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Simplify Your Small Business Workflow for a Faster (and Happier) Team [Part 4]
Welcome back to our ongoing series on simplifying your small business workflow. If you’re just joining us, it’s not too late to catch up! So far, we’ve caught up with Olivia the Ops Manager, Grumpy Gus the Sales Rep, and Debbie the Customer Service Manager. In each case we’ve illustrated how a CRM for QuickBooks […]
Simplify your small business workflows for a faster (and happier) team [Part 2]
Welcome back to our small business workflow series. Last time, I started the series off by highlighting a few key reasons your small business is operating with an inefficient internal workflow. If you missed it, check it out to get acquainted with how the series will unfold over the next few weeks. I first introduced […]
Simplify Your Small Business Workflows for a Faster (and Happier) Team [Part I]
Every member of a small business team needs to perform their role as efficiently as possible for the whole system to move forward. But with everyone sludging through manual processes, and with customer data scattered throughout various spreadsheets and email accounts, how can you expect swift business workflows? (Tweet this) In our small business workflow […]