Top 13 best HVAC service software companies

Find the best tools for your HVAC business with this extensive list of best HVAC service software to take your business to the next level.

If you’re ready to grow your HVAC company, it’s time to automate your business operations so you have more of your workday to focus on scaling. This is where service management software comes in.

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What Is HVAC Service Software?

HVAC service software automates and manages tasks for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning contractors. These service companies have tools that include job scheduling software, customer history, inventory management, location mapping, and communication tools for field technicians.

Any good field service management software has powerful tools like integrating with:

  • Accounting software.
  • Job management tools.
  • Invoicing and estimates.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions.
  • Email marketing management solutions.

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What are the benefits of HVAC software?

The overall benefit of HVAC software is to get time back into your workday so you can focus on growing your business.

A few key features to look out for when choosing a field service software are:

One service platform

An all-in-one solution exceptionally speeds up business growth for your HVAC business.

The most impressive aspect of a one-service platform is how well it connects your entire team. With the best HVAC service software, everyone has synced communication and access to the same information from the office staff to those in the field.

Automate operations

One of the biggest benefits of HVAC management software is automation tools. These tools can automate repetitive tasks to save your business time and money.

The common automations the best HVAC service software offer include:

  • Job scheduling, routing, and dispatching.
  • Pushing and pulling data via integrations.
  • Time tracking and payroll.
  • Customer communication.

Build in your integrations

Integrating your HVAC management software is the best way to avoid double data entry and save your business time. So it’s key to look for management software that allows you to sync your systems together seamlessly.

When looking for the best HVAC service software, think about how you need it to work with your everyday tools, like Gmail and QuickBooks, and search for a solution that integrates with your other software.

If no integrations are available, look for a connection with Zapier or an open API as these are other ways to connect your HVAC management software to the rest of your technology.

Speedier payments

Getting your customers to commit to a job can be difficult if you don’t have a ready estimate or invoice for them. This is why the best HVAC service software has all the information ready for faster payments with your integrated accounting software.

When choosing your all-in-one HVAC business management app, it’s wise to select an option with online payment processing so your quote to cash time is even shorter.

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Simple workforce management

Field service jobs need to be scheduled ahead of time and include:

  • When jobs start and finish.
  • Which team member will do the job.
  • Materials and tools needed for the job.
  • Routes that save time, gas, and mileage.

Automated scheduling helps to reduce errors and colliding schedules. It also makes sure there aren’t any delays along the way, and if there are, your team can communicate them quickly.

An all-in-one HVAC business management software has powerful scheduling software to tackle varying team schedules and tracking of employees. This makes it a must for the best HVAC service software options.

Empowers your employees

With an all-in-one HVAC business management software, you provide your team with easy scheduling and dispatching information. The right solution also empowers your team to make estimates and invoices while out in the field.

Giving your team the tools to be proactive helps the company grow and results in better service for your customers.

Anywhere access to information

Keeping up with your customers and their needs is essential. This is why the best HVAC service software includes elements of a CRM system. This capability allows you to store contact information, notes about each client, and even photos.

Having all this information available to your entire team can help you:

  • Close more sales.
  • Save time.
  • Reduce confusion when looking for a customer’s history.
  • Not forget any equipment or materials.

Enhanced analytics

With an all-in-one HVAC business management software, you have access to analytic tools to make actioning data-driven insights easier.

For example, with the best HVAC service software, you’ll see where your money goes, what products are selling best, and which ones are underperforming. All these insights allow you to improve your marketing efforts, product line, and more!

. An all-in-one business management software gives you better insight into your current customers and potential new leads. By having more data at hand, you’re able to provide better customer services and build stronger relationships with your existing customers.

What to look for in HVAC business software solutions

The HVAC business management app you decide to go with should have these essential features:

  • Customer relations management.
  • Track inventory.
  • Scheduling and dispatching.
  • Integration with accounting and other software.
  • Mobile options.

Some additional features that you should take into consideration are:

  • Workflows that enable speedy customer service.
  • Branded customization opportunities.
  • GPS tracking.
  • Email marketing.

Affordable pricing is another thing to consider when evaluating the best HVAC service software.

How much does HVAC software cost?

As every business is different, the cost for HVAC software depends on a few different factors.

