The Digital Signage Resolutions Small Business Success Story

After searching for a tool specific to agencies, Laura kept coming back to Method:CRM because of its industry-leading QuickBooks integration.

She knew streamlining processes would require syncing her accounting data or she’d remain stuck entering in data into separate systems forever.

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Method:CRM Opportunity Screen showing it's different stages.

The Challenge

Running a digital ad agency meant a lot of inefficient processes and double data entry for Laura, especially related to managing projects with numerous designers, creating purchase orders, and accepting customer payments.

At the time, there wasn’t an option in QuickBooks to convert an estimate into a purchase order, so Laura would create an estimate and then create individual purchase orders for designers who were assigned work.

“The process was inefficient and I found I was making errors with all the repeat entries.”

Laura also struggled with the constant juggle of managing client projects.

“Our designers are supplied with a purchase order, but all items within those purchase orders require separate review, approval, changes, and finalization. When you have over 40 ads being created at one time, it becomes difficult to track the status of any given ad as it moves through the production process.”

MailChimp Integration with Method:CRM
Method:CRM Opportunity Screen showing it's different stages.

The Solution

Laura was able to streamline the purchase order process and saved herself double (sometimes triple) data entry by working with a customization specialist at Method.

“I signed up for the free hour of customization that came with my trial and everything changed. Phil understood exactly what I needed when we chatted about my process. Over the course of 1-2 months, he solved everything we needed and made me realize anything was possible with Method’s powerful tools. It was like a gift from the heavens! The customization costs paid for itself in the time it saved me on double data entry.”

The first frustration that Phil and Laura tackled was around creating purchase orders. They set up Laura’s Method:CRM account so that each job item is associated to a designer or vendor, which simplified her purchase order creation process. Now, when an estimate is accepted by a customer, clicking a button automatically creates all of the POs.

“Having each of my items associated to a designer or vendor saves so much time. Now, when the estimate is accepted, I click a “Create POs” button on the estimate screen in Method and POs are automatically created from the items.”

After they’re created, the POs can be found in Laura’s purchase order screen in Method. And if she needs to add any new items to a PO, Laura simply clicks an ‘Update Purchase Order’ button that triggers emails to the vendors notifying them of the changes.

MailChimp Integration with Method:CRM
Method:CRM Opportunity Screen showing it's different stages.

Laura also worked with her customization specialist, Phil Cote, to simplify how she manages numerous projects on-the-go. The result — a project management tool using Method guest pages, where both Laura and her designers can access and update each project.

“Phil listened to what functions I wanted in a project management tool and created it in Method. I now have project management, CRM, and accounting all connected and talking to one another. No more double data entry — it’s just great.”

Now, when POs are created in Laura’s Method account they appear in a project dashboard within a certain project phase. As the work progresses, the designers update the project status so Laura can track the progress of each digital ad in production.

“I’ve worked with other companies who over promise and under deliver. When I use Method I feel relieved, excited, efficient, happy, informed! I can see everything that’s happening. I now have time to focus on the development of my products, services and sales strategies. I’m focused on building the business instead of chasing my tail all day getting purchase orders in place. I’m building my business instead of just keeping it running.”

MailChimp Integration with Method:CRM
Method:CRM Opportunity Screen showing it's different stages.

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