Housecall Pro vs. Method:Field Services comparison – Which one is better?

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Field services are demanding, so finding the right software makes all the difference. Your ideal solution: 

  • Simplifies job management.
  • Boosts customer satisfaction.
  • Meets industry needs.

When it comes to field service software, two of the biggest names are Housecall Pro and Method. But which one is the right choice for you?  

When you choose a software, it’s crucial to assess each option’s strengths and prioritize those that align best with your needs.

In this blog, you’ll put Housecall Pro vs. Method to the test to see which comes out on top. To help you decide which is better, you’ll analyze their:

  • Offerings.
  • Costs.
  • Customer experience.
  • Support options. 

Let’s get started! 

Method:Field Services overview

Before you dive into the comparisons of Housecall Pro vs. Method, let’s shine a spotlight on Method:Field Services. 

Method has earned its reputation as a standout among software vendors. It’s a tool that excels where many others fall short — particularly in its patented, two-way sync with QuickBooks.

For one, the software is more tailored for specific industries than its counterparts. For example, unlike ThermoGRID and WebTitan, which solely focus on HVAC and web security, Method meets various field service needs. 

The platform offers a selection of features to ensure your organization runs smoothly, including: 

  • Simplified job creation, scheduling, and dispatching.
  • Personalized customer service.
  • Seamless estimate, work order, and invoice creation. 
  • Customer relationship management (CRM).

An added bonus is Method:Field Services’ integration with platforms like QuickBooks and Xero. Its sync with your other platforms eliminates the hassle of double data entry.

Given its functionality and user-friendliness, it’s clear why Method is a notable choice for your field service operations.

How does Method:Field Services work

To evaluate Housecall Pro vs. Method, it’s important to know how each software works. 

Method:Field Services is a cloud-based software equipped with powerful features. Along with real-time syncing, it offers better mobile functionality than its competitors for: 

  • Job handling. 
  • Invoicing and payment processing.
  • Equipment tracking. 
  • Inventory management. 
  • Customer interactions. 

Method’s user interface is easy to navigate, giving service professionals the ability to adapt it to their needs. Adding to this flexibility is its multiple platform type integrations and robust security measures, which include advanced data protection and privacy protocols.

Its cloud-based vs. on-premise deployment offers flexibility, making it ideal for businesses in all sorts of locations. Method:Field Services is available in many countries, like the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom. 

The software also centralizes tasks to: 

  • Improve service delivery.
  • Boost customer satisfaction.
  • Get you paid faster. 

Core features

Method equips technicians and service contractors with a suite of dynamic tools and features.  Focused on maximizing efficiency, it simplifies job management from start to finish. 

Here’s what sets Method apart from other software providers like Jobber

  • Desktop and mobile device functionality for anywhere, anytime access..
  • One-click conversion of estimates to invoices.
  • Gmail and Outlook integration for email-to-work order functionality. 
  • Real-time QuickBooks or Xero sync for approved job quotes.
  • Optimal scheduling and routing for field teams.
  • Easy management and reassignment of work orders.

What sets it apart? Method offers better integration capabilities than programs like Kickserv, Nubera eBusiness, and ServiceTitan, making it a more versatile and adaptable solution. Additionally, Method’s update and upgrade frequency is noteworthy, as it is more frequently updated than similar solutions.

What’s more, Method:Field Services also simplifies your customer interaction process. It provides you: 

  • A CRM dashboard for a 360-degree view of every customer.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics for informed decision-making.
  • Seamless email management tools.
  • Convenient mobile payments integration.
  • Time-saving electronic signature capabilities.
  • Marketing features to simplify campaign setup and tracking.

QuickBooks gets you started, Method helps you grow.

Customer experience

To evaluate Housecall Pro vs. Method, customer experience is a key factor to consider. 

When it comes to Method, the name of the game is simplicity and user-centric design. 

The software is not only straightforward, but after putting it to the test, it also has a better interface than its competitors. As a result, Method has a faster setup process than Housecall Pro, and its API and extensibility only makes implementation easier. 

Additionally, Method offers superior customization options than Housecall Pro. This ensures a customer experience that’s both personal and efficient. 

Meanwhile, your clients will appreciate the convenience of Method’s customer web portal, which offers: 

  • Easy job booking. 
  • Smooth transaction handling. 
  • Real-time job status tracking. 
  • Payment processing.

These features boost satisfaction by ensuring you keep your customers in the loop every step of the way. Not to mention, Method’s system uptime and reliability guarantee continuous availability, minimizing potential downtime.


In comparing Housecall Pro vs. Method, it’s important to prioritize customer support. Let’s take a look at what sets Method apart in terms of its support options. 

