QuickBooks sync FAQ

Answers to (almost) all your technical questions about Method’s QuickBooks integration.

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Q: Does my business need to use QuickBooks in order to use Method?

Yes, Method is designed to be used with QuickBooks. In order to set up a Method account, you will need to connect to a QuickBooks Desktop file or QuickBooks Online account.

Q: Which QuickBooks regions does Method support?

Method supports the following QuickBooks Online regions: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, India, and Global. For QuickBooks Desktop, US Pro, Premier, and Enterprise are supported. For more supported  QuickBooks Desktop regions visit this article.

Q: Can I try Method in a test environment?

Sorry, we don’t have a test environment available. If you’re not ready to sync your QuickBooks data, we recommend watching a demo to see Method in action.

Q: Do I need to manually import my QuickBooks data into Method?

Thankfully, no! Simply sign up for your free trial of Method, connect to QuickBooks, and watch your data stream into Method automatically. The whole process usually takes 15-30 minutes.

Q: My QuickBooks Desktop file is hosted on Right Networks. Can I use Method?

Yes! Follow these steps to get started.

Q: What syncs between Method and QuickBooks?

The following data syncs both ways between Method and QuickBooks. 

  • Contacts – Customers, Employees, Vendors
  • Sales Transactions – Estimates, Invoices, Sales Orders*, Sales Receipts
  • Vendor Transactions – Bills, Bill Payments*, Item Receipts*, Purchase Orders
  • Payments – Currency, Deposit, Payment Method, Price Levels*
  • Lists –  Accounts, Classes, Departments, Items, Sales Reps*, Terms
  • Time Tracking* – Class*, Customer Job*, Name*, Activity*

*Only supported for QuickBooks Desktop versions (Enterprise, Pro, Premier).

Q: How often does the sync between Method and QuickBooks run?

Method has a real-time, two-way sync with QuickBooks. When a user adds or edits a QuickBooks-related record in Method (e.g. adding a customer; updating an invoice), the change automatically syncs to QuickBooks. The same is true when a user adds or edits a Method-supported record in QuickBooks.

Q: Can I connect multiple QuickBooks accounts to one Method account?

No, each Method account can only be connected to one QuickBooks account.

Q: Do the users in my Method account need to be QuickBooks users?

Nope! User permissions in Method are separate from those in QuickBooks. In fact, that’s one of the great things about Method. If you have employees who need to access specific data in QuickBooks — but you don’t want them in QuickBooks — you can add them as Method users instead.

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