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2020 year in review: The top 5 Method moments

2020 was a year of twists and turns. Despite it all, however, there were still nuggets of joy and pride here at Method. Today, we share a recap of our top 2020 moments — enjoy! 

5 feel-good Method moments

1. Empowering our customers to operate remotely

During 2020, the resiliency and innovation we saw our small business customers demonstrate was impressive to say the least. As they pivoted and navigated uncharted waters, we felt lucky to be the ones enabling them to work remotely

2. The outpour of support for small businesses

Another top moment for us in 2020 was the spotlight small businesses gained. Placed front and center on the world stage, communities everywhere rallied behind their local entrepreneurs and businesses. 

As part of this movement, we were happy to support one of our small business customers, Bison Coolers, with an order of 100+ custom tumblers for the Method:Partner community. 

3. Expanding the Method team

Although the pandemic has been challenging for most small businesses, the digital-first approach that many of our customers took allowed them to not only survive but also grow.

As a result, we added 16 new Methoders to our team, so that every one of our customers got the support they needed during this difficult year. 

Whether that was by providing guidance on topics like PPP loan forgiveness or improving the accessibility standards of the Method platform, this work kept us busy. Better yet, it got us recognized.

4. Being honoured with two best-in-class awards

In 2020, Method was named one of the best CRM software solutions by Javelynn and a top lead management tool by Digital.com.

These achievements, however, are not all ours to claim. We have to thank our awesome customers and Method:Partners for helping us get this far.

Method's best lead management software badge from Digital.com

A special shout out goes to this year’s Method:Partner award winners for their contributions to the Method community, including:

Committed to helping small businesses succeed with technology that works the way they do, there are no limits to what this awesome group can accomplish together in 2021!

5. The relaunch of Method:Gives

With so much to be thankful for, this year prompted Methoders to reflect on how we could share our good fortune with others.

The result was the relaunch of Method:Gives — a company-wide initiative dedicated to donating 1% of our revenue growth to charity. Below are a few highlights from the program:

Method team member, Errol, dropping books off at the The Children's Book Bank.

Looking forward to 2021, Method:Gives is something the team is eager to keep going! 

In the meantime, we plan to take all that we learned in 2020 and use it to make next year our best one yet. 

Image credit: Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash

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