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Billing is a key part of your electrical business. 

It’s your chance to leave a lasting impression on your customers and ensure that you get paid on time. So it’s important to deliver clear, concise, and timely invoices after each job. 

Creating an electrician invoice template Excel sheet is the quickest way to ensure that your invoices stay consistent and transparent.

In this article, you’ll learn what to include in an electric bill invoice template and how it simplifies your process to get you paid faster.

Electric bill invoice 101

An electric bill invoice is a document that you present to your customer detailing the work that’s been done and the final cost.

Typically, you present this invoice to your customer once the job is complete and they are satisfied with your work. 

If it’s a large electric job, it’s good to deliver multiple invoices throughout the job to allow your customer to pay in installments, as opposed to presenting them with a large bill at the end.

There are two main factors to consider when creating your electrical invoices. They are:

  1. The format of the invoice.
  2. The content of the invoice.

Although the content of your invoice may change based on the job and your customer, the format should stay relatively the same. 

The best way to ensure consistency in your electrical invoices is by creating an electrical bill invoice template. 

What is an electric bill invoice template used for?

An electrical bill invoice template is a form that has your invoice fields ready to go. Once you complete a job, all you have to do is plug in the numbers to generate a final invoice to your customers. 

As a result, you deliver your invoice quicker, get paid sooner, and keep your revenue flowing.

When it comes to creating your electric bill invoice template, you have several options, such as:

  • A Google Sheets electrical invoice template.
  • An electrician invoice template Excel file.
  • Download a basic invoice template online.

Both Excel and Google Sheets are popular options for creating the best electric invoice template, so let’s walk through how to create your own electrician invoice template Excel sheet.

What your electric bill format in Excel should include

The purpose of your electrician invoice template Excel file is to provide your customer with the following billing details:

  • The work that’s being billed.
  • The amount your customer owes.
  • When, where, and how to pay.

So you don’t want to leave anything out. 

An electric bill invoice template with the standard fields in place is the best way to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Below are the key electrical work invoice details that your electric bill format in Excel should include.

Your company details

At the top of your electrician invoice template Excel sheet should be your business information and contact details. This is important for your customers’ records and in case they need to contact you about their bill.

Include company details such as:

  • Company name.
  • Phone number and email address.
  • Name of the electrician on the job.

What’s more, you should include your customer contact information as well to ensure that your invoice is delivered to the right person.

Material and labor costs

A key part of your electrician invoice is the breakdown of costs. 

There’s nothing worse than presenting a customer with the total cost of the job and receiving pushback or disagreement. 

Without a rigid breakdown of the costs of the job, you don’t have the proof to justify that final number. This leads to angry customers and puts your business at risk.

Detailing the cost of materials and labor avoids confusion and emphasizes your transparency. Be sure to include information such as:

  • The hourly rate of your electrician.
  • Total number of hours worked on the job.
  • A complete list of material used and quantity.
  • Price of materials per unit.

Then, don’t forget to calculate the total amount due!

Payment terms

No matter how well you break down the costs of the job in your electrician invoice template Excel sheet, if you don’t provide payment information clearly, you put your revenue at risk.

An electric bill invoice template is a great place to explain your payment terms. It ensures that your customer has all of the information they need in one place.

Your payment terms typically include the date payment is due or how much time your customer has to make payment upon receipt of the invoice. 

If you and your customer agree on a payment plan, include each payment due date. It’s also a good idea to have a section in your electric bill format in Excel explaining how you handle overdue payments  — including any late fees or penalties.

Payment methods 

The last piece of information your customer needs is how to make their payment. 

First, detail how you accept payments, whether that be:

Next, list your accepted payment methods. If you take credit card payments, include the credit cards you accept and even which you prefer as payment methods.

An electrician invoice template Excel sheet increases your efficiency in the long run, but it takes time to create the initial template. If this is your current dilemma, we’ve got you covered.

Skip Excel: Download your electric bill invoice template

No one wants to navigate Excel if they don’t have to. Well, you don’t have to.

Go straight to the part where you boost efficiency by downloading your free electric bill invoice template.

Simply modify it to reflect your business, and you’re ready to bill any job in just a few minutes.

Electric bill invoice template transforms your business

Amongst the several electrical business forms you present to your customer, an invoice is the one that ensures that you get paid.

An electric bill invoice template makes sure that you include the relevant information your customers need to make their payments on time. As a result, you get paid sooner and grow your electrical business.

Want to learn how electrical invoice software drives even more efficiency? Check out this blog.

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