Method’s Deep QuickBooks Sync Lets You Create Estimates Anytime and Anywhere

Speed up the sales process by empowering your team to create estimates in Method – no access to QuickBooks required. Quickly populate estimates with QuickBooks items, then assign the estimates to existing customers or new leads. Even better, estimates created in Method sync seamlessly to QuickBooks and can be converted to invoices in just one click, saving you from the hassle of double data entry.

How will using the Estimates app in Method help my business?

  • Empower Your Team to Close Sales Sooner

    Give your sales reps the freedom to create estimates without needing access to QuickBooks. The sooner you can provide a customer with an estimate, the more likely you are to close the deal.
  • Create Estimates Anytime, Anywhere

    Your QuickBooks file may live at the office, but you sure don’t. Use the iOS or Android Method mobile app to create and update estimates from wherever your work takes you – the changes will sync to QuickBooks automatically.
  • Store Estimates for Leads Outside of QuickBooks

    Keep your QuickBooks file organized by creating estimates for leads in Method. When you close a sale, convert the estimate to an invoice with the click of a button, then watch the invoice and lead-turned-customer sync seamlessly to QuickBooks.

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