I have something new for you guys, something I spent all of June working on…Report Designer Videos! Huzzah!

For those that don’t know what Report Designer is, just check out the first video. However, for those that do know, I hope these tutorials will be helpful and even show you something new.

And documentation is on it’s way — Alex is hard at work, formatting it just for you! He had a lot of documentation to write, so look forward to that 🙂

However, we were excited about releasing the Report Designer Video Tutorials, so here you go. I hope this will help you out for your Report Designer needs 🙂

Take care, and have a great day. Bye bye!

Posted by Errol

Errol is the Product Education Specialist for Method. He writes articles and creates videos to help you understand Method. In his spare time, he chronicles his life as a father in a daily webcomic: http://myneighborerrol.com.