One of the biggest factors that determine costs is the size of your business. This can include how big your team is, the number of customers you have, and the number of jobs. The bigger the company, the more automation tools that are needed to keep up with the demand.

Another factor that goes into cost determination is the type of tools your specific business needs. Standard tools include scheduling, invoicing, and customer management, while more expensive software might include marketing tools and brand customizations.

Cost is one of many factors for which management software you decide to use. Below are the top 13 best HVAC software with all their features and pricing plans for you to make the best decision for your business.

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The best HVAC service software for your business

Let’s dive into what the best HVAC service software is and how your business can benefit from using one. Keep reading to find out what the top 13 best HVAC service software companies are.

  1. Method:Field Services
  2. ThermoGRID
  3. Vonigo
  4. Jonas Enterprise
  5. Fieldmagic
  6. HoneyBook
  7. ConnectTeam
  8. CoConstruct
  9. Service Fusion
  10. FieldEdge
  11. GeoNext
  12. Workiz
  13. HouseCall Pro

Method:Field Services

A computer and a mobile showing screenshots of Method Field Services

The #1 QuickBooks CRM has field service management software that simplifies every aspect of your HVAC company.

Method:Field Services covers important day-to-day tasks like job scheduling, invoices and estimates, customer management, and more. Method:Field Services’ primary features and benefits include:

  • Connect your entire business with instant QuickBooks sync — you can equip everyone on your team, from the office staff to your field team, with accurate and consistent data.
  • Fast estimate and invoice creation — Method:Field Services allows your HVAC field team to create customer estimates and invoices on the spot.
  • Customer relationship management — Method:Field Services has a document management system that syncs to QuickBooks, so there is no need for double entry.
  • Scheduling and route optimization — Gain a 360-degree view of each crew member’s schedule with efficient route creation and a built-in mapping system.
  • Flexible pricing that scales with your company — Method:Field Services offers solutions that fit your office and field staff’s needs.
  • Personalized HVAC service software — Method:Field Services allows you to create a customizable field service solution to automate tasks specific to your business.
  • User-friendly mobile app — So, it’s easier than ever for you to track time, plan routes, create estimates, and record job progress on the mobile device of your choice.

Method:Field Services offers two competitive pricing options, Contact Management and CRM Pro, both of which can be customized to suit your business’s specific needs.

They offer solutions for your field crew (starting at $15/month) and office teams (starting at $44/month).

If you’re keen to try the best HVAC service software, Method offers a free no-commitment trial that includes:

  • A free hour of customization services.
  • Access to all features and the Method mobile app.
  • Unlimited support resources.


Small to medium-sized HVAC contractors can use this field service software solution to keep their business organized and reduce day-to-day manual errors. ThermoGRID offers HVAC businesses the ability to engage with customers and benefit from team scheduling tools.

ThermoGRID was created with the HVAC industry in mind, so they have a great understanding of the day-to-day management struggles of the HVAC industry.

Some of ThermoGrid’s key features include:

  • Inventory tracking.
  • Scheduling and dispatching.
  • Estimates and invoicing.
  • Customer relations management.

ThermoGRID does not have standard pricing. Instead, they offer a personal demo, and pricing is determined afterward. They do not offer a free trial.

One thing not to overlook when choosing a cloud-based field service software is customizability, which is one area that ThermoGRID lacks. They have great automation tools, but a lot of them are limited. An example is that they do not provide many marketing tools such as email marketing software.

ThermoGRID is focused on the basics for your company to get jobs done hassle-free, but if you’re looking for customizability, they might not be able to fulfill that for your business.


Vonigo is a cloud-based field service management platform that offers HVAC companies the necessary tools and an easy-to-use interface.

They offer a user directory where team members can update each other through posting statuses and photos. The team can also communicate through an integrated Google Maps mapping feature.

One customer management feature that Vonigo offers is signature capturing, which adds security for your team and your customers.

Some of their key features include:

  • Customer portals.
  • Invoicing and online payments.
  • Customer relations management.

This best HVAC service software contender offers three pricing options: The starter package ($98/month), the professional package ($119/month), and the premium package ($139/month).

While Vonigo offers a variety of customization tools, they are all mostly offered only in their premium package.

