Connect your team and data with a Xero CRM API

Widen your Xero integration options with the Method:API.

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Method API extends integration

What is a Xero CRM API?

Use an API to reduce errors, increase productivity, and boost employee satisfaction.

A Xero API is a set of programming tools that specify how your Xero CRM interacts with other software programs.

This means that you can update job status, draft invoices, and schedule projects without leaving your CRM in one smooth workflow.

Method and Xero Customer Sync

Connect sales and accounting with the Method:API

Get centralized access to the apps you use to run your business.

A view of a customer profile in Method

The Method:API allows your employees to view relevant business information without access to every tool or having to open multiple programs.

Better yet, all of the information syncs to Xero, so you don’t have to rely on internal communication to ensure that everyone is up to date.

Power your business with Xero automation.

How to use the Method:API

Simplify your workflow, maximize security, and ensure data accuracy.

Use the Method:API to push and pull data between your accounting and sales software daily, within, of course, the call limits set by Xero.

Once you unlock the Method:API, there are endless possibilities to have Method:CRM improve your business.

Below is an overview of the Method:API and definitions of the functions available for Xero CRM users.

Xero CRM API frequently asked questions

Is Method’s Xero CRM API free?

The Method:API is free for all Method customers and trialers to use.

What is an API and how is it used?

API stands for application programming interface. It’s a set of programming protocols that enable CRM integration with your other everyday apps.

With a Xero CRM API, you can build an integrated CRM system that allows your employees to securely access the financial data they need, without a Xero license.

How can you use Method’s Xero API?

You can use the Method:API to integrate web and desktop apps with Xero and Method data. This means that you can implement integrations that Method:CRM doesn’t offer out of the box.

Use the Method:API to connect information from across your everyday tools, maximize data security, and empower your team with information that’s accurate.

Power your business with Xero automation.