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The Role of the Transformative Advisor: An Interview With Joe Woodard [Video]
One of the best things about events like QuickBooks Connect is the opportunity to learn from industry leaders. Better yet, that learning can occur outside of the scheduled keynotes and breakout sessions. Last week, Method’s Rodrigo Fernandez sat down with renowned author, consultant, business coach, and speaker Joe Woodard for an interview. As the CEO of […]
Fireside Chat: Building a Profitable Accounting Technology Stack [Video]
In the midst of the bustle at QuickBooks Connect San Jose, a group of ProAdvisors gathered to discuss the future of the accounting profession. The theme of the (admittedly fireless) fireside chat was “The Technology Empowered Accountant: Building a Profitable Technology Stack.” Hosted by Method’s Rodrigo Fernandez, the discussion tackled the question on everyone’s minds: in this […]
We’re Cooking Up a Storm at QuickBooks Connect!
We’re excited—okay, really excited—to be going to (and having a Main Street booth at) the inaugural QuickBooks Connect conference this October.There will be awesome keynotes and tailored sessions for both entrepreneurs, small businesses owners, accountants and developers. There will even be a Hackathon – Huzzah! (If you’ve already booked your ticket, don’t forget to let us know you’re going!) And the […]