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Does Google have a free CRM? Best CRMs for Google users

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As a small business, you know the importance of every dollar. You’re likely using free Google Workspace tools like Gmail and Google Sheets to kickstart your business without breaking the bank. 

But as your business expands, you must nurture customer relationships for loyalty and growth. Since you’re already familiar with Google Workspace, you may wonder: Does Google have a free CRM? 

In this blog, you’ll find out if Google provides a free CRM and look at the best CRMs for Google users. 

Let’s get started! 

What is a CRM?

CRM, or customer relationship management, is a software system that helps you: 

  • Track customer interactions. 
  • Create invoices, quotes, and mailing lists. 
  • Manage sales, marketing, and customer service. 

CRM software is all about nurturing customer relationships using the data you have at your fingertips. 

Does Google have a free CRM?

Now that we’re up to speed about CRMs, let’s answer: “Does Google have a free CRM?”

The answer is no — Google is not a company that develops its own CRM software. However, a number of small businesses use Google Workspace tools like Gmail, Contacts, and Calendar as a basic CRM. But managing customer relationships this way is not sustainable, especially for a growing business.

Fortunately, there are many third-party CRMs that offer Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) compatibility, and some providers even offer free vs. paid versions. These CRMs enhance Google’s tools to give you the best of both worlds.

Best CRMs for Google users

Now that we know the answer to, “Does Google have a free CRM?” let’s check out the best CRMs for Google users. 

Method:CRM — #1 CRM for QuickBooks and Xero users

Through its powerful, two-way sync, Method introduces a new CRM platform for users of QuickBooks or Xero. It automates tasks within its CRM and lets you tailor it to your needs with customizable dashboards. 

Method also provides strong customer support and the team consistently values user feedback for CRM improvements.

As a cloud-based platform, Method offers third-party app integrations with Google Workspace so you can:

  • Invite contacts and track opportunities from your inbox. 
  • Sync Google Calendar with Method for better planning.
  • Import Google Sheets data directly into the software. 

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HubSpot CRM

Screenshot of HubSpot dashboard.

Image credit: HubSpot

HubSpot CRM offers a comprehensive CRM solution that manages customer relationships through its platform. It integrates seamlessly with other business tools like Google Workspace so you can: 

  • Track emails. 
  • Manage documents. 
  • Synchronize calendars. 
  • Consolidate contacts and leads. 

Plus, HubSpot grants access to CRM analytics, which offer deep insights into your customer interactions.


Pipedrive screenshot

Image credit: Pipedrive

Pipedrive provides CRM services to businesses of a smaller scale, specifically entrepreneurs and small-to-midsize companies. With a user-friendly interface, Pipedrive promotes the use of its CRM for sales teams in all sorts of industries.

Pipedrive’s integration with Google Workspace: 

  • Categorizes contacts and leads systematically.
  • Schedules reminders and follow-ups for users.
  • Monitors user interactions for better insights.

While Pipedrive is budget-friendly, its scalability for growing businesses is limited.

Zoho CRM

Screenshot of Zoho CRM dashboard.

Image credit: Discover CRM

Zoho features a CRM in its suite of tools called Zoho CRM. It updates its CRM with new features regularly. 

This solution supports businesses with CRM tools that help boost sales and marketing processes. 

Plus, Zoho CRM integrates with Google apps like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive. This integration: 

  • Tracks customer interactions efficiently. 
  • Organizes customer data in a user-friendly manner. 
  • Stores vast amounts of customer data securely. 

As a bonus, Zoho often discounts its CRM services during promotions and gifts premium CRM features occasionally. This ensures that businesses have the necessary resources to manage all cases and files.

Features of a Google CRM

Now that you’ve answered, “Does Google have a free CRM?” let’s dive into the exciting features you can expect from a Google CRM.  

Native integrations

Top-notch CRMs thrive on seamless native compatibility. This includes integration with the full suite of Google services, such as Google Sheets compatibility.

Additionally, Google CRMs prioritize mobile app integration. This ensures flexibility and accessibility on the go. 


Every successful company knows the importance of analytics and reporting. 

Google-integrated CRMs offer features like data import/export and list creation, which enable real-time report generation. These functionalities turn data into actionable insights to drive strategic planning.

Additionally, some CRMs integrate with Google Looker Studio for data visualization.

Email marketing

Emails are the cornerstone of effective customer interaction. 

A top-tier Google CRM includes: 

  • Email templates. 
  • Email tracking. 
  • Marketing automation capabilities. 

Sales automation

Sales automation stands out as a key component of Google CRMs.

This functionality empowers businesses to:

  • Monitor the sales pipeline. 
  • Eliminate menial tasks.
  • Facilitate calendar syncing. 
  • Manage product tracking. 

Sales automation ensures that your sales force stays on top of every opportunity to drive deals. It gives your team more time and resources to spend on value-adding activities.

Pipeline management

Pipeline management is key in a CRM. This involves several operational pipelines, such as: 

  • Sales. 
  • Customer service. 
  • Marketing. 
  • Project management. 