Based on user feedback and ratings, it’s clear that Method:Field Services has better customer support than other software providers. 

Whether you’re looking for an introductory app overview call or assistance with troubleshooting, Method’s team of support reps is always ready to lend a hand. They’re just a phone call, live chat, or email away. 

Method’s Help Center also provides a comprehensive set of articles to ensure you have all the information you need to use the software effectively. This extensive library is just one of the reasons why Method has more positive reviews than many of its competitors.

But Method isn’t just about providing a help desk — it’s about personalization. Method’s experts work with you to tailor workflow automation options to your specific needs. 

No matter how specific your requirements are, Method adapts to you, and not the other way around. 


While Method:Field Services is a popular choice, understanding its system limitations and constraints helps you differentiate it from other options:

  • Language constraints: Method:Field Services is currently only in English, despite its availability in various countries.
  • Software compatibility: The platform is best for QuickBooks and Xero users, which might be a constraint for businesses that handle their transactions through other software.
  • Learning curve: Because of its endless customization, Method:Field Services sometimes has a steeper learning curve than Housecall Pro. 

Now, let’s turn our attention to Housecall Pro in the Housecall Pro vs. Method comparison. 

Housecall Pro overview

A product shot of Housecall Pro on desktop and mobile.

Image credit: Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro is a FSM (field service management) software for home service businesses in industries like: 

  • HVAC.
  • Plumbing. 
  • Electrical. 
  • Cleaning. 

It has a range of dynamic features, including: 

  • Automated invoice management. 
  • Job scheduling and dispatching.
  • Optimization of routes. 
  • Robust customer communication tools. 

The software comes in two versions to accommodate different business types and sizes: Housecall Lite and Housecall Pro. This versatility demonstrates Housecall Pro’s commitment to providing tailored products that meet diverse needs.

But how exactly does this platform work? 

How does Housecall Pro work

Trademarked by Codified Inc., Housecall Pro is a cloud-based platform that lets your technicians manage jobs efficiently on the go. It simplifies field service tasks like:

  • Booking. 
  • Dispatching. 
  • Invoicing. 
  • Moving (e.g., residential, commercial, military/GSA).
  • Customer interactions.

Housecall Pro operates across a variety of devices — whether it’s your desktop, laptop, or smartphone. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS platforms.

In addition to its user-friendly interface, the software also excels in managing web traffic, as it’s optimized to handle high volumes of user interactions. 

Data security is another cornerstone of Housecall Pro’s design. The platform boasts: 

  • Strong access controls.
  • Data policies.
  • End-to-end encryption.

What’s more, Housecall Pro’s vendor login system is user-friendly, offering a great opportunity for businesses to simplify their operations. 

Core features

Housecall Pro offers a solid lineup of core features across various software categories. It lets you: 

  • Efficiently organize jobs and appointments with scheduling and dispatch tools. 
  • Monitor assets and update customers in real time with GPS tracking. 
  • Manage services and equipment easily using the visual price book software. 
  • Sync appointments and schedules with a Google Calendar integration. 
  • Mobile access and app functionality with QuickBooks, Zapier, and social media platforms.

Housecall Pro provides more features than other vendors for larger businesses, making it a strong choice for expansive operations.

Customer experience

Housecall Pro sets a benchmark in the field service industry with its adaptability and user interface.

According to thousands of reviews and ratings, technicians praise Housecall Pro for its compatibility with other platforms. It integrates all aspects of field services, from customer databases to historical records. 

Plus, the software is more user-friendly than alternatives like Skyboss and Profit Rhino, as it simplifies complex field service processes with minimal hitches. 

Housecall Pro enhances interactions with its customer portal features, which include: 

  • Text messaging capabilities.
  • Sales and estimation tools. 
  • Additional payment options.
  • Mobile signature capture. 
  • Efficient scheduling and dispatch tools. 

Housecall Pro outperforms in customer engagement, with features like email automation for follow-ups and reminders. Its focus on customer satisfaction is clear, considering that it has a larger user base than many other vendors, which serves as a testament to its appeal. 


Housecall Pro places a strong emphasis on customer assistance, including offering a robust service desk and efficient training and onboarding processes.

Housecall Pro delivers extensive customer support through various channels, including: 

  • Phone: Customers can easily reach out to reps at 833-903-2949 for assistance.  
  • Email: For those who prefer written communication, email support is a great avenue to get support.
  • Chat: Available through the mobile app, the chat function provides quick responses, though customer support availability may vary. 
  • Intercom: Housecall Pro uses the AI communication platform, Intercom, to deliver automated customer assistance. 

