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What is the best Kickserv alternative? A detailed guide

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If you’re thinking about investing in field service software like Kickserv, it’s important to weigh all your options before making a decision. Or, maybe you’re a current user looking to replace your software with a Kickserv alternative. 

In this blog, you’ll explore: 

  • Why you should consider making the switch. 
  • Your top five Kickserv alternatives. 
  • How each alternative compares in the field service management space. 

Let’s dive in!

What is Kickserv?

An image showing Kickserv software's dashboard on a laptop, mobile phone, and tablet.

Image credit: Kickserv

Before jumping into Kickserv alternatives, let’s look at the software itself. 

Kickserv is a field service management (FSM) software for home service businesses. It lets you: 

  • Monitor leads. 
  • Integrate with QuickBooks. 
  • Facilitate online payments. 
  • Create quotes and estimates. 
  • Coordinate field services on the go. 

Our analysis of this product revealed that Kickserv supports over 20 service trades, with features like: 

  • Automated invoicing and job reminders. 
  • Drag-and-drop scheduling for quick dispatching. 
  • GPS navigation for real-time vehicle tracking. 
  • Mobile apps compatible with iOS and Android. 

Reasons to look for Kickserv alternatives

While Kickserv offers you convenient access to job management tools, there are certain areas where it lacks. 

Steep learning curve

When time is of the essence, simplicity in software is key. Yet, Kickserv is evaluated based on user reviews and ratings to have a steep learning curve. 

People often encounter difficulties with:  

  • Color-coding technicians for job assignments. 
  • Navigating invoicing and mobile map functionalities. 
  • Adding updates or changes to existing jobs. 

Issues with estimate creation

When Kickserv is benchmarked against industry standards, its estimate creation functionality falls short. Users report: 

  • Limited flexibility in creating estimates. 
  • Challenges syncing estimates with QuickBooks. 
  • Difficulties editing estimates in Kickserv. 

In contrast, competitors like Service Fusion and Jobber excel with their estimate features, such as: 

  • Free estimate templates. 
  • Enhanced estimate customization. 
  • Advanced integration for estimates. 

Downtime and inefficiency

Additionally, when Kickserv is investigated for reliability and uptime, our findings show that the platform struggles with inefficiencies in: 

  • Tracking payments. 
  • Recording time. 
  • Creating invoices. 

These issues slow down your progress and increase the risk of losing jobs. 

Limited features for specific needs

Good FSM software is researched for compatibility with business needs. After putting it to the test, Kickserv has limited features for specific needs, such as:

  • Customization: Kickserv’s basic customization lacks the functionality for companies seeking deeper personalization.
  • Advanced reporting: While Kickserv handles standard reporting, it lacks detailed analytics and insights.
  • Complex job management: Kickserv is less suited for jobs that require multi-stage tracking or detailed task management.
  • Supported trades: For industries beyond home service, Kickserv may not offer adequate features.

So, while Kickserv is tested in real-world scenarios for field service management, it still has its shortcomings.

Top 5 best Kickserv alternatives

Now you know the reasons to switch solutions, but which Kickserv alternative should you choose?

Your top Kickserv alternative is discovered through market research, and we’ve streamlined this process for you. This list of your five best alternatives ensures each option:

  • Is selected based on specific requirements.
  • Is analyzed for scalability and flexibility.
  • Is explored for innovative features.

Without further ado, here are your top five Kickserv alternatives.

Method:Field Services

The first Kickserv alternative is Method:Field Services.

It’s the #1 FSM software for QuickBooks and Xero users.

For one, Method is chosen for its user-friendly interface. It’s easy to implement, and as a no-code platform, is customized to meet unique business demands. This means you can personalize Method to your workflows without any programming knowledge.

The platform’s two-way sync lets data flow automatically between your accounting software and Method. It also includes industry-specific features for HVAC businesses, such as:

  • Route optimization. 
  • Real-time job updates. 
  • Data-driven analytics and reporting. 
  • 360-degree view of crew members’ schedules.

Method also supports multiple payment options through integrated payment gateways. Its mobile app lets your technicians send invoices and collect payments as soon as a job is complete, which strengthens your cash flow.

Finally, Method:Field Services is upgraded to enhance functionality as it evolves, which ensures continuous improvement and growth for its user base.


A screenshot of FieldEdge software's dashboard.

Image credit: FieldEdge

FieldEdge is identified as a potential replacement for Kickserv. 

It’s a flexible, cloud-based SaaS product for field service dispatch. At it’s core, FieldEdge lets you track the performance of all technicians and is optimized for better resource management. 

