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3 Reasons QuickBooks Users Love Method

#1: Method integrates seamlessly with all versions of QuickBooks so you can manage your contacts and simplify tasks

Manage Leads

Manage Leads

Leads don’t belong in your accounting software. A QuickBooks CRM makes it easy to collect and centralize your leads, then sync them to QuickBooks when they become paying customers.

Learn more about Method:CRM’s lead management capabilities.

Work Efficiently

Work Efficiently

When your CRM integrates with QuickBooks, you can serve customers efficiently and get paid faster. Streamline your processes with automated workflows and free your staff from admin work by offering customer portals.

Learn more about workflow management with Method:CRM.

Drive Repeat Business

Drive Repeat Business

A QuickBooks CRM gives you the data you need to provide excellent service and build strong relationships. Track important details, identify upselling opportunities, and market to existing customers to stay top of mind.

Learn more about Method:CRM’s customer management features.

#2: Your business is more efficient when you avoid costly data errors

  • Customer and Financial Information at Your Fingertips

    Our deep, two-way integration syncs customer data and transactions between QuickBooks and Method:CRM in real time, so your team always has up-to-date information.

  • Eliminate Double Data Entry

    Streamline operations by allowing staff to create new estimates, sales orders, invoices, and payments in Method:CRM – no direct access to QuickBooks required.

  • Method is the CRM Industry Leader for QuickBooks Integration

    We partnered with Intuit to build a CRM that works with QuickBooks Online, Pro, Premier and Enterprise. Method is recommended by QuickBooks ProAdvisors and is rated the #1 CRM for QuickBooks, with over 1100 five-star ratings on Intuit’s

Learn more about Method:CRM’s QuickBooks sync.

GIF showing activities and invoices linked to a contact in a QuickBooks CRM

#3: Method is the most customizable CRM for QuickBooks, adapting to your business as it evolves

Future-proof your company with software you won’t outgrow. The combination of Method:CRM’s deep QuickBooks integration and customizable no-code platform lets you create optimal workflows for your business.

GIF showing how to customize QuickBooks CRM

“One size does not fit all, and with Method I’m able to create processes that work exactly the way my business works — not the other way around. Every day we think of new processes to integrate and we have not met a task Method could not handle. I highly recommend that everyone try Method, follow the great video tutorials, and take advantage of the free hour of customization — I did and my business has reaped the rewards ever since.”

Roman Anderson
Kimball Construction
QuickBooks Online User

Learn more about creating a custom CRM with Method:CRM.

What does a QuickBooks CRM look like?

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