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Here’s why custom plumbing invoices drive success

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If you run a plumbing company, you know the power of effective invoicing on your cash flow and bottom line. But considering that plumbers offer a variety of services, every invoice is unique. Fortunately, creating custom plumbing invoices doesn’t mean starting from scratch every time.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of invoices for plumbing businesses.
  • Which plumbing invoice details matter.
  • Your options for creating the perfect plumbing invoice.

Why are custom plumbing invoices important?

A plumbing invoice form is a document that summarizes the plumbing services you render and the total costs to your customers.

An invoice is important for you and your customer as it ensures that you’re both on the same page when it comes to the job and the associated costs. 

What’s more, it serves as a record that the job was complete and can provide useful insights on your business when it comes to reporting. 

Custom plumbing invoices allow you to modify your customer invoices as needed and ensure that you include all relevant information. Let’s take a look at what that information should be. 

Plumbing invoice details you need to include

The best custom plumbing invoices detail as much information as necessary. As a result, it’s easier to justify your job costs and settle potential disputes. 

Here are the plumbing invoice details you must include in your final invoice. 

Your business details

Your business information should be clear in your invoices. This includes details such as your:

  • Business name.
  • Business address.
  • Contact information.

In addition, you should include the name of the plumber dispatched to the job and their contact details for future reference.

Customer details

Your customer details are just as important as your business information. Even though you deliver the plumbing invoice form after the job is complete, it’s good to verify with your customer that their information is correct before delivering the invoice.

Be sure to include the following customer information:

  • Customer name.
  • Customer address.
  • Customer contact details (phone number, email address, etc.).

A detailed description of the job

The job description section of your plumbing service invoice is where you want to be as detailed as possible. This is not only to confirm your expenses but to also keep a record of the services you perform for your customer.

Here’s what your job description should include:

  • Date and time of the job.
  • Location of the job on the customer’s property (kitchen, bathroom, basement, etc.). 
  • What the work consisted of. 
  • Whether the issue is resolved or if a future follow-up is necessary. 

Materials and labor costs

The costs are the part of your custom plumbing invoices that customers pay the most attention to. You can break this section down into material costs (parts used) and labor costs. If you prefer to calculate your labor into your material costs that also works. 

Regardless of which method you choose, it’s important to track the parts throughout the job and charge for each unit. 

And don’t forget to include the total costs of the job!

Billing details

The final part of your plumbing service invoice consists of your billing details. This is where you set out your payment terms and instructions for your customer to pay their invoice.

Make sure to include the following information:

  • Payment due date.
  • Accepted payment methods. 
  • Charges for late payments.

If you accept online payments, direct your customer to your online portal or plumbing invoice app to complete the transaction. 

Now that you know what to include in your custom plumbing invoices, let’s check out your options for creating and delivering professional invoices. 

How to create plumbing invoice forms

There are several ways to make custom plumbing invoices to deliver to your customers. Here are some of the top methods. 

Classic spreadsheet

A spreadsheet is the traditional way of making invoices. Although this method works, it’s not an efficient option for growing plumbing businesses. Creating a spreadsheet for each invoice is time-consuming, especially if you’re making custom plumbing invoices.

One step up from the spreadsheet is a customizable invoice template that you can use again and again.

Plumbing invoice template PDF or Google Sheets

A template is a great way to customize your invoices and save time on the process. If your plumbing invoice template PDF features your business information and customizable fields, you can easily add the other plumbing invoice details. 

You have two main options when it comes to invoicing templates:

  1. Make your own using Google Sheets or Excel.
  2. Find a free downloadable one online. 

Here is a plumbing invoice PDF that you can tailor for your customers to provide the personalized experience they deserve.

Plumbing invoicing software

The most efficient approach to your invoice process is with plumbing invoice software. Several field service management software solutions come with features that automate your invoicing process. These features include:

  • Plumbing estimating software.
  • A plumbing invoice app.
  • Customization options.
  • An online customer portal.

Choose a software solution that integrates with your other tools, such as your accounting software, to operate your business from one, productive ecosystem. 

Keen to reap these benefits? Method:Field Services achieves all of this and more. 

Make the best plumbing invoice forms with Method:Field Services

Method:Field Services is the best solution to deliver custom plumbing invoices with little effort. Thanks to Method’s two-way sync, you can easily connect your invoicing to your accounting for one smooth workflow. 

With the ability to add custom fields, Method makes delivering personalized plumbing invoice forms a breeze. 

What’s more, Method saves you time on the invoice process by eliminating manual admin work. If you already have an estimate or work order with the plumbing invoice details, you can simply convert that document into an invoice with just a few clicks. 

From there, just click to send to deliver it directly to your customer’s inbox. 

Beyond that, Method offers an array of other features to simplify your invoicing, such as:

  • An online portal to speed up invoice payment processing. 
  • Payment gateways to provide your customers with additional payment options.
  • Automated late payment reminders for your forgetful customers.
  • A mobile app that lets your plumbers keep in touch on the job. 

Recap: Custom plumbing invoices bring repeat customers

To recap, custom plumbing invoices are important to:

  • Ensure you and your customers are on the same page.
  • Include all job costs as part of your plumbing invoice details.
  • Simplify payment processing so it’s a frictionless customer experience. 

Plus, delivering custom plumbing invoices ensures that you wrap up every job with a good impression. 

Whether you choose a plumbing invoice template PDF or invest in plumbing invoice software, your invoices become a valuable tool to strengthen your cash flow and business. 

Reach new heights in your invoicing with Method:Field Services. Start your free trial today!

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