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MODEX Conference 2024: Learnings and takeaways

Image of Method team at the MODEX conference

Missed MODEX? In this blog, we’ve captured the main highlights to keep you in the loop. 

Plus, we’ve already got our sights set on next year’s ProMat conference. Keep reading to learn how to make the most of it! 

MODEX conference 2024: Top highlights

At MODEX 2024, innovation and collaboration took center stage. We witnessed the latest trends in: 

  • Automation, including robotic systems. 
  • Predictive analytics. 
  • Advanced software solutions. 

We also engaged in valuable discussions with industry professionals. Here’s what stood out: 

  • Universal operational challenges: Regardless of size, all companies face hurdles with system maintenance and finding essential operational systems. 
  • Outdated tools persist: Surprisingly, many firms still rely on email and Excel for their customer management and performance reporting. 
  • ERP transition concerns: The move from QuickBooks to an ERP system is a common pressure point, especially with such a high investment cost. 

Key concerns that echoed across the conference hinged on a need to: 

  • Improve transparency in customer performance. 
  • Create seamless proposals with e-signature functionality.
  • Manage service schedules and warranty commitments. 
  • Enhance customer support through portals. 

Overall, we had an incredible experience at MODEX 2024 and can’t wait to see what the future of supply chain management holds! 

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Preparing for the ProMat conference: March 17–20, 2025

What is ProMat 2025?

Image credit: MHI

Hosted by MHI, ProMat is the leading manufacturing and supply chain trade event. 

It brings over 50,000 industry professionals together to explore the latest in: 

  • Material handling. 
  • Logistics. 
  • Distribution.

The ProMat conference is free to attend. You can get your ticket here

Note: The MODEX conference is also organized by MHI and alternates with ProMat. The ProMat conference takes place on odd-numbered years, while MODEX occurs on even ones. 

Why attend the ProMat conference

Now that your basics are covered, let’s look at why the ProMat conference is worth going to. 

ProMat offers unparalleled opportunities to: 

  • Discover the latest innovations from over 1,000 supply chain solution providers. 
  • Explore trends in over 100 educational seminars and sessions. 
  • Forge strong business relationships with international suppliers.
  • See hands-on demonstrations of cutting-edge technology. 

Where it all comes together: Chicago

Mark your calendars! ProMat 2025 will be hosted at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois from March 17 to 20.

Between educational sessions, take the opportunity to discover what makes Chicago unique — from its iconic architecture to its rich history. It’s the perfect backdrop for an event that unites the best and brightest in the logistics industry. 

Things to do

Maximize your downtime with these must-see Chicago attractions: 

Shedd Aquarium

Picture of a turtle at the Shedd Aquarium

Image credit: Choose Chicago

Dive into a marine world home to over 32,000 aquatic animals. 

Chicago Architecture Center River Cruise

Picture of Chicago cruise

Image credit: Cruise Chicago 

Take in Chicago’s stunning skyline and architecture from the water. 

Skydeck Chicago

Picture of person on Skydeck Chicago

Image credit: Choose Chicago

Experience the city from new heights on the Willis Tower’s Skydeck. 

Thanks to ProMat’s partnership with onPeak, you can easily find a comfortable place to stay in Chicago. Enjoy special rates and flexible policies at selected hotels by booking early through onPeak, the official hotel provider for ProMat 2025. 

How to get the most out of the ProMat conference

Getting the most out of the ProMat conference means coming prepared. Here’s how:

Start by pinpointing must-see exhibitors like Method and sessions that match your business needs. Pre-planning ensures you use every moment wisely. 

Networking doesn’t end with formal meetings. Social events at ProMat present golden opportunities for informal connections. Strengthen these new relationships with targeted follow-up communications. Then, keep the conversation going long after the event is over.

Lastly, venture beyond your comfort zone and explore new areas. You may uncover solutions that give your supply chain operations a competitive edge!


What is the MODEX conference? Why attend?

Hosted by MHI, MODEX is the leading conference for manufacturing and supply chain professionals.

With over 1,175 leading vendors, MODEX is your go-to for exploring end-to-end supply chain solutions. From floor sessions to panel discussions, you’ll discover the latest technologies and what’s next for supply chain optimization. 

ProMat vs. MODEX: Which one should you choose?

The choice between ProMat and MODEX boils down to your specific interests and timing. 

ProMat focuses more on material handling and logistics and is held in odd-numbered years. In contrast, MODEX offers a broader look at the supply chain industry and takes place in even-numbered years.

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