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Automate every manufacturing process from sales to operations with Method:CRM.

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The top CRM software for the manufacturing industry

Automate your workflows to increase your manufacturing capacity.

Manufacturers need a CRM to reach their full potential

From generating new business to processing orders to managing customers, Method:CRM makes life easier for manufacturing companies.

Empower your team with the workflow automation they need to grow with your business — from instant QuickBooks sync to seamless estimate to invoice conversion.

Connect your sales and accounting data

Sync your QuickBooks data instantly with Method:CRM to make customer follow-ups faster and shorten your sales cycle.

Once you have complete visibility into your sales pipeline, you can personalize Method:CRM to match your exact manufacturing workflows.

Estimate in Method, with a QuickBooks and Method sync iconography
Method syncs with QuickBooks

A solution that meets your unique manufacturing needs

A good CRM for manufacturing mirrors your exact workflows, so you can spend time closing deals and making your customers happy.

Method:CRM eliminates tedious tasks with automation that’s tailored to how you work.

A manufacturing CRM that growing businesses love

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Turn more leads into customers

Leads don’t belong in spreadsheets or your accounting software. Method’s lead management features make it simple to keep tabs on every opportunity.

Simplify lead generation

Add a web to lead form to your site and get notified each time a new lead is added to Method.

View centralized data

Get a complete overview of each lead (including contact details, interactions, and estimates) in one convenient place.

Manage sales opportunities

Track the status of each deal you’re pursuing and see how much revenue is in your pipeline.

Contact list screen in Method CRM
Create a Sales Order from an Estimate in Method and have it sync to QuickBooks

Unite your sales team and back office

Method’s integration with QuickBooks eliminates the need to pass paperwork back and forth. 

Add customers, create estimates, and convert the estimates to sales orders right in Method — then watch the changes sync automatically to QuickBooks.

CRM order management

Method:CRM automates  your order fulfillment by creating sales orders, calculating shipping costs, generating invoices, and more. 

Simplify your manufacturing supply chain workflows with Method:CRM today.

Invoice in Method with Email button selected

Provide incredible service

Method gives your team a 360-degree view of each customer so you can build strong relationships and drive repeat business.

Track every interaction

Record details from meetings, phone calls and emails.

See sales in context

See QuickBooks estimates and invoices alongside communication history and support issues.

Stay in touch

Schedule follow-up activities and assign tasks to your teammates.

Customer history in Method CRM for manufacturing businesses
Mobile CRM for manufacturing businesses

Essential data at your fingertips

You may be familiar with using an ERP — but the downside of most ERP systems is that you can’t access them on the go. 

With a mobile CRM for manufacturing, you can look up customers, schedule tasks, create estimates, and more, all from your phone or tablet.

Simple manufacturing software

Enjoy an easy-to-use CRM software made with manufacturers in mind.

Every plan offers mix and match pricing so you pay only for the features you need and comes with unlimited support.

As your business evolves, you can personalize Method:CRM to your changing needs instead of outgrowing the tool.

Sales opportunities screen with phone

Get more out of your manufacturing CRM

From sales and supply chains to production and forecasting, you can tailor Method to do much more than manage customers.

Automate repetitive tasks

Stop wasting time on endless data entry. Customize Method to generate batches of invoices, automatically calculate shipping costs, and send personalized emails in just a few clicks.

Customized order management screen in Method CRM for manufacturing businesses
Inventory management screen in Method CRM for manufacturing businesses

Simplify inventory management

Products don’t appear out of thin air — there’s a lot of planning involved. Create custom reports in Method to easily view current inventory levels, as well as recommendations of what to reorder.

Manufacturing CRM FAQs

What is a manufacturing CRM?

A manufacturing CRM (customer relationship management) system is a robust tool tailored for the manufacturing sector. 

A CRM for manufacturing serves as a single source of truth for all customer data surrounding your manufacturing operations. From your QuickBooks inventory information to demographic details, CRM is a hub for manufacturers. Learn the difference between an ERP and manufacturing CRM here

What are the main features to look for in manufacturing CRM?

In a manufacturing CRM solution, the key features to look out for include: 

  • Accurate sales forecasts to improve sales performance.
  • Marketing automation capabilities (i.e., email marketing campaign functionality).
  • Custom field options to adapt to specific business operations. 
  • Customer service features to better respond to customer inquiries and issues.

Seamless integration with external tools, like project management platforms or call center software that integrates with QuickBooks, is also vital. Check out the top 9 CRMs for manufacturers here

What are the benefits of CRM with inventory management?

There are several benefits of using a combined manufacturing CRM and inventory management software, including:

  • Effective inventory control and sales management in a single platform.
  • Money saved on expensive inventory management systems.
  • Valuable insights to make data-driven insights around your sales strategies.
  • Accurate demand forecasting to align future sales with customer demand, optimizing the stock level you maintain.
  • Valuable time saved through efficient production planning.

Overall, inventory control software for manufacturing companies coupled with CRM functionality puts you a cut above the competition.

How do I choose the best CRM for my manufacturing business?

Finding the best option when it comes to choosing a CRM for manufacturing involves first assessing your business’ unique needs. 

That said, you should opt for a system that: 

  • Offers powerful features for customer management.
  • Simplifies business processes.
  • Aids in making data-driven decisions.
  • Integrates with essential tools (i.e., order entry software compatible with QuickBooks).
  • Enriches the customer journey to elevate your customer experience and foster customer loyalty.
  • Has a good reputation, especially regarding product quality and customer satisfaction.

How can I use a manufacturing CRM as a strategic tool?

You can use a manufacturing CRM as a strategic asset by leveraging its features for:

  • Accurate demand and sales forecasting. 
  • Guiding production schedules. 
  • Shaping marketing strategies. 

When you analyze your customer interactions and the demographics of your customer base, you’ll make more informed decisions and strengthen your customer relationships.

Additionally, your sales reps can harness your CRM to: 

  • Nurture potential customers.
  • Foster customer engagement.
  • Manage projects in real time.
  • Refine your sales process to drive revenue growth.

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