Best Books for QuickBooks Pro Advisors

As a QuickBooks Pro Advisor, you have a solid foundation in how accounting software works and how to best leverage its features for your clients. You also have plenty of experience with saving businesses from financial frustrations that waste time and cause legal woes. However, the financial industry is constantly evolving. To ensure you can continue providing your clients with valuable guidance, ongoing education is essential.

QuickBooks products are complex and the technology is always changing. As a result, Pro Advisors should have access to QuickBooks-specific resources that help them brush up on their skills and stay up-to-date on new features and shortcuts. It’s also beneficial to keep books on a wider range of financial topics on hand. By staying as informed as possible on the industry at large, you’ll give yourself an edge over your competition. Here are seven books that QuickBooks Pro Advisors should read to take their business to the next level.

Fin-Tech Innovation: From Robo-Advisors to Goal Based Investing and Gamification (Paolo Sironi)

This book tackles the intersection of financial services and technology, organizing and analyzing past events to predict future outcomes. QuickBooks is a truly versatile program, but it’s certainly not the only technology on the market. Understanding the greater trends in the industry can help you plan how to approach your career in the future. Furthermore, this book will help you formulate strategies to remain in control while communicating with clients. When questions are raised, you’ll be ready to respond with just the right answer.

QuickBooks 2018 All-in-One For Dummies (Stephen L. Nelson)

This book may be ‘for dummies,’ but QuickBooks Pro Advisors will be pleasantly surprised by the level of detail inside. Written in a conversational tone with easy-to-follow instructions, this is a valuable resource from a CPA who knows his stuff. Nelson has written eight mini-books, each on its own separate topic, and combined them into one master guide. From financial management to business plans, this is the reference manual to check any time you have a question. Plus, there’s also a handy refresher of the accounting principles that form the basis of QuickBooks.

Bank 2.0: How Customer Behavior and Technology Will Change the Future of Financial Services (Brett King)

Labeling yourself as a QuickBooks Pro Advisor may not mean much to your busy clients if they’re not familiar with what you can offer. Instead, branding yourself as an all-around financial guru may work more in your favor. This book gives you the details you need to understand modern customer behavior and financial technology, and how they’re changing the way that banking occurs. As you gain a solid understanding of what clients need and want from the future of banking, you’ll be better prepared to adapt your business model and provide relevant advice to clients as the industry moves forward.

How Women Decide (Therese Huston)

Contrary to the title, this book isn’t just about how women think — it’s about how both sexes arrive at decisions. However, it does focus on how the average woman feels rather detached from the financial world. This knowledge presents QuickBooks Pro Advisors with an opportunity to appeal to female clients on a very different level. By reframing financial concepts and bringing clients up to speed on the state of financial technology, Pro Advisors stand a better chance at success when they adapt their communication style for different clients’ needs.

Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Is Changing the World (Don Tapscott & Alex Tapscott)

Blockchain technology is the famous underlying concept behind cryptocurrency, but it can be used for far more than just trading Bitcoin. From standard banking transactions to smart contracts, the blockchain is slowly redefining how we view the concept of moving money from one place to another. This technology is fascinating because it offers a streamlined way to conduct financial transactions without the risk of being hacked. This book takes you deep into the blockchain world so you can stay on top of this ongoing revolution in the financial industry.

Successful QuickBooks Consulting: The Comprehensive Guide to Starting and Growing a QuickBooks Consulting Business  (Michelle L. Long)

There’s no doubt that gaining an understanding of “trendier” financial topics is important. However, sometimes you need a book that relates specifically to your everyday practice. Although the technology Long wrote about ten years ago may be a little outdated, don’t let that deter you. Indeed, her principles for growing your QuickBooks consulting business remain every bit as relevant today. Whether you’re wondering how to raise your rates to match your experience or want to learn more about how to better communicate with clients, this book covers everything you need to know to keep your business going strong.

The FINTECH Book: The Financial Technology Handbook for Investors, Entrepreneurs and Visionaries (Susanne Chishti & Janos Barberis)

No matter how in-depth your financial knowledge is, it likely doesn’t include the expansive industry expertise found in this book. However, this book is far more than a random hodge-podge of loosely related stories. Instead, you’ll find information geared towards helping you understand your role in the larger economic climate. With detailed explanations of industry developments and insights from diverse thought leaders, this book will help you piece together which key factors are driving the changes occurring in the world around you. As a result, you can start to develop the flexibility you’ll need to stay relevant in a fast-paced world.

Ultimately, QuickBooks Pro Advisors should continually seek out resources that will make them more effective at their jobs. If you feel that your offerings or expertise are stagnating, the books listed here will help get you out of a rut and onto a more a lucrative path. And if you’re looking for additional tools to help you grow your own business or your client’s, Method:CRM is the perfect complement to your resource library. Entirely customizable and with a powerful QuickBooks sync, Method:CRM helps Pro Advisors keep pace with an ever-changing industry.

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