Sync Activities in Method’s Calendar to Your Google Calendar

Method’s free sync with Google Calendar allows you to view CRM activities, such as meetings with customers, follow-up phone calls with leads, or touching base with vendors via email, all right within your Google Calendar. PLUS you can create and update activities in your Google Calendar that will sync back into Method:CRM!

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Why should I sync my Google Calendar with my CRM?

  • Stop Flipping Between Your Google Calendar and Method

    Your appointments sync back and forth, so you can create and update activities where you’re already working. You’ll be organized and efficient!
  • No More Missed Appointments

    If a team member has scheduled a customer meeting for you in Method, you’ll get a reminder from Google so you won’t forget! Method also syncs the address of the customer right into the Calendar appointment, so you’ll know where to go!
  • Share Calendars Across Your Team

    By syncing your Google Calendar with Method, you can easily share your calendar with your team without sharing all your non-Method appointments. Your whole team will be aligned, it’s the end of double-bookings!

“I’ve used several different CRM applications and Method is my fav so far. It’s very user friendly, easy to navigate, and I can integrate it with Google calendar which connects to my iPhone so I have access to my activities.” Review

How do I integrate Method:CRM with my Google Calendar?

  1. For starters, you need to have a Method account. If you don’t yet have one, sign up for your Free 30-Day Trial Here!
  2. You also need to have a Google ID. If you don’t have this set-up, create your Google account here.
  3. After you have both your Google and Method accounts created, simply sign into Method with your Google OpenID. That’s it! When you go to your Google account, you’ll see that a new calendar has been created with the default name of “User Name : Company Account”.
    *Important Note: Do not rename the calendar, this will break the sync.*
  4. For more detailed instructions, visit our help center here.

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