialist will publish small changes to your apps and screens as they are ready. That way you don’t have to wait for every customization to be finished to start working easier.

Can I customize Method myself?

Of course! You can customize on your own using drag-and-drop tools, 100% code-free. You can learn more here.

Can I connect another app with Method? What if I need help with the API?

Our API documentation is here. If you require help with our API you can reach out to one of our Method Partners here.

How much preparation is needed for us to start customizing?

We want Method to be just right for you. We’ve seen the best results delivering this when 1) we have a great understanding your needs, workflows and business, and 2) when you are familiar with what Method can do without customization (“out of the box”).

Giving your Business Solutions Specialist a quick data export, screenshots, or even a workflow document can be a big help for us to understand your business.

For you to understand what Method can do before it’s customized (it does a lot “out of the box”!), we recommend you do a 1:1 demo during your free 30 day trial and then use your free hour of customization to understand the possibilities.

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