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Remis Power Systems has been providing high-powered batteries to the industrial sector for over 30 years, but the Remis family need a way to unify a mobile sales team and protect customer data. Impressed with its integration with QuickBooks accounting software, the Remis family chose to adopt Method:CRM as its cloud-based Customer Relationship Management application. Since adopting Method, the Remis family has:


  • Eliminated 40 hours/month in redundant data entry, preventing a part-time admin staff hire
  • Shortened work order processing and client invoicing times by 20%
  • Centralized and secured all customer information

The Challenge

Remis Power Systems understands the value of conducting business face-to-face with their clients, rather than electronically. To facilitate that business standard, Remis uses a mobile sales team to sell and service deep-cycle industrial batteries for clients across Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota. While the flexibility of working from the road and out of home offices across three states has allowed Remis to make personal connections with their clients, it has also led their sales team to manage customer information in their own unique ways.

Melissa Remis, the company’s VP of Sales and Marketing, understood the flaws in this practice, and knew her mobile team needed to adopt a standardized way of sharing information and organizing data throughout the company.

“Everything was on paper, or on someone’s laptop – we didn’t have a system and nothing was centralized,” Melissa remembers. “If a salesperson’s laptop went down, or if someone left the company, we’d be left scrambling to fill in the blanks”.

Without a unified database available to sales and administrative team members, work orders were processed inefficiently, and it became more and more difficult to provide the level of customer service to which Remis was dedicated. Melissa and her team needed a cloud-based solution that would safeguard the company’s information, while allowing real-time access to all team members across three states, in order to strengthen its operational processes.

Method:CRM Opportunity Screen showing it's different stages.
Method:CRM Opportunity Screen showing it's different stages.

The Solution – Method:CRM Pro

When Melissa and her team began test-driving CRM platforms the most common frustration was redundancy. In every case they found themselves entering the same information twice: once in the CRM when a quote was sent to a customer, and again in the company’s QuickBooks account when creating sales and purchase orders.

It was precisely this frustration that led Remis to adopt Method:CRM as their cloud-based business solution: the platform’s real-time integration with QuickBooks eliminated the need for redundant information input. Remis rolled Method out company-wide in an effort to promote stronger processes and inter-department communication.

Before the Remis team implemented Method:CRM, administrative staff were given the frustrating task of deciphering product orders and billing. “When our administrator went to order products,” Melissa recalls, “she would spend about 40 hours every month digging up quotes and constantly contacting the sales reps to confirm that she was invoicing for the right month. It was just a mess.”

Method:CRM has now made it easy for Melissa’s team to track opportunities, access all customer information and interactions, create work orders, and send timely invoices.

Thanks to Method’s patented QuickBooks sync engine, Melissa can also customize the company’s CRM to enable her employees to view past customer transactions without altering the company’s QuickBooks file. With a full view of a customer, including their previous relationships with the company, Remis employees are now better equipped to engage with customers and cultivate lasting business relationships.

Business Benefits

Implementing modernized processes using Method:CRM has not only strengthened Remis Power Systems as a whole, but has empowered each individual to operate independently and more effectively regardless of time or location.

“Staff are appreciative that they can work without having to make tedious phone calls every time they need a piece of information,” Melissa says. “They are also now able to get the information after work hours – it’s been a huge advantage for the whole company.”

Most importantly, by implementing Method:CRM, Remis Power Systems has achieved the security and stability to continue expanding their business.

“Before, we would have had a hard time growing the company and expanding our territory because we didn’t have everything in one spot and couldn’t track everything,” Melissa remembers. “When I use Method:CRM I feel more organized – I feel confident. I feel like I’m not missing information anymore and I’m now able to collect everything I need to run the business properly.”

Method:CRM Opportunity Screen showing it's different stages.

About Method’s Customization Services

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About Remis Power Systems, Inc.

Remis Power Systems has been supplying the warehousing industry with deep-cycle industrial batteries, battery chargers, and safety accessories for over 33 years. Founded by Patrick Remis, the Wisconsin based company remains family owned and operated. Patrick’s children, Melissa and Rob, continue to expand Remis Power Systems into several emerging technology industries, including the Solar and Wind Power and Electric Car Charging markets.


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