Get paid fast with CRM payment gateways

Enhance your payment processing in Xero with Method:CRM’s payment gateway integrations.

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Payment Transaction in Method

Increase your sales with CRM payment gateways

 Processing payments is easy for you and your customer with Method:CRM.

Payment is the last step of a sale and it’s the worst time for anything to go wrong. Minimize your risks and maximize your payment options using Method:CRM.

Online payment gateways are the best way to ensure that every sale ends with a happy customer and that you get paid on time.

Online portals for customers to view transactions

“Method has a clean beautiful interface and seems to sync well with Xero. But, it has been the support that got them this 5 star review.”

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Ean Murphy

“Excellent support”

“This is a wonderful app! It syncs great with Xero, all the information goes over without hesitation, no problems there. Contacts, accounting, etc. It’s very user friendly, straight forward in all areas – invoicing, payments, etc. A great app to make your work life that much easier 🙂 Highly recommend.”

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Amy DeVries

“Excellent – Highly Recommend”

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Elevate your customer experience

Along with additional payment methods, Method offers your customers a self-service option for online payment.

Customers can access their invoice and payment details in Method’s online portal. From there, your customers pay at their convenience with their payment method of choice to ensure the best customer experience.

Power your business with Xero automation.

Maximize cash flow with CRM payment gateways

Accelerate your growth and set your business apart from your competitors with Method:CRM.

Process credit card payments in real-time

CRM payment gateways allow you to accept credit card payments right in your CRM. Better yet, Method:CRM lets you collect and process payments without logging into Xero.

Once your customer makes a payment, Method automatically syncs those payments to Xero, minimizing manual work to simplify your accounting.

Method:CRM syncs with Xero
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Method:CRM’s payment gateway integrations

Xero integrates with payment gateway providers such as Stripe and GoCardless, but to prevent delays, it’s best to provide your customers with many payment options.

With Method:CRM, getting paid has never been easier. Method extends your payment processing options with payment integrations, such as:

  • Authorize.NET.
  • Shuttle.
  • Moneris.

Automate your billing and transaction process

Method:CRM streamlines the entire payment process from billing to final payment, thanks to payment automation.

Better yet, the process starts as soon as the job’s underway as Method allows you to convert a sales order or estimate into an invoice with just a few clicks.

Power your business with Xero automation.

CRM payment gateways frequently asked questions

How to integrate credit card payment on website

One of the easiest ways to accept credit card cards online is accepting credit card payments with QuickBooks or your preferred software solution. The first step is to choose a payment processor that integrates with your software. Some popular credit card processors that integrate with QuickBooks include PayPal, Stripe, and

The credit card billing authorization QuickBooks provides allows customers to set up automatic payments for recurring transactions. This way, your customers never miss a beat, and you get paid faster.

How to accept credit cards with Method:CRM

There are two ways that Xero users can accept credit card payments in Method:CRM. With Method’s payment gateways, you can accept credit card payments on the spot or direct your customers to your online portal to pay at their convenience.

No matter which method you choose, the payment automatically syncs to your Xero account.

How can my businesses use Method’s payment gateways?

Method’s payment gateway is beneficial to businesses of all sizes and industries thanks to its flexibility. CRM payment gateways allow your team to accept payment on the spot to ensure that the transaction is complete as soon as possible.

Does Method’s payment gateways integration automate your workflow?

Payment processing is just one of many workflows that Method:CRM improves.

Method simplifies sales automation by auto-populating your estimates and invoices with customer details from Xero. What’s more, Method’s Gmail and Outlook integrations allow you to pull your customer’s information and reply to emails right away.

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