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Why electrician scheduling software is key for your growth

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Scheduling should be your electrical business’ priority when it comes to building profits. Here’s why. 

Electrician scheduling software makes:

  • Managing projects simpler. 
  • Saves you from tedious manual entry. 
  • Wins you more electrical jobs. 

This blog goes through what electrical service software is, key benefits, and features to look out for when choosing an electrical service scheduling software.

What is electrician scheduling software?

Electrician scheduling software allows you to simplify your daily operations —keeping you and your team on track.

Some of the key electrical service software tools allow you to:

  • Easily track work orders.
  • Manage estimates and invoices,
  • Automatically schedule and dispatch jobs.
  • Clearly communicate with customers.

Below you will get a list of the benefits of using electrical scheduling software.

What are the benefits of electrical service scheduling software?

Electrician scheduling software saves you time in your work week and gives you the chance to focus on growth instead. Here are the top benefits of electrical service scheduling software.

Boost your sales

With an electrician scheduling software, you get paid faster as automatic invoices are sent to your customers when jobs are completed. Invoice reminders are also a great electrical service software tool that makes sure that you don’t have to chase your customers for payment.

What’s more, you can take information from estimates and turn them into work orders and invoices with a few clicks of your mouse. This saves you time and reduces mistakes when entering data multiple times into different forms. 

All your customer data in one place

For any growing electrical business, repeat customers are a staple of your success. 

An electrician scheduling software stores your customer data in one place, allowing you easy access to that information whenever you need it. As a result, you can instantly search for customer details for past, present, and future jobs.

This builds a trusting relationship where your customers feel like their electrical projects are handled with professionalism.

Electrician scheduling software also integrates with your accounting software to sync all your contacts in both software. You don’t have to worry about having some of your information in the electrician software and some in the billing software.

Supercharged scheduling

Organized schedules will give your business a serious advantage so you want to make them as accurate and efficient as possible. 

Electrician scheduling software automatically schedules your field technicians based on their availability. You can schedule recurring jobs easily and have all the job information accessible in one place. Simplifying your scheduling process with save you time, reduce mistakes, and increase your profits. 

Electrical service scheduling software allows you to manage time, location, and other job information. Your team will also have access to the schedule from anywhere and anytime.

Improved communication with onsite electricians

You never want your electrical technicians to worry about knowing all the job details while onsite. With electrician scheduling software, you instead empower your team by giving them access to job information from anywhere. 

This also keeps your customers happy as your electricians have the answers to any questions at their fingertips. 

Field teams can access estimates, work orders, invoices, and create new transaction documents on-site to drive sales. The right electrical service software also allows your electricians to know exactly what inventory and tools they need to complete the job.

The features you need in electrical service scheduling software

Ease of use

An often overlooked part of electrician scheduling software is the interface and its ease of use. This is a feature you need because it dictates how quickly you will be able to start using the software.

What you don’t want is to be stuck speaking with the support team every day to find out how to do simple scheduling. Easy-to-use software means that you can navigate the software tools on your own. 

When it comes to customizing and tailoring the software to your electrical business, that’s when you want to reach out to your software provider’s customer support team.

Estimate and invoice capabilities

Get paid sooner by managing your cash flow better. With an electrician scheduling software, you can invoice your customers easily and quickly using online invoicing options. 

Starting with the estimate, a good electrical invoice software will allow you to create estimates on the go. This means that whether you’re on the job or in the office, you can turn out an estimate for your potential customer. 

Long story short, is that you need a job management software solution that converts estimates into work orders and invoices with a click of a button. 

Customer management

With electrician scheduling software, you get access to customer details, history, and job information in one place. What’s more is that you can use your electrical business software to:

  • Automate follow-ups with leads. 
  • Use online portals to provide 24/7 support to your customers. 
  • Always stay top of mind with customer newsletters and promotions.

You also don’t need to worry about double-data entry as electrical service scheduling software integrates with accounting software like QuickBooks for electrical contractors. You can manage your customers without having to spend hours entering data into both software.

A mobile app

You want to be able to access customer and job information anytime and anywhere. A mobile app is a crucial feature for electricians as you need access to work information on the go to avoid mistakes, and work as efficiently as possible. 

With time tracking built into most scheduling apps, this is a great way to monitor what work your team spends time on and simplify your payroll process. 

Electrician job dispatching and routing

You can dispatch jobs to your team with ease as electrician scheduling software works in the background to plan the optimal route to jobs. 

These routes integrated with map providers like Waze, Google Maps, and Apple Maps, to ensure that electricians are provided with routes that save time, mileage, and gas. 

Method:Field Services — More than electrician scheduling software

An electrician scheduling software is a fantastic way to automate your business and give way to growth opportunities. 

To recap, the features to keep in mind when looking for electrical service software are:

  • Scheduling, dispatching, and routing.
  • An easy-to-use interface for all team members.
  • Customer relationship management capabilities.
  • Accessibility from anywhere and anytime.
  • Integration with accounting software like QuickBooks. 

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