3 apps for QuickBooks Desktop that will make your life easier


Intuit’s QuickBooks Desktop is a powerful accounting tool but it doesn’t meet every small business need. This is exactly why the Apps for QuickBooks Desktop Marketplace exists. 

With 200+ apps for QuickBooks Desktop available, the marketplace offers tools that can simplify everything from expense reports to bank account consolidation. Many of these apps also empower Desktop users to gain QuickBooks remote access via a mobile device. 

And while getting the most out of every tool is important for small businesses, navigating this many QuickBooks apps can be daunting. 

To simplify this process, we’re going to share the top tools small businesses can use to extend the power of QuickBooks Desktop. So, let’s get started!

The top 3 apps for QuickBooks Desktop

1. Method:CRM

Method:CRM Interface

Method:CRM is the #1 rated QuickBooks CRM on the market. With 1,200+ 5 star reviews on apps.com, it’s a favorite among both QuickBooks Online and Desktop users. Often the next solution QuickBooks Desktop users look for, Method:CRM makes it easy to manage your customers and win more deals. 

As one of the more popular apps for Quickbooks Desktop, Method:CRM streamlines your:

And as a 100% no-code, customizable CRM, you can tailor Method:CRM to your exact business processes and needs. 

Not to mention that its patented, two-way sync works seamlessly with QuickBooks Desktop — updating information in real time and eliminating the need for double data entry. 

With Method:CRM:

  • Your accounting data is always accurate
  • Customer information instantly updates in your CRM and QuickBooks
  • Potential sales are easier to keep track of and close
  • You can automate time-consuming workflows to increase productivity

Plus, as a cloud solution Method:CRM makes it easy to access your QuickBooks Desktop data anytime, from anywhere. You can use the mobile app to check customer profiles on-the-go, create estimates while out of office, and always stay in close contact with your customers. 

How to get started

Method:CRM offers a free, no commitment 30-day trial for all QuickBooks users. On top of access to all of Method:CRM’s features during your trial period, you also get a free 1-hour customization session with a Business Solutions Specialist, as well as unlimited support resources.

2. Tsheets Time Tracking

Tsheets time tracking software on desktop and mobile.

The next on our list of top apps for QuickBooks Desktop is Tsheets Time Tracking software. Tsheets is every small business owner’s dream, as it simplifies:

  • Staff payroll
  • Employee time tracking
  • Invoice management
  • Job costing

With 4,000+ 5 star reviews on apps.com, Tsheets is one of the best apps that integrates with QuickBooks.

As a cloud solution, Tsheets syncs data to QuickBooks Desktop so you don’t have to waste time inputting the same information twice and even offers a mobile app. 

How to get started

You can try Tsheets for free by starting a 14-day trial

3. Bill.com

Bill.com software

The last of our top apps for QuickBooks Desktop is Bill.com. This tool makes expense management easy by using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud technology to streamline your accounts receivable and payable processes. 

With Bill.com, you can: 

  • Send and receive payments faster
  • Reduce manual data entry 
  • Save money by always paying in local currency
  • Build approval workflows 

Bill.com integrates with QuickBooks Online, Pro, Premier, and Enterprise and has over 400 5 star reviews on apps.com

How to get started 

Make tracking expenses and collecting payments easier with a free 90-day trial of Bill.com. 

Recap: Best apps for QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop users have plenty of tools at their disposal when it comes to getting the most out of their accounting software. Here’s a summary of our favorite apps for QuickBooks Desktop: 

  1. Method:CRM
  2. Tsheets Time Tracking
  3. Bill.com

All of these apps will help you do more with QuickBooks and give you remote access to the financial data you need to keep your business running smoothly. With all of them offering no commitment free trials, nothing is stopping you from taking your QuickBooks Desktop account to the next level. 

Extend the power of QuickBooks Desktop with a free trial of Method:CRM. 

Image credit: Roman Bozhko via Unsplash

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