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Lawn care flyers: 7 ways to win customers fast

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Flyers are an affordable marketing technique that grants high returns. Lawn care flyers help potential customers remember your business whenever they need any yard work done. 

However, not all flyers are created equal. You need to send the right flyers to the right people if you don’t want them thrown away as soon as they reach the potential lead. Read on to learn all about how to win over customers with lawn care flyers.

What you’ll learn

Before getting into the main topic, here’s a quick look into what you’ll learn in this blog. 

7 tips to market your lawn care business with engaging flyers

Effectively using flyers lets you attract more lawn care customers. However, you need to ensure your lawn care flyers are well-targeted. If you’re wondering how to make captivating flyers that catch the attention of customers, here are seven ways to do so!

Sell what your clients want

This may seem obvious to you, but ask your existing customers why they chose your company over the competition. Did they choose you because of your expertise, or do you offer unique services other lawn care companies don’t? Compile answers from your clients and highlight the most popular reason they chose your company on the flyer.

Use flyers for client referrals

Word of mouth is a powerful tool, especially when paired with happy lawn care customers. Leverage your loyal client base by offering them referral perks through flyers. For every new customer they get with your lawn care flyers, give them discounts on their next lawn care appointment.

Stand out from your competitors

Simply saying that you have the lowest prices or the best service won’t make you stand out from the crowd. To ensure your lawn service business catches the eyes of prospective clients, find out what makes your business unique among others in the field. For instance, you can boast that you’re the only lawn care company specializing in pest control in the area.

However, you should also set a reasonable price so your landscaping business still turns a profit. We have some great tips on lawn care pricing to help you build a price book. 

Follow modern design wisdom

It may be tempting to get creative and create unique lawn care flyers, but remember the goal here is to get customers. Combine your professionalism and creativity by following these tips:

  • Include clear, easily-visible contact information.
  • Use simple readable fonts.
  • List what services you offer.
  • Choose simple colors to make the flyer easy on the eyes.

If you can’t create good flyers on your own, you can search for landscaping flyer templates on the internet or hire a freelance flyer design expert. 

Make the right offer

Few things attract potential clients like a good discount. Something as simple as “Sign up before December 29 to get 20% off your first lawn mowing appointment!” makes people want to capitalize on the discount. Including a deadline in your discount offer also encourages them to take action sooner rather than later. 

Include a powerful call-to-action

A call-to-action (CTA) closes out the flyer with a clear clue of what readers should do next. Use a strong, clear CTA like “Call us at 555-LAWNCARE” so potential customers can directly take action after reading the flyer.

You can’t convey every piece of information in a flyer. To prevent your flyer from being overcrowded, include your website or social media information in your lawn care flyers. Interested readers can then look up your profile to learn more about your landscape services. 

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Where to drop lawn care flyers?

Now that you know how to make the perfect lawn care flyers, it’s time to figure out where to put them. A good way to know where your flyers will be most effective is by simply surveying the neighborhoods yourself. 

While postal service data might give you instant numbers, you won’t know how many of them need lawn care or even have lawns until you drive through them.  

Figuring out how many lawn care flyers to drop

A print marketing campaign usually has around a 30% return. From this figure, you can work backward how many flyers you need to get a certain number of potential lead calls. For instance, if you need 30 new customers from a certain neighborhood to call your company you’ll need to drop 90 flyers. 

However, marketing needs repetition so the message sticks. To boost your odds of getting 30 new customer calls you may need to drop flyers in the same spot several times over approximately a month. So, if your goal is to get 30 new client calls, you need to print 270 flyers. 

How do you know flyers work?

You can’t track the performance of a print marketing campaign through dashboards like online ads. However, there are two great ways to measure the success of your flyer drops:

  • Ask customers where they found your company.
  • Add different phone numbers on your flyers, then measure how many people called each number.

Residential vs commercial lawn care flyers

Residential lawn care flyers are usually more effective because there’s usually only one person making the decisions. Meanwhile, commercial clients tend to need more convincing than your everyday residential client because they have bosses who may have a say in the decision. 

While interpersonal relationship building is much more important for commercial lawn care, you can still try commercial lawn care flyers if you’re planning to specialize in small family-owned businesses. You can also use flyers after approaching a business owner so they remember your lawn maintenance services and contact info. For more ideas on how to get your foot in the door for commercial clients, check out our tips on marketing your lawn care business

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Frequently asked questions about lawn care flyers

Flyers are an affordable way to market your lawn service business, but you need to know how to implement them properly. Here are some common questions about flyers, answered. 

How to make a lawn care business flyer?

Lawn care flyers need some essential information to be effective. The things you need to include in a flyer are:

  • Your business name.
  • Your landscaping services.
  • Pricing information.
  • A strong call-to-action.
  • Contact information.
  • An eye-catching, easy-to-read design.

When do you need a lawn care flyer?

Lawn care flyers, like any other marketing tool, can be used at any time. Whether you’re just starting out or need a marketing boost but have limited funds, you can print flyers and drop them around your neighborhood. If you’re a new entrepreneur just starting your lawn care company, check out Method’s guide on growing a small business for more tips. 

How much should lawn care flyers cost?

Lawn care flyers should be relatively cheap to print because you’ll likely order a lot of them. As a bonus, this low cost is often accompanied by high return, especially if your flyer design attracts people to call your business. 

Closing thoughts on lawn care flyers

Lawn care flyers are a low-cost, high-return way to promote your company. However, to maximize the return on your flyers, you need to design them well and drop them strategically. Good lawn care flyer design and appropriate drop locations will boost your odds of getting more calls.

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