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Manufacturing CRM software streamlines your business from lead to repeat and everything in between.

Find and close more leads.

Manage Leads

With a shared list of leads in Method:CRM, your team can access leads from anywhere, schedule follow-ups and send out estimates quickly, so no opportunity slips through the cracks.

Work efficiently and get paid faster.

Work Efficiently

Manual processes are a huge hidden cost in manufacturing. With efficient end-to-end workflows, your team will be able to get more important work done every day.

Turn happy customers into repeat business.

Drive Repeat Business

A complete view of each customer’s history in Method:CRM means that every customer will receive world-class service, no matter who picks up the phone.

“This is an absolute game changer… It will eliminate admin work spent on fulfillment, and we can use those people in a more sales-focused way.”

Doug Nagle
CEO – Consolidated Products Company

Turn More Leads into Customers

Stop losing sleep over lost business opportunities. Method:CRM helps manufacturing companies automate lead collection and centralize potential sales.

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  • Turn Website Visitors Into Potential Buyers

    Method’s web-to-lead form brings website visitors directly into your CRM. Each web lead triggers a notification to your sales team and a follow-up activity, so nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Stay Focused on the Hottest Deals

    Manage potential deals using the sales pipeline in Method:CRM. By tracking the value of each deal and its probability of closing, your team can prioritize which leads to focus on.

  • A Faster, More Efficient Sales Process

    Empower your sales team to close deals faster. Instead of relying on QuickBooks, sales reps can create and send estimates directly from Method:CRM. When the deal is done, sync the info to QuickBooks with the click of a button.

Transform Your Operations with End-to-End Workflows

Method is the perfect CRM for manufacturing businesses that want automated workflows. Serve customers, send invoices, and receive payments in fewer steps, with fewer people involved.

  • Eliminate Redundancy with QuickBooks Integration

    Say ‘good-bye!’ to double or triple data entry. In Method:CRM, you can create an estimate, convert the estimate to a sales order or invoice, and accept payment — no access to QuickBooks required. Plus, everything syncs to QuickBooks seamlessly in real time.
  • Get Paid Faster with Customer Portals

    Method:CRM’s built-in portals enable your customers to update their details, view their balances and pay their invoices, all without needing to contact you. And of course, payments made through the portals sync directly to your QuickBooks file.
  • Extend Your Method:CRM Account As You Grow

    Forget about adopting separate systems to manage different parts of your business. Method is a 100% customizable CRM that can adapt as your needs change. And with Method’s deep QuickBooks sync, you can create highly integrated, automated workflows.
Customizable CRM for QuickBooks

“Method is user friendly and has all the features we need and more. Room to grow is very important to us and Method can handle all of our needs today and in the future. Great customer service too!! I can’t say enough about Method:CRM.”

Gabe Devlin
Solar Ventures

Build Customer Loyalty and Drive Repeat Business

Leverage Method:CRM’s centralized customer data to provide top-notch service and keep customers coming back.

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  • Provide Seamless Customer Service

    Method:CRM gives you a 360-degree view of each customer’s history, from previous interactions to QuickBooks transactions. This ensures that each member of your team can pick up where the last one left off.
  • Take the Guesswork Out of Upselling

    Don’t miss out on opportunities for reordering and upselling. Schedule reminders to reach out to your loyal customers, then easily refer to their past orders without needing access to QuickBooks.
  • Create Strategic Marketing Campaigns

    Regular communication with customers keeps your business top of mind. Build mailing lists in Method:CRM based on region or purchase history, then send the lists directly to MailChimp to create targeted email campaigns.

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