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Celebrating International Women’s Day: What it means to us

On this International Women’s Day (IWD), we recognize the progress that has been made to empower women in the tech industry. 

In the same vein, we know there is still a long way to go — after all, women make up only 26% of the STEM workforce.

“Women hold only 26.7% of all tech-related jobs.”

Statistia, 2021.

With the recent tech layoffs, it’s estimated that 45% of those impacted were women.

Currently, women make up over 10% of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. And although this is an improvement from the last few years, only 3% of these are women of color.

“Women CEOs run over 10% of the Fortune 500 companies.”

Fortune, 2023.

This year’s IWD theme is #EmbraceEquity. It reminds us that we must continue pushing for greater equality and representation in the tech space and beyond.

As we celebrate today and strive for a better tomorrow, let’s remember to put equity at the forefront of our journey toward gender parity.

What International Women’s Day means to Methoders

The first International Women’s Day happened in March 1911, when a million people rallied to support women’s rights in Europe. The day gradually gained traction and became a global celebration.

Today, IWD recognizes the social, economic, political, and cultural achievements of women while acknowledging that there’s more progress to be made.

Here’s what International Women’s Day means to some of our very own:

A day for inclusivity

“For me, International Women’s Day is about celebrating the accomplishments of women across borders and industries. IWD is about an intersectional approach to inclusion and progress for womxn no matter their race, sexuality, or religion. It’s a day that is especially important for those in STEM to recognize as, without gender equity, global innovation remains stagnant.”

Eilis McCann, Manager of SEO and Content Marketing

Recognizing the experiences of the women in our lives

A friend in university once told me that a guy in her high school computer science class once told her she’d “never be a good developer.” She took the comment in stride and used it to fuel her throughout her degree, not to prove to him that she could do it, but to prove to herself that comments like that wouldn’t stop her from achieving anything she wanted to.

I want to foster an environment where women aren’t fueled by a need to prove anything but simply follow their passions. That being said, my friend crushed her degree and is now a well-established developer!

Khamil Alhade, Product Manager

“Nearly 60% of women  from all racial backgrounds  experienced unwanted comments or jokes about their gender.”

Lever, 2021

Having the support to do it all

For working moms like me, IWD means recognizing that women in the workplace often juggle supporting their families and accomplishing their professional goals. Raising kids requires a lot from women, especially in recent years, where we’ve gone through multiple lockdowns and have been informed of school closures with little notice. 

Having an employer like Method that’s flexible, understanding, and supportive of the life of a working mom has allowed me to put my family first — something that is very important to me.

Julia Poon, Digital Marketing Manager

Knowing that the sky’s the limit

As Manager of Human Resources, I strive every day to create a space where women feel empowered to reach their full potential and ensure they feel valued for their immense contributions. On this Women’s Day, I wish for us to continue striving for equality for all.

Growing up in South America, women often have their paths laid out for them from the time they’re born. Many women there barely finish high school before getting married off to a suitor. I always questioned this custom until my hero, my aunt, showed me that it’s okay for women to follow their own path. 

Today, my aunt is the proud owner of her own business, and I work for a company where I feel respected by my peers. So for me, IWD should be a time for women to celebrate themselves and one another, as well as work together to help others pave their own paths.

Saudia Allie, Manager of HR, Finance, and Operations

Acknowledging the women who cleared the way

“My mom has naturally always been a very influential person in my life, and I’m very proud of her accomplishments. She earned her engineering degree from Polytechnique in Montreal, the school where 24 women were shot in 1989 simply because they were women studying engineering. 

IWD helps me remember those victims and their potential contributions to society that were lost. I acknowledge that if my mom had started/finished her degree a few years later, she might have been one of those victims. She has shared with me some stories of the difficulties she endured throughout her career, and I try to think about what might have been different if her path hadn’t been so difficult.”

Phil Cote, Product Manager

Shifting the narrative for future generations

“So much of who I am today I owe to the women of my family. I grew up hearing the stories of my grandmothers who never had an education because the day they married was the day their fate was sealed. I listened to their tales of interrupted dreams, of leaving their home country and working menial jobs to ensure their children would have a better shot at life.

It is the work and legacy of the women who raised me that pushed me to accomplish everything they weren’t allowed to. I am the first woman in my family to get a degree and  work in STEM. For me, IWD is all about appreciating those who paved the way for us and committing to work harder to create an even better tomorrow for our children.”

Filipa Alves, Content Marketing Strategist

The takeaway: Go beyond International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day reminds us of the issues women face in the workforce and every other aspect of their lives and what we need to do to address them. It’s a chance to reflect on the achievements of the women around you and re-evaluate how you support them daily — not just yearly.

This International Women’s Day, let’s commit ourselves to creating a more equitable world for everyone. By educating ourselves and others about gender disparity, supporting women and BIPOC-owned businesses, speaking out against inequality, and making our workplaces more inclusive, we can create lasting change.

At Method, we celebrate the amazing women whose contributions play a huge role in our success and who we continue to learn from every day.

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Image credit: Ketut Subiyanto via Pexels

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