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Find and close
more leads.

Find and close more deals with a CRM for Manufacturers

With a shared customer list, your team can access leads from wherever they work, create and send out estimates quickly and schedule follow-ups, so no opportunity slips through the cracks.

Service customers and get paid faster.

Service customers and get paid faster with a CRM for Manufacturers.

Manual processes are a huge hidden cost. With efficient end-to-end processes, your team will be able to get more important work done everyday.

Turn customers into repeat business.

Turn customers into repeat business with a CRM for Manufacturers.

A complete view of each customer’s history means that every customer will receive world-class service, no matter who picks up the phone.

Consolidated Products Company

“This is an absolute game changer… It will eliminate admin work spent on fulfillment, and we can use those people in a more sales-focused way.

Doug Nagle
CEO – Consolidated Product Services

Turn More Leads into Customers

Never lose sleep again over lost business opportunities with a shared list of customers and leads.

Follow-up activity in a CRM for manufacturers.

  • Turn Website Visitors Into Leads with Web-to-lead Forms

    Each web lead triggers a notification email to sales, an opportunity is created, and follow-up activities are schedules, so nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Stay Focused on the Hottest Deals

    Track deals and prioritize which ones to focus on using opportunity stages. Each opportunity stage, from ‘Prospecting’ to ‘Proposal’, has an assigned probability percentage to show the potential revenue of deals at each stage.
  • A Faster, More Efficient Sales Process

    Your sales team will no longer depend on accounting to create estimates in QuickBooks. With Method, sales reps can create and send out estimates and, like with leads, choose whether or not to sync them to QuickBooks.

Transform Your Manufacturing Operations with End-to-end Workflows

Automated workflows allow you to service customers, send out invoices, and receive payments in less steps, involving fewer people.

End-to-end Workflows in a CRM for manufacturers.

  • Eliminate Redundancy by Automating Tasks

    Say ‘good-bye!’ to double or triple data entry. Create and send out an estimate in Method, convert the estimate into an invoice or sales order in Method, and accept payment for the invoice. Plus, everything syncs to QuickBooks seamlessly without re-entering any data.
  • Get Paid Faster with Customer Portals

    Customers can pay invoices online through your customer portal, and your sales staff can process payments without needing access to QuickBooks. As soon as the payment is approved, it syncs to QuickBooks in real-time.
  • Extend Your Method Account as You Grow

    Customize the CRM to accommodate your growth instead of adopting separate systems. Take the Consolidated Products Company – the large print house also now employs Method to track all their products, including inventory costs and logistics. Read their story.

Solar Ventures

“Method is user friendly and has all the features we need and more. Room to grow is very important to us and Method can handle all of our needs today and in the future. Great customer service too!! I can't say enough about the Method:CRM.”

Gabe Devlin
Solar Ventures

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