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Here’s how electrical invoice software grows revenue

Electrical contracting companies need simple solutions that improve operations for the office team and field technicians. With electrical invoice software, it’s easy to create professional invoices and custom templates that transform how you run your business.

Here’s your guide on how electric invoice software grows revenue for your small business. Let’s start with what electrical contractor software is and how it improves your invoicing process.

What is electrical contractor software?

Electrical contractor software gives electrical companies an all-in-one solution for:

  • Scheduling and dispatching.
  • Automatic invoicing. 
  • Reporting from field to office.
  • Business analytics.

The features software for electricians has helps you plan projects, track job details, and get real-time updates on jobs from your field technicians. It also improves your job scheduling with automated dispatching.

Electric invoice software vs. an electric invoice template

Using an electric invoice template offers a small portion of the benefits of electric invoice software. 

An electrical contractor invoice template lets you create an invoice with custom form fields such as:

  • Customer details.
  • Payment due dates.
  • Work order number.
  • Additional notes and instructions.
  • Total, sub-total, and taxes.

But seamless invoice creation is truly only possible with electrical invoice software. With customizations and automated processes, pen and paper invoicing just can’t compete.

Other reasons to implement an electric invoice software include to:

  • Improve revenue and reduce unnecessary costs.
  • Enhance customer service and communication.
  • Create custom reports to uncover business insights.

The bottom line is that electrical contractor software helps you increase productivity and earnings.

The top benefits of electrical invoice software

Check out the top four benefits your business gets with electrical software below.

Save time by automating your invoicing process

If you’re stuck with hours of invoicing, it’s time to start getting that time back with electrical invoice software

To start, create an invoice template with the form fields you need in your tool of choice. 

From there, automate your invoicing process with features like bulk invoicing, e-signature capture, online payments and more! 

Better yet, look for a tool that syncs with your accounting software of choice to save yourself even more time.

By automating your invoicing process, you can focus on:

  • Marketing efforts to bring in new customers.
  • Expanding your electrical services.
  • Scheduling more jobs.
  • Offering top-tier customer service.

Stay productive on the go with a mobile app

A mobile app for your electrical invoice software is a must if you want to increase efficiency and empower field technicians. Here’s why. 

First, it’s crucial for growing field service companies to access service history, customer details, and a real-time line of communication with your office team. And this is exactly what a mobile app enables.

Beyond this, an electrical invoice software mobile application lets your field techs:

  • Create estimates and invoices on the go.
  • Collect payments with a built-in payment processing system.
  • Edit invoices to match changes that occur on the job.
  • Update the office team about changes to schedules, jobs, and payments.

Make your small business look professional

Customer relationships make or break a small business. So it’s vital to have electrical invoice software that makes your templates, processes, and customer portal look as professional as possible. This way, your business can compete with larger competitors with more resources. 

Use an electric invoice software to personalize and brand your:

  • Estimates, invoices, and other documents.
  • Customer online portals.
  • Marketing campaigns.
  • Job schedules for your technicians.

Accounting software integration for an all-in-one solution

Integrating your accounting software with your electrical invoice software has never been easier, with many solutions offering native integrations. 

The beauty of this feature is that all your accounting details sync to your electric invoice software and vice versa.

With a solid electrician software solution, you’ll never worry about mistakes due to double data entry again.

The best electrical software for QuickBooks

Whether you’re using QuickBooks Online or Desktop, electrical invoice software like Method:Field Services combines your accounting workflows to create one, all-encompassing solution. 

Method:Field Services allows QuickBooks users to:

  • Empower field technicians to make sales while on the job.
  • Give accurate revenue reports by separating estimates from invoices.
  • Create personalized work orders.
  • Connect field technicians with office management at all times.

Below is an example of how Method:Field Services improves your day-to-day — from job scheduling to invoicing. 

Conclusion: Take the next step with electrical invoice software

Electrical invoice software grows revenue by allowing business owners to focus on growth strategies.

Here’s a recap on how electric invoice software saves you hours each workweek and increases revenue:

  • Automates your sales process from beginning to end.
  • Gives you access to job and customer information through a mobile app.
  • Personalizes invoices and other forms to make you look professional.
  • Avoid double data entry with integrations with accounting software like QuickBooks and Xero.

Find out how to improve your electrical work invoicing process with Method:Field Services here.

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