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Win More Bids

Manage Leads

Stay on top of the projects your company is bidding on — see which bids are furthest along in the pipeline, schedule follow-up tasks, and create and send estimates on the go.

Streamline Workflows

Work Efficiently

Manual processes and double data entry slow everything down. With Method’s end-to-end workflows, you’ll spend less time invoicing customers and more time building your business.

Increase Customer Referrals

Drive Repeat Business

A complete view of each customer’s history means that every customer will receive world-class service, no matter who picks up the phone.

Turn More Bids Into Projects

With a shared list of bids in your construction CRM, you won’t have to worry about missing out on a project.

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  • Stay Focused on the Hottest Bids

    Use Method to easily track and prioritize the projects you’re bidding on. Each bidding stage, from ‘Prospecting’ to ‘Proposal’, has an assigned probability percentage to help you see the potential revenue associated with each construction project.

  • Stop Losing Sleep Over Missed Opportunities

    Create follow-up tasks in Method and assign them to members of your team. Automated email reminders ensure that important tasks in the bidding process never fall through the cracks. Plus, Method:Sidebar for Gmail makes it easy to log lead interactions directly from your inbox, so the bid information is kept up-to-date.

  • An Efficient Sales Process that Goes Where You Go

    Your QuickBooks file may live at the office, but we know you don’t. The Method mobile app makes it easy to create and send estimates to leads anytime and anywhere — whether you’re on the road or on a job site. You can even hold off on syncing the estimate to QuickBooks until you win the bid.

“We purchased Method a few months back and it was one of the best decisions we’ve made for our company. User friendly and has all the features we need and more. Room to grow is very important to us and it can handle all of our needs today and in the future. Great customer service too!! I can’t say enough about the Method CRM.”

Gabe Devlin
Solar Ventures

Streamline Processes with End-to-End Workflows

Automated workflows allow you to service customers, send out invoices and receive payments in fewer steps, involving fewer people.

  • Eliminate Redundancy by Syncing with QuickBooks

    Say ‘goodbye!’ to double or triple data entry. Use Method to easily create an estimate, convert the estimate to a sales order or invoice, and process payments. Plus, everything syncs to QuickBooks automatically — no data re-entry required.

  • Get Paid Faster with Customer Portals

    With Method’s free customer portals, customers can pay their invoices online and your team can process payments without needing access to QuickBooks. As soon as the payment is approved, it syncs to QuickBooks in real time.

  • Extend Your Account as You Grow

    Forget about adopting multiple systems. A customizable construction CRM can accommodate your changing needs as your business grows. Take the company Digital Signage Resolutions, who customized Method to act as a project management tool — now they have a connected system for project management, CRM, and accounting. Read their story.

Customizable CRM for QuickBooks

“I can’t speak highly enough about Method and their team. The program is fantastic. It works out of the box and there is basically an unlimited number of customizations to do. And my Business Solutions Specialist, Farazeh, was amazing with the customization we did on the Estimate screen.”

Bryan Dutton
Allegro Design Co.
Denver, Colorado

Turn Satisfied Customers into Referrals and Repeat Business

Happy customers lead to more work for your company — that’s why a construction CRM helps you maintain strong business relationships.

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  • All of Your Contacts in One Place

    Construction is a collaborative industry, involving everyone from architects to inspectors to subcontractors. When you have all of your contacts in a single CRM, it cuts down on the time required to find the right person for the right job, so you can start working sooner.

  • Customer and Project Data at Your Fingertips, Wherever Work Takes You

    As a construction professional, you’re often outside of the office. The Method mobile app makes it easy for you to log customer interactions, update project information or view QuickBooks data, whether you’re on the road or on a job site.

  • Proactive Relationship Management

    Scheduled tasks in Method remind you to touch base with customers and industry contacts about projects. Providing your customers with regular updates ensures that they remain happy with your services.

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