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7 Essential Podcasts for Sales Reps

Podcasts are an excellent resource for people working in sales roles. Much like sales books, podcasts allow sales professionals to learn directly from industry experts, without breaking the bank on conference fees. Podcasts also have the added benefit of timeliness, allowing listeners to stay up to date on the most recent news and advice.

For those wanting to improve their sales performance, finding a great sales podcast shouldn’t be a challenge. In fact, you may have the opposite problem! With such a wide range of sales podcasts available for free, narrowing down the options can be tricky. However, the key is to choose shows which offer actionable strategies that you can apply to your own process. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the best podcasts for sales representatives.

Sales Hacks for Startup Hustlers (Steli Efti)

As the CEO of Close, Steli Efti has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of Silicon Valley sales teams over the course of his career. Throughout the years, he has coached teams on how to improve their results in one of the most competitive and fast-evolving markets in the world. In “The Ultimate Sales Hustle Podcast”, Efti shares the same tips and insights with his listeners, allowing them to maximize their own sales results. He also shares stories from his time working in Silicon Valley that are intended to both entertain and inspire.

B2B Growth Show (James Carbary)

Specific tactics and strategies are required to sell products or services to other businesses rather than consumers. This means you should aim to listen to podcasts focused on B2B sales rather than B2C sales. “B2B Growth Show” is dedicated to providing professionals in B2B companies with effective strategies to achieve explosive growth. The show discusses tactics for finding new clients, effectively pitching your product to business executives and more. For professionals looking to ramp up their sales process, this one is definitely worth listening to.

Sales Gravy (Jeb Blount)

For those who simply don’t have time to listen to an hour-long podcast, “Sales Gravy” is a great compromise. Most episodes of this podcast average around five minutes in length. Don’t let the short time fool you, though; Jeb Blount – who is the author of the book “People Buy You” – has a knack for fitting more valuable information into a five-minute segment than many podcasts can fit into an entire hour. With topics ranging from building trust to using a CRM, each episode of “Sales Gravy” focuses on a specific sales strategy or tactic that you can quickly digest and put to use right away.

The Salesman Podcast (Will Barron)

Psychology plays a profound role in sales, and this is the primary focus of “The Salesman Podcast”. On this show, you’ll learn how psychological principles pertaining to body language, influence, and much more can be used during an in-person sales pitch in order to help you close the deal. “The Salesman Podcast” features a wide range of guests, from thought leaders in sales to FBI agents. Plus, new episodes are uploaded almost daily. If you’re looking for a steady stream of sales inspiration, this is one podcast you should definitely subscribe to.

The Sales Babble Podcast (Pat Helmers)

“The Sales Babble Podcast” is a podcast aimed at salespeople in small to medium-sized businesses. It features clear and easy-to-understand language, and Pat Helmers attempts to break down even complex sales topics into terms that anyone can digest regardless of their sales experience. Of course, that’s not to say that the strategies and techniques outlined in “The Sales Babble Podcast” (such as “Three Step Process to Narrow Your Sales Focus” and “How to Read a Buyer’s Personality”) aren’t applicable to seasoned sales professionals. Chances are there’s still plenty you can learn from this podcast, even if you’re already an expert in the field.

The Advanced Selling Podcast (Bryan Neale and Bill Caskey)

As the name suggests, “The Advanced Selling Podcast” focuses on more advanced selling techniques that you can implement into your own role. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, from lead generation to overcoming objections to communicating value to your customer. As an added benefit, the podcast has its own app that lets you submit questions directly to the hosts. You’ll also gain access to supplementary sales materials, including PDF documents and bonus audio and video content.

The Social Selling Podcast (Martin Brossman, Greg Hyer, and Elyse Archer)

Social media is a powerful tool for salespeople to connect with their customers. However, it can also create tons of confusion if you aren’t sure how to use it effectively. “The Social Selling Podcast” helps to clear up that confusion by teaching salespeople how to take advantage of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Sample episodes include “Successful Social Selling is Personal” and “Social Selling vs. Social Commerce.” If you want to ramp up your social media skill set and leverage social platforms to increase your sales, this podcast is well worth listening to.


Tuning into a sales podcast is a simple and convenient way to enhance your commute to work each day. Instead of staring out the window, why not learn new skills from some of the best in the business? While the sales podcasts outlined above are some of the most informative on the internet, there are plenty of other high-quality options to consider. As long as you choose a podcast that resonates with you, you’ll be taking a beneficial step towards boosting your career.

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