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Methoders Ride for Heart

This week I caught up with Phuong, one of Method’s Customer Success Coaches, to hear about the charity bike ride she’s participating in with a few other brave Methoders.

What made you organize a team of riders for this fundraising event?

Methoders are active people. We’ve got runners, obstacle course racers, squash players, and now almost the whole company is participating in the Method:Walks competition this month!

So, when I heard about the ride I thought it would be a great challenge for the team. It also aligns so well with 3 of our core values:

  1. Win & Celebrate Together – Nothing motivates people (to win) better than sweat, adrenaline, and screaming spectators near the finish line!
  2. Believe Impossible –  Riding distance can start at 25km to 75km! Though some may think this can’t be achieved in their lifetime, 14,000 riders have proved these are possible goals (and some do it yearly!)
  3. Own It! – Our impact may not feel immediate, but our fundraising and commitment to champion this “hill” is significant.

How did you find about the Ride for Heart and what is it?

I discovered the Ride for Heart through Aner. One day while chatting with Aner, who’s more of a cycling enthusiast than I am, he mentioned the ride, and I made it my mission to participate this year.

The Ride for Heart is an annual event where over 16,000 cyclists take over the two major highways in Toronto to raise awareness about heart disease and strokes.

What do the funds raised go towards?

The funds raised go towards research, AEDs (automated external defibrillators), and treatments for heart disease and stroke survivors.

Have you done this kind of ride before? Are you nervous?

This is my first time participating in the Ride for Heart but I am more excited than nervous. The only nervousness I feel is not having taken my bike out of the garage yet. I should do that and make sure everything is intact, right? 🙂

Who have you recruited to ride with you from Method? Was it difficult getting people to sign up?

Currently the registered riders for team Method:Blueberries includes: Nelson, Nelson’s wife Augi, Adam Lyons, Marwan, Paul J., Diana, Barb, and myself. I am super happy with the number of registered riders, given this is the first Method:Gives event.

Our participation was planned less than a month before the event is taking place, and not everyone has a bike. Some Methoders on the team went out to get a bike while others got helmets, so altogether, the number of those participating is very encouraging.

Thanks for chatting Phuong and good luck to the team!

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