The platform also lets you manage work orders from a single screen, so you can view all unassigned, assigned, and completed jobs without switching between tabs. 

FieldEdge offers these key features:  

  • Drag-and-drop scheduling for easy job bookings. 
  • Field tech categorization by availability and experience. 
  • A customer relationship management dashboard. 
  • Mobile price books to help customers view your services. 


Two product screenshots of ServiceWorks software.

Image credit: ServiceWorks

ServiceWorks is another reliable Kickserv alternative. It’s a scalable, cloud-based system that helps you manage service, retail, and delivery operations. 

The platform lets you schedule and reassign appointments right from your calendar. It also has a mobile app that tracks job progress, even without an internet connection. 

The platform replaces Kickserv in certain applications with: 

  • Instant booking right from your website. 
  • GPS tracking for job tracking and route history. 
  • Intuitive job forms for checklists and equipment management. 


Jobber Ad Screenshot

Image credit: Jobber

Another Kickserv alternative is Jobber. It’s a feature-rich software that keeps you organized at every job stage.

The platform lets you assign technicians based on their availability and proximity to the customer’s location. Jobber’s mobile app also lets technicians access their schedules and receive real-time notifications on the go. 

Its main suite of features includes: 

  • Seamless quote-to-job conversion. 
  • Location timers and “on my way” texts. 
  • Adaptive GPS tracking for last-minute job assignments.
  • Client hub to manage client communications and agreements. 

Like other worthwhile Kickserv alternatives, Jobber is examined for data security measures, so your information is always protected.

Although Jobber is versatile and scalable, consider comparing it directly to software like Method to gauge its competitive edge.


A laptop showing a screenshot of FieldPulse software's dashboard as well as two mobile phones with FieldPulse screenshots.

Image credit: FieldPulse

The last Kickserv alternative on our list is FieldPulse. 

It’s an efficient field service management platform for small and medium organizations. With a focus on business growth, FieldPulse tackles everything from construction to electrical jobs. 

The platform is compatible with multiple devices and is integrated into existing workflows. Plus, its custom fields and templates make entering information a breeze. 

Service professionals like FieldPulse for its:

  • Automatic notifications and real-time job updates. 
  • Integrative capabilities with numerous popular apps.
  • “Good, Better, Best” feature that offers tiered product pricing options.
  • Custom estimating tool that lets you use pre-built templates or make your own.

Kickserv competitors: Feature comparison

To find the best Kickserv alternative, ensure each solution is compared for features and functionality. Let’s look at these different features side by side to help you make your decision.

Customer management

Method:Field Services: Includes CRM functionality that provides a comprehensive view of each customer. It lets you: 

  • Access customer insights on the go.
  • Manage customer relationships from your inbox.
  • Enhance satisfaction with self-serve portals and automated follow-ups. 

Jobber: Lets you easily access each customer’s contact details and communication history. It also includes: 

  • Two-way text messaging. 
  • Customizable text and email templates. 
  • Automated follow-ups for quotes, invoices, visits, and jobs. 

FieldEdge: Simplifies customer management with designated tools. It gives you access to: 

  • Automated communications. 
  • Customizable marketing workflows. 
  • Professional templates to enhance your brand and gather leads. 

FieldPulse: Offers a range of features for centralized customer management. This includes: 

  • Customer history tracking. 
  • Mobile access to customer information. 
  • Search and filter options to find customer data easily. 

ServiceWorks: Provides a centralized database for easy customer access and management. It provides tools for: 

  • Customer segmentation. 
  • Integrated customer communication. 
  • Analyzing customer trends and behaviors. 

Job tracking

Method:Field Services: Offers route optimization and time tracking on work orders through the Field Crew app. This enhances service delivery and ensures precise billing and crew management.

Jobber: Uses location-based timers to automatically track visit times when entering and leaving client properties. It also calculates job profitability for accurate pricing and costing. 

FieldEdge: Offers real-time technician and time tracking. This helps you optimize resources and identify new areas of improvement. 

FieldPulse: Lets you monitor work vehicles through the FieldPulse app. It also provides real-time reports on gas consumption and driving patterns. 

ServiceWorks: Lets you see your team’s real-time location on the map with GPS tracking.


Method:Field Services: Lets you easily create and customize estimates. Once approved, you can quickly convert estimates into invoices without skipping a beat. 

Jobber: Lets you generate professional quotes for online approval. It also features automated reminders for outstanding quotes. 

FieldEdge: Provides extensive quoting features, including options for managing quote status and incorporating specific items.

FieldPulse: Features easy estimate creation using built-in templates, with options for adding images and files. It supports online client approval and the conversion of estimates into invoices.

