Connect your CRM to Google Calendar

View and update your meeting schedule directly from your CRM.

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Method CRM integration with Google Calendar

How will Method’s Google Calendar integration help my business?

When you make changes in Method, you’ll automatically see them in your Google Calendar.

Stop flipping between your CRM and scheduling tool

Use Method:CRM to instantly pull up your latest schedule from anywhere.

Google Calendar automatically syncs to Method and vice versa to streamline your planning and give you the most up-to-date schedule.

Sync appointments with Method's CRM Google Calendar integration
Activities screen in Method

All your events on one calendar

Delight customers with your punctuality by syncing every calendar event to one spot.

Better yet, you no longer have to waste time manually sending meeting details to non-Method users. By using Method’s Google Calendar CRM integration, you can easily invite customers or vendors and keep them informed of any changes.

Share your calendar with your team

Keep your team in the loop about customer meetings without sharing your personal appointments.

With Method’s Google Calendar CRM integration, you can have several calendars to separate your personal and professional life.

Event summary in Google Calendar
Method CRM integration with Google Calendar

Coordinate with all your contacts

Finding the right time to connect with your customers is simple with Method’s Google Calendar CRM integration.

Easily invite your Google contacts to meetings with synced tasks and calendar events. You can even set up event notifications to ensure you show up on time and prepared

More than just a Google Calendar CRM

Method also integrates with Gmail to make it easy to track sales opportunities and get a complete view of your contact records.

Plus, you can import Google Sheets data quickly into Method for an all-in-one CRM software solution without extensive developer tools.

Capture gmail email in Method

Streamline your business with Method

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