Back in October, the Method team won Intuit’s QuickBooks Connect Hackathon with an app designed specifically for small nonprofits. After surveying hundreds of small charitable organizations, collaborating with nonprofit accountants, and executing a successful beta, I’m excited to announce the launch of Method:Donor.

What is it?

Method:Donor is mobile-friendly donor and donation management software for nonprofits who use QuickBooks. Method is also 100% customizable, but more on that later.

Why should I be psyched about Method:Donor?

If you work at a small nonprofit, I’m sure your donors and donation history is scattered between email accounts and spreadsheets. You’re probably also spending a large portion of your day just trying to keep up with administrative work, receipting and reporting.

Method:Donor organizes all your donors, follow-ups, and donation history in a one place, accessible anytime, from anywhere on your favorite device. Hours of your time is returned to you and your team is equipped to cultivate better relationships with your community of donors, instead of “pushing paper”.

Redundant administrative tasks are eliminated and reporting no longer eats up a full week of every month. Most importantly, you’re spending less time on data entry and more time on the work that matters most.

How does it work?

Let’s say you have a new volunteer starting today – welcome, Betty!

You’re swamped with an upcoming event, so you’d like her to enter a stack of mailed in checks and send out tax receipts. Method:Donor’s simple user interface is so user-friendly and intuitive, your new volunteer can get going within minutes, no training necessary!

Here’s how simple it is for Betty to record a donation from Errol, who has sent in a nice letter and a $500 check:

  1. Because Errol is a first time donor to your organization, Betty quickly enters his info
  2. The donation is then recorded where Betty is able to split the donation between two of the organization’s programs, as requested in Errol’s letter
  3. Behind the scenes, the donor’s contact details and donation are automatically synced to your QuickBooks as a sales receipt (just the way your accountant likes it!)
  4. Betty sends Errol a personalized ‘thank-you’ email from Method with his tax receipt attached
  5. Lastly, she creates a reminder in Method for you to follow up with Errol in two weeks to thank him again and start building a long term relationship.

Method:Donor leverages Method’s industry-leading QuickBooks sync engine, making for a quick workflow of entering donor info, donations, and issuing receipts. And your accountant is happy because donations entered in Method are mirrored correctly in QuickBooks.

What’s more, the efficiency gains of using Method:Donor can be applied to the necessary  relationship building involved in fundraising best practices, such as personalized thank you emails/letters, timely receipting, and follow-ups.

How do I get started?

Start your FREE Trial!

You can test drive Method:Donor for a full 30 days, free of charge. No credit cards required to start your trial, just sign up, sync, and you’re off to the races!

And to ensure you get the most out of your trial, you’ll be hooked up with:

  • A Method Customer Success Coach, who will provide a live demo of Method:Donor, catered to your specific needs
  • A complimentary consulting session with one of Method’s masters of customization (if you’re interested in seeing how personalized Method can be)
  • Unlimited access to our ‘How-To’ documentation and Video Tutorials

As a team of individuals who have worked with nonprofits in our careers and personal lives, it’s been exciting and humbling to build a product that will help nonprofits in every community.

We are keen to listen to and act on your feedback to make Method:Donor better and better.

PS – To learn more about Method:Donor, check out Errol’s video.