Pipeline management optimizes efficiency and ensures that no opportunity slips through the cracks.

Contact management

Google CRMs offer a more advanced approach to managing contacts like leads and clients than standard tools. These systems consolidate contact information to provide a detailed view of each customer.

Interaction management

For meaningful customer engagement, interaction management is essential. 

Most CRMs help this with features that track all communications between sales reps and customers. 

Also, by improving task management, a good CRM ensures that you personalize every interaction. 

Employee management

An ideal CRM enhances employee management with key features, like:

  • Task, meeting, and goal tracking: Enables team members to keep track of their responsibilities and objectives.
  • Collaboration tools: Facilitates participation through integrated tools for comments, notes, and collaboration.
  • Task management and scheduling: Lets project leads schedule team members and assign them to tasks for optimal efficiency.

For managers, a Google CRM provides a complete overview of team performance and milestones.

Lead management

When it comes to lead generation, a top-tier CRM: 

  • Helps you identify prospects. 
  • Manages contacts and customers. 
  • Nurtures leads with detailed information. 

Beyond Gmail, effective Google CRMs capture leads from websites and social media platforms like LinkedIn. 


Security and privacy features are essential in a CRM, especially when integrated with Google. A quality CRM should enhance Google Drive storage and ensure secure access for team members. For example, look for a CRM with user permissions and access controls.

Benefits of a Google CRM

When exploring the question, “Does Google have a free CRM?” it’s key to understand the benefits of a CRM for Google:  

  • Better organization: Organize all your customer data for accurate, up-to-date records.
  • Improved loyalty and relationships: Deepen customer connections and align your teams for effective engagement. 
  • Insightful analytics: Leverage Google analytics for actionable, data-driven insights. 
  • Task automation: Simplify your workflow and boost team morale by automating repetitive tasks.
  • Customization: Tailor your CRM to fit your business needs for a personalized solution.
  • Security: Protect confidential information like customer finances and prevent cyberattacks.

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What to consider when choosing a CRM for Google

When choosing a CRM for Google, here are some things to consider: 

  • Integration with Google Workspace: Ensure the CRM offers seamless integration with key tools like Gmail and Calendar. 
  • User experience: Choose a CRM with an intuitive interface that feels like an extension of familiar Google tools. 
  • Scalability: Select a CRM that evolves with your business and adapts to new tasks. 
  • Sales automation and reporting: Opt for a CRM with strong sales automation and reporting capabilities to leverage Google data effectively.
  • Support: Look into the support options available, such as help desks, Intercom, or Help Scout. Quality customer service can mean the difference between successful adoption and abandonment.
  • Pricing: Balance features with affordability to provide value without straining your budget.

In assessing cost-effectiveness, sometimes a CRM: 

  • Costs nothing for its basic CRM version.
  • Prices its advanced CRM features competitively.
  • Waives fees for startups using its CRM.

Additionally, reading reviews from other users offers invaluable insights. They provide real-world examples of how the CRM performs in various places. 

So, while the answer to “Does Google have a free CRM?” is no, that doesn’t mean you’re without options. What’s next is to determine which CRM features align best with your business needs.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Does Gmail offer a CRM?

Gmail does not offer a CRM system, but it’s designed to work seamlessly with various third-party applications. This integration is key as it launches CRM functionalities for its users.

If you’re wondering, “Does Google have a free CRM through any of its other apps?” the answer is unfortunately not.

What CRM connects to Gmail?

A variety of CRM platforms integrate with Gmail. In this blog, you’ve looked at:

  • Method:CRM.
  • HubSpot CRM.
  • Pipedrive.
  • Zoho CRM.

Other CRM solutions that connect to Gmail include: 

  • Agile CRM.
  • Bitrix24.
  • EspoCRM.
  • Freshworks.
  • OroCRM.
  • SugarCRM.
  • vTiger CRM.
  • Zurmo.

How do I use Google Mail as a CRM?

To transform Google Mail into a CRM, you can take advantage of add-on tools like Method:Sidebar or Streak. 

These tools integrate CRM functions like sales and project management directly into your Gmail interface. This means you can manage customer relationships without having to leave your inbox.

How do I create a simple CRM in Google Sheets?

While it’s not recommended, you can create a simple, makeshift CRM by setting up a spreadsheet with columns for: 

  • Contact details.
  • Interaction logs.
  • Sales pipeline stages. 

Then, you can use the platform’s various functions and formulas to manage your data. 

Can we use Google Workspace applications as a CRM?

Although you’ve addressed, “Does Google have a free CRM?” it’s worth noting that a lot of people still use Google Workspace as a CRM. 

For example, you can combine Google Contacts, Calendars, Sheets, and Gmail to: 

  • Manage contacts.
  • Schedule follow-ups.
  • Track interactions.
  • Store customer information.

For enhanced CRM capabilities, consider integrating a third-party CRM system with Google.

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