Beyond this, Vonigo’s integration options are only available in their professional package, so if your business is looking for all-in-one software, you’ll have to choose their more expensive options.

Jonas Enterprise

Jonas Enterprise is a business software solution for construction companies founded in 1990 with over 14,000 users. They offer service management software that is fully integrated with payroll, inventory, job costing, financials, equipment management, and more.

What’s great about Jonas Enterprise is its user-friendly interface and customizability options. They focus on simplifying processes and moving your business away from manual tasks to automated ones.

Some of Jonas Enterprise’s features include:

  • Unlimited document storage.
  • Dispatching and scheduling.
  • Invoicing and online payments.
  • Customer relations management.

Jonas Enterprise has one monthly plan for $199. If you sign up annually you can knock your monthly cost down to $189.

Some of the features that Jonas Enterprise offers have been noted as having thorough auditing processes, which can be time-consuming for some fast-paced companies.

While this HVAC service software option has a user-friendly interface, some of their automation features require more work than competitors.


Fieldmagic was designed from the ground up to cater to the needs of the maintenance industry. As a result, it’s best suited for HVAC companies that perform a lot of maintenance and repair work.

Fieldmagic reduces the need for pen-and-paper processes and automates your daily tasks. Fieldmagic has a mobile app with GPS tracking that makes it easy for your field team to connect with customers and office teammates.

Some of Fieldmagic’s features include:

  • Scheduling & dispatching.
  • Invoicing, estimates, and payment options.
  • Client and site management.
  • A mobile app.

Fieldmagic has three payment plans. The starter plan ($29/month), the advanced plan ($59/month), and the enterprise plan ($89/month). They also offer a free plan for solo users.

While Fieldmagic offers a lower price point, some key features like integration options are only available starting in the advanced plan.


HoneyBook allows you to manage your jobs, send invoices, and receive payments. All of the necessary tools within an excellent field service management software.

What’s great about HoneyBook is that it has a short learning curve thanks to its straightforward automation tools and user-friendly interface.

Some of HoneyBook’s features include:

  • Estimates, invoices, and online payments.
  • Brand customizability.
  • Integration options.
  • A mobile app.

HoneyBook has three payment plans. The starter plan ($9/month), the unlimited monthly plan ($39/month), and the unlimited annual plan ($390/month). They also offer a free trial.

HoneyBook is not specific to the field service industry and has more of a general focus to help creative entrepreneurs and small business owners automate their tasks and grow their businesses.


Next on this list of best HVAC service software companies is ConnectTeam. This is a management software that helps the HVAC industry manage staff and projects.

ConnectTeam is an all-in-one business management software designed for your field team while they’re on the go.

What’s great about ConnectTeam is that you can customize your dashboard and choose only the features that apply to your business. This is ideal if you want a simple interface to run your business.

Some of ConnectTeam’s key features include:

  • Scheduling and dispatching.
  • Online reports and ticketing system.
  • Communication tools.
  • Mobile-friendly software.

ConnectTeam has annual and monthly payment plans. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to pay for this best HVAC service software option:

Plan Monthly billing Annual billing
Basic $47 / month $39 / month
Advanced $95 / month $79 / month
Expert $159 / month $191 / month

They also offer a free plan with many of their features to get you started.

However, some of their great features are only available with the higher price point plan options. It’s important to choose a plan that reflects your business needs.


CoConstruct is a cloud-based field service management solution with over 100,000 users. This solution keeps your business on top of projects by sharing customer and job information between the office and the field.

Some of CoConstruct’s key features include:

  • Scheduling and dispatching.
  • Brand customizability.
  • Manages fixed-price and open-book jobs.
  • Excellent customer support.

CoConstruct offers one-on-one implementation, group training, and coaching. This best HVAC service software company also has a lot of training resources including a user forum, and an annual conference.

CoConstruct offers three monthly pricing plans ranging from $299 to $499, depending on the number of users on the platform. They do not offer a free trial, but they offer your first month at $99 to start using CoConstruct.

With CoConstruct, what you put into it is what you get out. If your business has the time to set up and customize this software to fit your business, it can be beneficial. If not, then you may be stuck with a lot of tools your business won’t use.

With CoConstruct’s higher price point, it’s important to consider how many of their features you will actually use daily.

