Work more productively with an Outlook CRM

View customer history, schedule follow-ups, save emails, and more with Method’s plug-in for Outlook.

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How will Method’s Outlook CRM help my business?

Customer email in Outlook requesting billing information and Method:Sidebar with billing history.

A 360-degree view of every contact

When you open an email from a lead or customer, you’ll get a convenient overview of their history with your business, including:

  • Contact information
  • Transactions
  • Balance
  • Activities
  • Sales opportunities
  • Documents

Automate your data entry for good

With a CRM for Outlook, there’s no need to jump between programs. Add new contacts, activities, follow-ups, and sales opportunities to Method:CRM right from your inbox.

Activity list screen in Method's CRM Outlook integration
Save outlook emails in Method

Save Outlook emails in your CRM

You want to record your interactions with potential customers, but who has time to copy and paste each email? Save email threads to Method:CRM in just a few clicks and spend more time focusing on strengthening your customer relationships.

Improve team collaboration

Great customer management begins with keeping your whole team on the same page. Method’s CRM Outlook integration makes it easy to view the latest updates in your inbox, so you can send informed emails and please your customers.

Opportunity list screen in Method's CRM Outlook integration
A view of a customer profile in Method

Bring your contacts together

It’s difficult to keep track of your leads and contacts from your inbox alone and typing in data manually into your CRM takes time and leaves room for mistakes.

With Method’s Outlook CRM, you can log interactions with your contacts right from your inbox. Never miss important follow-ups again and keep your entire sales team in the loop.

Learn about your prospects, faster

Integrating your Outlook inbox with Method allows you to instantly know when you have new leads. With the Outlook Email Gadget, you can you create lead lists within your Method account without leaving your inbox.

As small grid list of contacts.
Contact list screen in Method CRM

Keep your inbox organized

Stop important emails from getting lost in an overflowing inbox with a CRM for Xero. Quickly add leads directly from your inbox to Method:CRM to avoid missed opportunities and increase your sales.

Automate your sales follow-up with email templates

Following up with your customers is crucial but it’s easy to forget when you don’t have an automated system. Use custom email templates for your messaging needs that you set to send so you never miss a follow-up again. Method:CRM  offers stock email templates to kickstart your customer nurture efforts!

Email Campaign Review and Send Screen

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