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Quit Using QuickBooks as Your Lead Management Software

QuickBooks was created to provide you with a robust understanding of your small business financials. It was not built to manage every area of your business.

So, just like you don’t expect a server to also be the chef and dishwasher it’s also unrealistic to expect your accounting software to manage all areas of your business.

Think of your business management system as a meal at a fancy restaurant with QuickBooks as the protein and integrated apps, like Method:CRM, as the side dishes.  You could just have the steak, but it’s really not the same without the sauteed mushrooms and roasted veggies. Am I right?!

I really shouldn’t write while I’m hungry. Anyways…

The point I’m trying to make, is your financial data will always be the meat of your small business, but it does take a few sides (or side kicks) to have a more well rounded solution for your business.

With that being said, it’s best to look at Intuit’s partner apps for your small business management needs, such as tracking sales leads.  Because, while I love QuickBooks, leads deserve a better home and you deserve to a clean, streamlined sales process.

To demonstrate my point, here are 3 savory reasons why you should stop trying to manage your leads in QuickBooks:

1. You’ll make nice with your bookkeeper

There really is no reason to have non-paying business contacts living in your accounting software, and your accountant or bookkeeper will be the first to point this out. If you run a business that provides many leads with estimates, you’ll end up with a significant number of “customers” in QuickBooks that have never actually brought in revenue.

With your leads in Method:CRM, there is no more cluttering up your QuickBooks file with Leads posing as Customers. When a Lead converts into a Customer, the bi-directional sync between Method and QuickBooks will transfer the appropriate information of that Lead into QuickBooks.  You’re now ready to start invoicing from QuickBooks or Method!

2. You’ll create a more efficient team

When you manage your leads in QuickBooks, how can your team access a Lead’s info if they call the office with questions on their quote?  Or, if you want someone on your team to be following up on quotes, you don’t want to be giving out the QuickBooks password to someone who doesn’t know their way around the accounting software.

When you have a QuickBooks integrated CRM, your team can perform accounting tasks without giving them access to your QuickBooks file Method users LOVE this feature! Your sales team can perform the tasks necessary to close a sales, such as creating and sending a lead a quote, without you worrying that too many cooks are in the QuickBooks kitchen.

3. You’ll save orders from falling through the cracks

When you’re managing Leads in QuickBooks, you’re manually notifying other teams for an order to be processed once a Lead converts to a Customer. But, if you’re busy doing other tasks you can be delayed or totally forget to pass along the information to get the order processed.

When you manage your Leads in Method:CRM, you can create automated workflows that kick start the order processing engine as soon as you get the “go!” from a client.

For example, as both a B2B and B2C company, Dean Markley had multiple people involved in processing orders for their industry renowned guitar strings. With a high volume of orders being placed, and without a QuickBooks integrated CRM workflow, orders were falling through the cracks and they were losing business.

“Before, an order touched 11 different hands, but now we create one order and the necessary information is generated and sent to all the right people. A salesperson can input an order, but only one person can send it out. We put these safeguards in place to make sure that consistent discounting was being offered throughout Dean Markley.”

Properly managing and nurturing Leads is crucial for growing a small business. The next time you see non-revenue generating “Customers” in QuickBooks, ask yourself how you’re doing more harm than good by managing Leads in your accounting software.

It may be time to adopt a small business CRM and give your leads the attention they deserve.

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