Do more in your inbox with a CRM for Gmail

Add new contacts, save messages, track activities, and more from your inbox with Method:CRM.

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How will Method’s Gmail CRM help my business?

Customer summary screen in Method's Gmail CRM integration

All your data, all in one place

Get a complete view of each lead and customer without having to leave your Gmail inbox. See data from QuickBooks and Method alongside your emails, including:

  • Contact details
  • Purchase history
  • Balance
  • Activities
  • Sales opportunities
  • Documents

Stop flipping between your CRM and Gmail

The less time you spend on data entry, the more time you can spend closing sales. Add contacts, schedule follow-ups, and log opportunities right from your inbox with Method’s CRM for Gmail integration.

New opportunity screen in Method's CRM Gmail integration
Save emails using Method's CRM Gmail integration

Track every conversation

Providing top-notch service begins with tracking each customer’s needs. Save emails from Gmail to Method in just a few clicks — no need to copy and paste.

Answer questions effortlessly

If your customer has questions about an order, don’t waste time manually searching for answers. Instead, click the order summary in Gmail to go straight to the full transaction in Method.

Capture gmail email in Method
Sales opportunities screen with phone

Keep your sales pipeline moving

Don’t get stuck in the middle of your sales process, instead move deals forward with strong customer communication and a deep understanding of what they need.

Conveniently bring all the CRM data you need, from right inside your inbox.

Best CRM for Gmail

From finding new leads to nurturing current customers, Gmail is a big part of your sales pipeline.

Get access to sales activities, turn emails into tasks, and easily create new leads in your inbox with Method:CRM.

Method Dashboard with G2 leader and high performer badges
Contact list screen in Method CRM

Stay connected with your team

Method’s Gmail integration minimizes your need to bounce between programs. That means you empower your sales team to update contacts, leads, and sales directly their inbox.

Keeping your entire team connected and on the same page has never been easier with Method:CRM.

Get the full context for each contact

Immediately get insight into each of your contact’s history and activities with Method’s CRM for Gmail.

You’ll always be prepared to make informed responses to your customers with all the data you need at your fingertips.

A view of a customer profile in Method

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