In addition to these support options, Housecall Pro also has a Help Center. It’s packed with training materials, tutorials, and screenshots to guide software implementation and recommend best practices.

With a comprehensive set of tools and resources, Housecall Pro users are well-equipped to troubleshoot and resolve issues.


While Housecall Pro is a popular choice, understanding its limitations helps you distinguish it from other options:

  • Pricing model: Some users find the pricing structure complex and challenging to navigate. It’s important to analyze software pricing closely to ensure it aligns with your budget.
  • Customization: Housecall Pro offers less customization than Method, affecting its adaptability to specific needs. 
  • Native integrations: Housecall Pro’s native integration capabilities can be somewhat limited for those using multiple software solutions. 
  • Country availability: Housecall Pro is not available in all countries, such as Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates.
  • License management: If you’re looking to manage software licenses, you’ll need to integrate Housecall Pro with additional tools. 

It’s critical to consider these aspects to assess if Housecall Pro aligns with your specific needs and expectations. 

QuickBooks gets you started, Method helps you grow.

Housecall Pro vs. Method pricing comparison

When it comes to software, pricing varies significantly — and that’s certainly true for Housecall Pro vs. Method. 

Housecall Pro offers various plans, but they generally come with a higher price tag than Method, especially for small businesses. 

Housecall Pro’s plans include: 

  • Basic Plan: $49 per user per month, focusing on simplifying operations.
  • Essentials Plan: $129 per month for one to five users, with tools to simplify and scale your business.
  • Max Plan: For 1-100+ users, this plan’s ideal for larger businesses and enterprises. Contact Housecall Pro for your specific quote.

In contrast, Method:Field Services is more budget-friendly, starting at $15 per month for field technicians and $45 monthly for dispatchers. Method also offers a free trial subscription with no commitment or credit card required. 

Note: All prices are in USD. 

Before making purchase decisions, it’s crucial to evaluate each software’s provided value and impact on your budget to find the perfect fit.

Platforms like Getapp® provide insightful product comparison pages and software evaluation scorecards. User reviews and software listings also provide real-world insights to further guide your choice.

These resources help you compare the offerings of Housecall Pro and Method side by side, so you can compare and contrast aspects like:

  • Features.
  • Usability.
  • Value for money. 

Who should use Method:Field Services?

So which software is right for you when it comes to Housecall Pro vs. Method? It’s a decision that hinges on a few key factors, such as: 

  • Functionality and features. 
  • Ease of use. 
  • Accessibility for mobile devices. 
  • Integration capabilities. 
  • Budget and cost. 
  • Target business size and scalability. 

Method:Field Services is ideal for small-to-midsize businesses in search of a user-friendly platform with job management and CRM features. It’s a top pick for those who value integration with QuickBooks or Xero and rank customization as a priority. 

Budget-wise, Method is more cost-effective than Housecall Pro and is more scalable than most alternatives. It ensures efficiency and scalability without breaking the bank. 

Who should use Housecall Pro?

Housecall Pro is ideal for mid-sized and large businesses seeking to optimize field service management. Tailored for larger-scale operations, the software impresses with its dynamic features and robust capabilities. 

However, Housecall Pro’s premium pricing may not be the best fit for small business budgets. It’s safe to say that Housecall Pro involves a significant financial commitment to fully leverage its functionalities. 

Key takeaways

When weighing up Housecall Pro vs. Method, it’s essential to recognize that each software serves unique business needs. 

Method:Field Services is a great fit for smaller businesses, offering CRM capabilities and seamless integration with your accounting software.

On the flip side, Housecall Pro stands out for its robust features and is ideal for mid-to-large-sized businesses. It’s a solid tool with plenty of bells and whistles, if that appeals to you. 

Your discovery of the perfect field service software for you hinges on your business’ size and specific requirements. So, only once you have evaluated those can you decide whether Method or Housecall Pro is the solution for you!

Housecall Pro vs. Method: Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is Housecall Pro cloud-based?

Yes, Housecall Pro is cloud-based. Through its cloud-based deployment, Housecall Pro makes your regular tasks smooth and hassle-free, like: 

  • Invoice management.
  • Cost tracking.
  • Payment processing.

What is Method:Field Services used for?

Method:Field Services is your go-to for managing field service tasks like: 

  • Scheduling.
  • Dispatching.
  • Time tracking.

Plus, it integrates with your accounting software and is great for handling customer communications with its powerful CRM features.

Does Method:FieldServices have an app?

Yes, Method:Field Services has a mobile application for real-time field service management. 

Get out of the weeds and back into the field with Method:Field Services. 

Start your free trial today. 

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