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5 features that make Method:Field Services a must-have solution

Method:Field Services calendar and mobile app views

As the snow starts to melt and makes way for spring, you’ll be pleased to hear about the release of Method:Field Services – a robust field service solution for businesses that complete on-site tasks such as:

  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • Service requests
  • Repairs and installations

Growing businesses in this space often find themselves managing work in one of two ways:

  1. Juggling whiteboards, spreadsheets, and print-outs 
  2. Working with field service management software that does not communicate effectively with QuickBooks — creating headaches like double-keyed orders and inaccurate data

During the creation of this new field service solution, we took both of these challenges head-on by creating a suite of tools for your office and field service teams. All of which are built on top of Method’s best-in-class QuickBooks sync engine.

The result: A streamlined process for managing estimates, work orders, scheduling, routing, and invoicing — all perfectly in sync with your QuickBooks data 24/7. 

Now, here’s your rundown of the top 5 benefits you get with Method’s new field service solution!

Feature spotlight #1: Streamlined job creation, scheduling, and dispatching

An essential part of your field operations is maximizing the efficiency of your field service workers. As after all, the more work orders you complete — the better your bottom line gets. 

Luckily, this is a challenge Method was built to solve. This field service solution has strong route optimization capabilities that ensure your field technicians don’t have to spend time driving from one end of town to the other and back again.

Method:Field Services lets you automatically plan the best route for your field employees to take and schedules your work orders in the most efficient way possible.

It’s smart to use this field service management software if you want to:

  • Easily assign and reassign work orders to your field technicians 
  • Cut out the manual aspect of your field operations and logistics
  • Instantly create the best routes and schedules for your field employees

Feature spotlight #2: A cloud field service app for your mobile device

You know that the line between in-office and on-site work is becoming increasingly blurred. This is why Method:Field Services was designed to be accessed easily on both your desktop and mobile device via the cloud. 

By moving your workflow out of QuickBooks and into the cloud, it becomes simpler to manage information and ensure that it’s up to date.

Plus, this approach lets you stay connected with your field team and keeps everybody in sync when it comes to schedule updates and changes.

With Method, your team hits the ground running from the start of the day until to the end. 

Feature spotlight #3: Seamless estimate, work order, and invoice creation

Ever wonder the power a single click can have? With Method, it’s all that’s required to:

  • Convert an estimate into a work order
  • Turn a work order into an invoice
  • Send the invoice to your customer

This means your invoices and estimates are ready to go out to your customer for e-signature quicker than ever before.

If you’re a Gmail or Outlook user, you can even create work orders directly from your inbox to save yourself more time! Once created, you can then use the powerful report engine to control the look and feel of any document you send to your customers.

With these workflows streamlined, you:

  • Achieve significant time savings for your team
  • Reduce the risk of human errors like paperwork going missing or typos in documents

Better yet, Method’s field service management solution puts an end to rekeying details into templates or QuickBooks as data automatically updates across your tech stack thanks to our powerful sync engine.

Feature spotlight #4: Two-way real-time QuickBooks sync

Where Method’s field service solution really shines is in the power of its two-way QuickBooks sync.

As mentioned earlier, the estimate-work order-invoice workflow generates a significant amount of friction for customers and internal teams. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be your reality anymore as with Method:Field Services:

  • Data is entered once
  • Carried through the workflow
  • Synced appropriately to your QuickBooks account

All while you’re in control of the entire process from the backend.

Field service management software like this is how you can empower your team to focus on growing your business and delivering great experiences instead of managing paperwork and processes! 

Feature spotlight #5: Customer service made simple

There’s no doubt that your customers are the lifeblood of your field service business. But the way you manage them may be hurting your business. After all, using printouts and whiteboards leave you prone to details slipping through the cracks.

Method tackles this problem head-on by centralizing all of your customer data in one system — making it simple to create estimates, work orders, and invoices in a single tool.

With this field service solution, you get a 360-degree view of every customer at your fingertips — giving you the context and history needed to provide excellent customer service at every job.

Equipped with this information, you can improve the accuracy of your estimating process on recurring jobs and stop undercharging for jobs you’re called back to.

This means the time you used to spend searching for customer information can now be used to improve your service delivery so that you obtain the highest level of customer satisfaction!

Wrap up

As you can probably tell, the team here at Method is really excited about our new field service solution! We know this offering has the power to fundamentally change how your business operates and makes it easier to always put your customers first.

But seeing is truly believing — start your free trial of Method:Field services today! 

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