ServiceWorks: Simplifies the creation and management of branded quotes. It enhances quoting with self-serve customer portals and automated quote reminders.

Invoicing and payments

Method:Field Services: Lets you create and personalize invoices from estimates or sales orders. It also facilitates online payments through gateways built into its self-serve, online portals. You can accept all sorts of payments with Method, from ACH bank transfers to credit card processing. 

Jobber: Instantly generates and dispatches invoices directly to clients. The platform also supports multiple payment options, from online to credit card transactions.  

FieldEdge: Enables invoicing on-site and from the office. It lets you collect payments and track financial transactions in real time. 

FieldPulse: Quickly converts approved estimates into invoices. The platform also enables credit card processing for in-site and online payments. 

ServiceWorks: Automates invoice creation from work orders and offers customizable invoice templates. It supports secure online transactions and tracks your received and pending payments.

Setup and integrations

It’s also important to ensure that each Kickserv alternative is considered for integration capabilities.  

Method:Field Services: Offers API access and unlimited customization. It integrates seamlessly with: 

  • QuickBooks. 
  • Zapier. 
  • Google Calendar. 
  • Outlook. 
  • Mailchimp. 

Jobber: Has an accessible setup process. It provides API access and syncs with: 

  • QuickBooks Online. 
  • Fleetsharp. 
  • Zapier. 
  • Mailchimp. 

FieldEdge: Is known for its easy setup and integration capabilities with: 

  • QuickBooks. 
  • GPS Insight. 
  • Callcap. 
  • Greensky. 
  • NiceJob. 

FieldPulse: Integrates with a variety of tools to boost functionality, such as: 

  • Square. 
  • QuickBooks Online. 
  • Google Calendar. 
  • ServiceRocket PRO. 

ServiceWorks: Boasts a quick and simple setup. The platform includes integrations with: 

  • QuickBooks. 
  • Google Maps. 
  • Mailchimp. 
  • Marcone. 
  • ServiceBench. 

Additional features

Each software solution is differentiated by unique selling propositions. Consider these extra functionalities in making your choice: 

Method:Field Services

  • Self-serve online portals. 
  • Business process automation. 
  • Free hour with a customization expert.


  • Community membership. 
  • Robust product support. 
  • Online tip collection features. 


  • Service agreement management. 
  • Performance-oriented business dashboards. 
  • Price books to budget equipment and services. 


  • PDF form-filler to digitally recreate forms. 
  • FieldPulse Engage to interact with customers. 
  • FieldPulse Payments to receive secure payments. 


  • Inventory and warranty management tools. 
  • Automated commission tracking for employees. 
  • Accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. 

Key takeaways

Kickserv is a strong field service management software, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for your company.

While Kickserv offers you convenient access to job management tools, it has its limitations. Software solutions that serve as the best Kickserv alternatives include: 

  • Method:Field Services.
  • Jobber.
  • FieldEdge.
  • FieldPulse.
  • ServiceWorks. 

When one of these five solutions is transitioned to from Kickserv, you’ll see its unique benefits immediately. That’s why understanding all your options before committing is always a smart strategy. 

Best Kickserv alternative: Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How does Method:Field Services stand out as a Kickserv alternative?

Method:Field Services stands out as a Kickserv alternative for its real-time, two-way sync with QuickBooks and Xero. It offers customization right down to your logo and is adapted for various operational scales. 

What’s more is that Method:Field Services is highly flexible and is implemented for improved efficiency. It helps you reach your business’ full potential and scale with confidence.

Do Kickserv alternatives offer better customer support?

When each solution is reviewed for customer support quality, Kickserv and its alternatives are comparable. They all offer responsive support through: 

  • Phone. 
  • Email. 
  • Live chat. 
  • Help centers. 
  • Consultations with specialists.  

How do Kickserv alternatives compare in terms of pricing?

When each alternative is assessed for cost-effectiveness, their pricing structures offer different deals that cater to varying business needs and sizes. 

Method:Field Services

Method’s plans provide great value for your money: 

  • Field Crew Technician: $15 per month. 
  • Dispatcher: $45 per month. 


Jobber offers three economical plans: 

  • Core plan: $69 per month. 
  • Connect plan: $169 per month.
  • Grow plan: $349 per month


FieldEdge features Select, Premier, and Elite plans with specific pricing available upon request.  


FieldPulse’s pricing starts at $99 with $60 per additional user. More information is available when you contact their sales team.


ServiceWorks has three pricing tiers: 

  • Starter: $288 per technician per quarter.
  • Standard: $345 per technician per quarter.
  • Pro: $432 per technician per quarter.

Discover a field service management software that ticks all your boxes. 
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