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10 Method zaps that will make your life easier

For those of you new to the world of zaps and Zapier, you’re in for a treat. 

Before we dive into the benefits of Zapier and integrated software applications, however, let’s first review what Zapier is. 

Zapier is a tool that makes it easy to connect the software programs you use with one another. It allows data to flow throughout your business and overcomes the challenges of organizational silos.

In short, Zapier helps you build a connected tech stack of integrated software applications. The advantages of this are that:

  • Your data is accurate and updates in real-time 
  • The information you need is readily available 
  • Your productivity increases as your time isn’t spent on data entry 
  • You can focus on high-value tasks that help grow your business

How to use Zapier

To make connecting Method and Zapier as easy as possible, we created some zap templates to get you started.

1. RingCentral

Use the RingCentral zap template to instantly add the calls you have with prospects and customers as sales activities in Method. For best practices on how to implement this zap, check out this article in our help center. 

2. Facebook Ads

Use this zap template to automatically add Facebook leads into Method and convert your Facebook followers into paying customers.

3. Gravity Forms

Say goodbye to manual lead entry for good with this Gravity Forms zap template. This zap instantly adds leads from Gravity Forms as Method contacts and creates follow-up activities for your sales reps

4. Outlook Calendar

In addition to our native Outlook CRM integration, Method users can use this zap template to automatically log Outlook Calendar events such as demos and sales meetings as activities in Method.

5. Unbounce

Streamline your lead management process by instantly turning Unbounce leads into Method contacts and scheduling a follow-up activity for every new Unbounce lead with this zap template. 

6. Google Forms

Connect Method:CRM with your Google Forms account to make sure no leads slip through the cracks. Use this zap template to automatically add your Google Forms leads as Method contacts and instantly create a follow-up activity for each of them. 

7. Mailchimp

On top of our native Mailchimp CRM integration, these zap templates will save you time by instantly:

1. Turning Mailchimp subscribers into Method leads

2. Adding Method leads as Mailchimp subscribers

8. Slack

Alert your team about new Method sales opportunities in the Slack channel of your choice with this zap template. 

9. Trello

Make it easier to check items off your to-do-list with this zap template. Use it to automatically add the to-do activities you create in Method to your Trello board as new cards. 

10. Typeform

Use this zap template to let leads flow from Typeform to Method in real-time and instantly create a follow-up activity for each new Method contact. 

The value of Zapier and integrated software applications

These Method zaps will make it easier than ever for you to realize the benefits of integrated software applications.

With Method and Zapier, your:

  • Data is always up to date
  • Productivity skyrockets
  • Focus is on high-value tasks instead of data entry

Check out our Zapier profile to connect the tools you love!

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