We’ve Arrived – Method:CRM Now Available for QuickBooks Online Customers in Canada

Canada is a truly an amazing place to run a small business, albeit we’re a tad biased.

So, we’re excited to announce that along with picturesque landscapes, tasty maple syrup, and world class hockey teams, Canadians can also now enjoy Method:CRM for QuickBooks Online! (click to tweet!)

Paul showing off Method on the chilly streets of Toronto

Method is a cloud-based, QuickBooks Online-integrated CRM, which is completely customizable to reflect the unique way a business gets its work done.

We know that QuickBooks Online customers in the US rely on Method’s QuickBooks Online sync engine to simplify their life by simplifying their business. So, we have been working hard to open our doors to the QuickBooks Online users in our home country of Canada.

And now, I’m happy to announce our doors are wide open, so come on in!

Start Your Free Trial of Method:CRM

New to the World of CRM?

If you’re new to the concept of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and what it can do for your business (especially when synced with your QuickBooks Online account), watch this short video – it’s informative, and quite cute.

What Separates Method:CRM from the Rest?

Sometimes it’s best to hear from someone who has really reaped the benefits of Method’s real-time sync with QuickBooks Online, so I encourage you to check out these Small Business Success Stories or head to the Intuit’s App Marketplace to read reviews of our application.

How Do You Get Started?

It’s super simple. Start your free, 30 day trial and you’ll be able to sync customers and transactions from your QuickBooks Online account right away!

3 Things You’ll Receive During Your 30 Day FREE Trial…

A 1-hour session with a Customer Success Coach catered specifically to the needs of your business

A free, 1-hour session with a Method Consultant to get you up and running with the CRM’s drag-and-drop customization

Training and How-To’s! Method’s Education Team creates fun and informative tutorial videos and ‘how-to’ guides for getting started in Method:CRM. Find all these resources in the Help Center

Questions? Comments? Really good accounting jokes you’d like to share?!

Feel free to email us, connect with us on Twitter, or call us at (416) 847-0400

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