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Personalized Software For Your Small Business.

Dan Wernikoff on the Uniqueness of Small Business.

Dan Wernikoff, Intuit’s GM of the Small Business Group, speaks to the changing face of the QuickBooks customer base. Every small business is unique and with integrated and extensible software like QuickBooks and Method, they can have a solution that’s just right for them.

Personalized Software for Small Businesses is Within Reach.

Paul Jackson, Method’s Founder and CEO, speaks to the uniqueness of small business and the pains experienced from trying to fit into constraining one-size-fits-all software. Using Method, small businesses simplify how they get their work done with personalized software that reflects the uniqueness of their business.

Laura Redmond on Automating Processes through Personalized Software.

Laura Redmond, a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and Intuit Author, speaks to the automation possibilities of personalized software. Using Method’s customizable platform, Laura and her partners at Cloud Consultancy LLC create personalized solutions for their many small business clients, 100% code-free.

What does Your Work, Your Way Mean for Your Business?

Running a small business can be a labour of love, or just a lot of labour, depending on your choice of business software. Find out how you can save precious time with Personalized Software.

Are You Wasting Time with One-Size-Fits-All Software?

As a small business owner, your time is far too valuable to be spent struggling with programs that weren’t designed for the way you want to work. Personalized software can save your business time and money, and save you lots of unnecessary frustration.

Personalized Software: How Does Your Industry Compare?

A small medical clinic has much different needs than a mobile landscaping company, and yet the two are probably struggling to use the same out-of-the-box applications. With personalized software, your small business has a solution fit for your industry and customized for the unique way you get your work done.

We Work Our Way with Method:CRM.

“By using drag-and-drop tools, we personalized the screens so they’re just right for our accounting business. From Closed Period and Controller Call screens to a Needs Assessment form and a Webstore, our work is so much more efficient. Method allows us to move away from a series of spreadsheets to a custom-built app personalized for our cloud-accounting firm.” Laura Redmond Co-Founder Cloud Consultancy LLC

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