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From generating new business to processing orders to managing customers, Method:CRM makes life easier for manufacturing companies.

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Turn more leads into customers

Leads don’t belong in spreadsheets or your accounting software. Method’s lead management features make it simple to keep tabs on every opportunity.

Simplify lead generation

Add a web to lead form to your site and get notified each time a new lead is added to Method.

View centralized data

Get a complete overview of each lead (including contact details, interactions, and estimates) in one convenient place.

Manage sales opportunities

Track the status of each deal you’re pursuing and see how much revenue is in your pipeline.

Connect your sales team and back office

Method’s integration with QuickBooks eliminates the need to pass paperwork back and forth. Add customers, create estimates, and convert the estimates to sales orders right in Method — then watch the changes sync automatically to QuickBooks.

Provide incredible service

Method gives your team a 360-degree view of each customer so you can build strong relationships and drive repeat business.

Track every interaction

Record details from meetings, phone calls and emails.

See sales in context

See QuickBooks estimates and invoices alongside communication history and support issues.

Stay in touch

Schedule follow-up activities and assign tasks to your teammates.

Essential data at your fingertips

You may be familiar with using an ERP — but the downside of most ERP systems is that you can’t access them on the go. With a mobile CRM, you can look up customers, schedule tasks, create estimates, and more, all from your phone or tablet.

Get more out of your manufacturing CRM

From sales and supply chains to production and forecasting, manufacturing processes are complex. That’s why you’ll love that Method can do so much more than manage customers.

Automate repetitive tasks

Stop wasting time on endless data entry. Customize Method to generate batches of invoices, automatically calculate shipping costs, and send personalized emails in just a few clicks.

Order management screen in Method CRM for manufacturing businesses
Inventory management screen in Method CRM for manufacturing businesses

Simplify inventory management

Products don’t appear out of thin air — there’s a lot of planning involved. Create custom reports in Method to easily view current inventory levels, as well as recommendations of what to reorder.

Resources for manufacturers

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