QuickBooks Integration

Say “good-bye” to set-up time and double entry. Say “hello” to efficiency. Amazing things happen when your CRM talks nicely to QuickBooks. Method integrates with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Enterprise.

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Painless Setup

Painless Set-up

Single-click QuickBooks integration. For QuickBooks Desktop, just install the Method Integration Engine, enter your account information, click “Connect” and the entire sync with QuickBooks is done for you. QuickBooks Online is even easier! Since there's nothing to install, the sync is usually finished by the time you've signed up for your free trial!

Real-time Syncing

Real-time Syncing

As you add customers, modify invoices, or delete time tracking entries, Method's patented, industry-leading sync technology instantly updates QuickBooks. Your web browser doesn't even need to be on the same computer as QuickBooks. In fact, you could have Method running on a laptop in California, a desktop in Sydney, Australia, and on an iPhone in London, England — Yet they would all instantly update a single computer hosting QuickBooks in your office.

Cases and Solutions

Sync Lists, Like Customers

All your customers, vendors, employees, items, and other QuickBooks lists are accessible in Method. You are able to view, add and edit virtually all lists, using standard or custom Method screens.

Sync Transactions, Like Invoices and Estimates

Sync Transactions, Like Invoices and Estimates

View, add and edit virtually every QuickBooks transaction. For QuickBooks Desktop, transactions include estimates, invoices, credit memos, payments, statement charges, sales orders, sales receipts, time tracking, bills, bill payments, vendor credits, purchase orders, checks, item receipts, inventory adjustments, vehicle mileage, journal entries and assemblies. For QuickBooks Online, transactions include estimates, invoices, payments, sales receipts, bills, purchase orders, and time tracking.

All in one place

View and Create QuickBooks Transactions All in One Place

Method's real-time sync with QuickBooks not only lets you see transactions in a web browser — you can also create and modify transactions directly in Method that sync to QuickBooks. QuickBooks does not need to be installed on a Method user's computer as long as it is on at least one computer in your office.

Supported Editions

Supported Editions

  • QuickBooks Desktop USA supports Pro, Premier, Enterprise 2004 and higher.
  • QuickBooks Desktop UK, Canada supports Pro, Premier, Enterprise 2008 and higher.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Australia supports Pro, Premier 2008/2009 and higher.
  • QuickBooks Online USA, Canada and Australia: All editions supported. UK and other international versions of QuickBooks Online not yet supported.

Remote QuickBooks Hosting

We have partnerships with RightNetworks and Insynq for remote hosting of QuickBooks Desktop. Documentation is available if you use RightNetworks.

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