Service Fusion

Next on this best HVAC service software list is Service Fusion — a company that serves over 5,000 small to medium-sized field service businesses.

They can help your HVAC service company automate processes to help your business grow faster. They offer extensive customer support and fast work order entry.

What’s unique about Service Fusion is that all their plans come with no setup fees, no commitment requirements, a personalized onboarding process, and unlimited support.

Some of Service Fusion’s features include:

  • Scheduling and dispatching.
  • Custom customer support and training.
  • Estimates, invoicing, and online payments.
  • Integration with accounting software.

Service Fusion has three monthly pricing packages. The starter package ($125), the plus package ($189), and the pro package ($339). Their plus package is their most popular pricing option, including inventory management, job costing, and job photo uploading.

Before jumping in, note that Service Fusion has a higher learning curve which is an important consideration when looking into business management software solutions.


FieldEdge is an all-in-one solution for HVAC companies looking to connect their team on one platform in real-time.

Some of FieldEdge’s features include:

  • Scheduling and dispatching.
  • Full access to a customer’s job history from anywhere.
  • Estimates, invoicing, and online payments.
  • Integrations with top accounting software.

You can request a demo with FieldEdge to discuss pricing models for your company’s needs.

This best HVAC service software company is known for adding new features all the time. This can be great for some HVAC businesses but can be considered daunting for other users.

Some of FieldEdge’s customers have noted that their pricing has become more expensive over time due to the new features. So, it is important to understand what features will be helpful to your company when choosing a business management software.


GeoNext is a field service business management software for small businesses looking to automate their manual tasks. They have over 20,000 users in the trades and service industry.

They are best for trades and service businesses such as plumbing, electrical, cleaning and HVAC. GeoNext allows your company’s field workers to access all the information they need to get their jobs done efficiently.

Some of GeoNext’s features include:

  • Scheduling and dispatching.
  • Free training and onboarding.
  • Estimates, invoicing, and online payments.
  • Integrations with top accounting software.

GeoNext offers two pricing options. The starter package costs $15 a month per user, and the unlimited package costs $25 a month per user. They offer a free trial and the option to book a demo.

It’s important to note that this cloud-based software does not offer offline uploading. This can be an issue if your business cannot always rely on the internet, especially for field workers who travel to areas with lousy service.


Workiz allows you to manage your HVAC company, jobs, invoicing, payment processing, phone systems, and much more. This software solution has been designed with small to medium-sized field service businesses in mind.

Workiz is an all-in-one software solution and has over 100,000 users. They are committed to reducing the need for manual processes and multiple, disconnected platforms.

Some of their key features include:

  • Scheduling and dispatching.
  • Invoicing and online payments.
  • Online booking.
  • Team management.

Workiz offers three annual pricing options. The starter package ($65/month), the team package ($169/month), and the professional package ($299/month). Their most popular option is the team package which includes up to six users. Workiz also offers two monthly non-committal options for the team ($199/month) and the professional ($359/month) package.

Some of Workiz’s tools are not as automated as other software solution tools. Customers of Workiz have noted that some of their features are a multiple-step process.

One Workiz user explains that Workiz offers an option for customers to schedule work they want to be done but no following payment option. This requires an extra step for the Workiz user to do in order to receive payment.

HouseCall Pro

Last but not least on this list of best HVAC service software companies is HouseCall Pro — an all-in-one business software for your HVAC business. It has all the standard features of the best HVAC service software plus an easy-to-use interface.

This popular HVAC software management solution is perfect for those looking for great customer support. HouseCall Pro’s support team is available by phone and online 24/7.

Signing up with HouseCall Pro gives you access to their private Facebook group so you can share tips with other professionals in the HVAC field.

Some of HouseCall Pro’s features include:

  • Scheduling & dispatching.
  • Invoicing, estimates, and payment options.
  • Customer support at any time.
  • A mobile app.

HouseCall Pro’s pricing model includes three monthly options. The basics package ($49), their essentials package ($109), and their max package (contact them). Their most sought-after option is the essentials package which offers integrations with apps like Quickbooks and Zapier.

HouseCall Pro offers great tools, but some of them may not apply to your HVAC business operations.

If customizable is important to your business structure, this management software might not be the best option for you.


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