Top 5 workflows every Xero user needs to automate

The struggles of manual workflows with Xero are no secret. They’re error-prone and take your focus away from your business strategy and profitability. 

Luckily, there’s a solution to transform your Xero workflow from a pain point into a game-changing asset: process automation.

The following webinar uncovers everything you need to know about Xero workflow automation, from its definition to the remarkable benefits it gives your business. You’ll also get five concrete examples of workflow processes to automate.

Let’s dive in!


Webinar snapshot: Essential points summarized

What is Xero workflow automation?

Xero workflow automation involves integrating your Xero account with other software tools to simplify and even eliminate regular business tasks. For example, through Xero integrations, you can automate:

  • Invoice processing.
  • Expense management
  • Payroll. 

Automating your workflows increases efficiency by freeing up time for more strategic tasks. For example, you can automate your entire sales process from quote to payment collection with Method:CRM.

The benefits of automating your Xero workflows

Automating your workflow brings considerable benefits to your business, such as:

  • Efficiency: With Xero automation, you reduce the time you spend on manual tasks and boost operational efficiency. For example, you can simplify your invoicing process with batch emailing and recurring invoices. 
  • Reduced errors: Your workflows are less prone to errors when you automate them, improving your financial records’ efficiency.
  • Improved cash flow: Automation enhances your cash flow by ensuring you send invoices promptly and send follow-up reminders automatically for any late payments. 
  • Better customer service: With tools like Method’s online self-service portal, customers can view their invoices, make payments, and subscribe to recurring payment plans without any manual effort from you. This leads to improved customer satisfaction and a reduced workload for your team.
  • Better decision-making: With automation, you get access to real-time financial data, which helps inform strategic decisions.

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5 Xero workflow examples you can automate

1. Syncing sales from e-commerce and POS systems

Syncing your e-commerce or POS systems with Xero ensures that all your sales and payment transactions automatically update to and from your accounting platform. 

The benefits include:

  • Time savings.
  • Fewer manual data entry errors.
  • Easy reconciliation using Xero’s bank feed functionality. 

Integrations with providers like Square and Shopify let you cater to different accounting setups to make implementation easy.

2. Syncing bills and invoices to your calendar

Syncing Xero with your calendar through an app like Inview provides timely reminders for your bills and invoices without needing to log into your accounting system. 

When you have a clear view of your invoicing and billing data in Google or Outlook Calendar, for example, you’re better prepared for upcoming or overdue payments.

3. Document approvals with e-signature

Approvals for financial documents are a critical part of your workflow. So, one of our top Xero tips is to use Method to enhance your approval process. With Method, you get an online self-service portal to capture e-signatures. Once a customer logs into their portal and views an estimate, they can accept or reject it with a click. 

After signing the document electronically, Method automatically sends a notification to internal users. This indicates that someone has accepted the estimate, which drives transparency and simplifies your approval process.

4. Estimates and quotes to invoice conversion

With software like Method, you extend Xero’s capabilities by automating the process of converting approved estimates into invoices. 

After a client approves an estimate via e-signature, you can set up your Xero workflow to instantly turn it into an invoice. This saves time and improves the efficiency of your quote-to-cash cycle, ensuring that you bill all approved quotes promptly and accurately.

5. Payment collection

Manual payment collection is a draining task. By automating your Xero workflow, you can batch email invoices directly from your accounting software. Even better, Xero enables automated follow-up reminders for overdue payments.

Method enhances these functionalities with personalized templates and more reminder options. You can also automate recurring payments, which is especially beneficial for subscription-based services. 

Lastly, an online self-service portal lets your customers view their outstanding dues and make payments directly. That means no more chasing down payments.

Final thoughts: Go beyond Xero with app integrations

Now you know exactly how automation tools like Method, Amaka, and other top integrations simplify processes to make operating your business easier. 

Going beyond Xero with app integrations lets you:

  • Use data more effectively to inform decisions.
  • Connect between multiple apps for seamless data sharing between platforms.
  • Tailor your software to fit specific business needs and workflows.

Now, you can run your business the way you want. Whether it’s linking your e-commerce platform to your accounting software or syncing historical data for better decision-making, Xero integrations are a must. 

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