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How to bid your next commercial lawn care contract

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Winning commercial lawn care contracts usually means you’ll get a lot of money. However, bidding for these contracts can be a challenge. Bid too much, you’ll lose out on the job. Bid too low, you’ll lose money. Read on to find the best ways to win commercial lawn care contracts.

What you’ll learn in this guide

Before jumping into the guide, here’s a quick overview of what you’ll learn in this article.

Getting commercial lawn accounts and landscaping contracts

Getting commercial lawn care contracts is challenging. You can’t just go door to door and expect to land contracts like with residential clients. Do these three things to boost your odds of landing a commercial landscaping contract:

Use your connections

If you’re already running a residential lawn service company, you can ask around. Talk to your residential customers and see if they have friends or family who need commercial lawn services. 

Find locally-owned businesses

Try driving around your area to see if any businesses need landscaping services. If you can, look for smaller local businesses since most of the time you’ll be dealing directly with the owner.

Personalize your marketing

If you’re looking for clients from a certain industry like restaurants or shopping malls, you need to customize your approach. Find information on all of these potential customers in your area and create personalized pamphlets before visiting those businesses. This shows that you’re prepared to tackle whatever problem they have.

Preparing for commercial lawn care contracts

Despite being in the same industry, commercial and residential lawn services are two very different things. Therefore, you need to plan your approach differently when it comes to the commercial lawn care game. Here are four ways you can prepare before seeking a commercial lawn services contract:

  • Obtain the relevant licenses and certifications since property managers are less likely to trust landscapers with few qualifications to their name. 
  • Get ready for intense competition. Rival companies may offer significantly lower lawn care bids and take contracts from under your company. We have a great guide on how to price your commercial lawn care bid.
  • Find what sets you apart from the competition so you have a leg up during the bidding process. 
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How professionals win commercial lawn maintenance contracts

In commercial landscaping, it’s not enough to be professional. You and your team need to look the part to convince property managers that you can handle the job. Most clients examine three things to determine whether you look professional enough:


The corporate world places a lot of emphasis on looks. A good uniform choice to make your landscapers look professional and trustworthy is a polo shirt. They look professional and tend to be more durable so they last longer. For extra branding, you can also print company hats for your staff to wear on the field.


Having an eye-catching truck branded with your company’s name has the double benefit of free advertising and showing that you’re well-established enough to dedicate an entire vehicle for work. Whether you choose to paint or wrap your trucks, be sure to choose an eye-catching design to attract the eyes of passing motorists. 

Online presence

Does your company have a professional-looking website and a good social media presence? A good website with a complete rundown of your services goes a long way in convincing potential clients. 

Getting your foot in the door: How to meet with the decision-maker

 If you’re just starting out in lawn service, it may be tough to network and find commercial clients. Fortunately, networking is much easier when you know where to look. Here are several places to look for potential contracts:

  • Local businesses: Starting local is always a good idea — there’s a good chance the owner already knows your business and you won’t be stuck meeting a middleman.
  • CEO forums and Chamber of Commerce meetings: If you live in an area with high commercial activity, you can meet with many business owners here.
  • Cold visits: If all else fails, use your charm and start knocking on doors. 

Top tips to bid on your lawn care contract

Most companies are only focused on their bottom line. To make sure your prospects choose your company, use these strategies:

  • Give them a say in the landscaping projects — collaborate with them to create the perfect yard or garden.
  • Explain why letting inexperienced landscapers to work on their property is a horrible idea.
  • Show them that you’re prepared by handing in a professional, well-written landscaping proposal. 
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Frequently asked questions about commercial lawn care contracts

Still, have some questions? We’ve got you covered. Find out answers to some common questions about commercial lawn service here.

How do I write a lawn care contract?

Make sure your contract covers everything — including all your contact information, a list of services provided, and a detailed breakdown of your prices. Read our guide on lawn mowing pricing if you’re looking to price your services.   

Do you need a contract for commercial landscaping?

Commercial landscaping projects need to have a contract so you and the property manager know their responsibilities and rights. A contract also helps make potential disputes easier to mediate. 

Closing thoughts on how to win lawn care contracts

Getting commercial lawn care contracts is more challenging than residential landscaping projects. However, if you know where to look and how to make a bid, you’ll land the big-ticket landscaping contracts with ease! For more tips on how to run your lawn care business, check out our guide on lawn care management

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