Use Sales Orders in Method:CRM to Ensure 100% Accuracy in Order Fulfillment

Take advantage of Method’s Sales Orders app to keep an accurate record of what has been sold and when. Sales orders let you track products and services on order without depleting your QuickBooks inventory, so you can make sure every customer gets what they need. Easily populate a new sales order with QuickBooks items, or convert an estimate to a sales order to an invoice in just a few clicks. All changes made in the CRM will sync automatically to your QuickBooks file!

Note: The Sales Orders app is only available for QuickBooks Desktop users. It is not available for QuickBooks Online users.

How will Method’s Sales Orders app help my business?

  • Keep Track of Inventory On Order

    Create a sales order in Method to track the products and services required to fulfill an order. Items aren’t deducted from your QuickBooks inventory, so you can maintain a record of required items across all open sales orders.
  • Create Sales Orders On the Go

    Your QuickBooks file may live at the office, but sales can happen anywhere. Use Method’s iOS or Android mobile app to create a sales order as soon as a deal is closed. The changes will sync to QuickBooks automatically, so everyone on your team can see what’s needed.
  • Minimize Errors by Converting Sales Orders to Invoices

    Ensure 100% accuracy all the way from order placement to order fulfillment. Method makes it easy to convert an estimate to a sales order and a sales order to an invoice with the click of button, ensuring that each customer gets exactly what they asked for.

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